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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Police detain 7 members of the Gulf Cartel in Jalisco

State police announced the arrest of 7 alleged members of the Gulf Cartel in San Cristóbal de la Barranca, Jalisco.

The arrest took place last weekend, when on routine patrol, State police intercepted a 2011 Honda CRV and a 2009 Toyota RAV with heavily armed men. Both vehicles had been reported as stolen.

The men, who did not resist arrest, have been identified as: Luis Alberto Anestoso Domínguez, 21, Javier Lara León, Rodolfo Lizardi Vázquez and Eduardo Jacobo Mariano, originally from Veracruz, Carlos Vázquez Pérez, from Chiapas, and Juan Carlos Caal Tzalam and Martín Caal Chu, from Guatemala.

During the arrest police seized six AK-47, one 12 gauge shotgun, one .45 caliber pistol, four fragmentation grenades, almost 1700 cartridges, two bulletproof vests, radio communications equipment, 5 camouflage CDG jackets, and two vehicles.

According to at least one of the arrested, their job was to keep the Zetas from entering "la plaza", Zacatecas.


Last June state police announced the finding of a Zeta training camp in San Cristobal de la Barranca. The discovery led to a confrontation which resulted in the death of 6 Zetas and the arrest of 10.
Another Zeta Training Camp, Six Sicarios Killed



  1. Zetas come to the US and let us give you the same response Patton gave to a group of Bandits on the border early in his career.
    History is kinda my thing Patton used 'armored cars' the cars were convertible dodge touring cars, basically the dodge equivalent of a model-t...Patton's detachment killed 3 men, including Villa's 2nd-in-command.

    Convertible dodge touring cars are not armored cars.

    White No.1 4x2 armored car built in 1915
    White No.2 4x2 armored car built in 1916 and used by the United States Army

  2. r these people fighters?they seem to be like teenagers.

    so sad for their families.

  3. I have a 1916 Dodge body. U want to buy it and play Patton?

  4. Look at their faces! They are scared! It's obvious: NO GUNS, NO BALLS! It's that the best men the Cartels can hire? Would like to watch these cartel soldiers engage a US Army or US Marines Infantry Platoon.

  5. People are always saying Z is scum for hiring kids and giving them guns and, especially on BB, that CDG is the much better cartel but the longer they are at war with each other, the more they are all starting to look the same to me.

  6. Cdg is starting to fuck up we need to make some changes around here otherwise we dnt stand a chance with kids like these on the frontlines and morons as commanders

  7. Like any other war, as the war progresses the recruiting requirement and standards are lowered. Lets not go that far, look at the current US Army..
    Wars that do not end right away have an adverse side effect on the country. The soldiers go from elite, to above avg, to avg, to below avg, to really bad. Sadly the IQs go down and the fuck ups sky rocket.

  8. xxx=m3 hahahaha yeally? You just won yourself the biggest fan award on here!

  9. punk ass kids take a belt to them

  10. They even damn I wonder wat commander recruit them..poor z that fell in their hands I bet they were raped first hahaha

  11. lol its true that the longer the war goes on the standards lower like said above even in the U.S armed forces in the war over in the arab world the standards are getting real low now there are U.S teenage gang members in the U.S army think there was a story here on BB about that funny how crips and bloods northsiders and southsiders are all united now fighting the common terroist enemy


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