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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moises Villanueva, Missing Guerrero Congressman, Found Dead


Police in southern Mexico say they have found the bodies of a federal congressman and his driver.

Moises Villanueva and the driver had been missing since Sept. 4.

Guerrero state police chief Ramon Almonte says residents saw the badly decomposed bodies in a river in the town of Huamuxtitlan and alerted police on Saturday.

The missing men disappeared after leaving a party held by a fellow member of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party in the town of Tlapa de Comonfort in Villanueva's district.

Almonte said Sunday both men still had on the clothes they were wearing the day they disappeared.

Almonte says police have not determined a motive for the death of the 46-year-old lawmaker.

Photo: Vanguardia

Additional notes:

According to Proceso, it has been reported by PJGE, Villanueva and his driver were both killed by gunshot wounds to the head, shortly after being kidnapped. (both bodies were estimated to have been killed at least 10 days prior, they had been missing 13 days)

Reports say the 46 year old lawyer and his driver were intercepted by gunmen in Acapulco. On September 6th, he signed a proposal requesting President Felipe Calderon and the Attorney General create a special commission for investigating crimes against immigrants.


  1. I'm sorry about his death, but hopefully after this Mexico will change the laws and give kidnappers, extortionist, and murderers the death penalty.
    Congress is the one who doesn't want to let the Mexican president use all the military to fight crime, well I hope after this will let him do it.

  2. I agree completely. There has to be stronger punishments given to criminals especially sicarios. The death penalty has to be enforced on violent criminals.

    If mexico's weak judicial system is'nt fixed, the criminals will continue to terrorize innocent people without hesitation.

  3. I second the death penalty

  4. I also agree about the death penalty. It is needed. Too many honest people are living it terror.

  5. I agree too with the death penalty, let santa muerte save them!

  6. Doesn't look like his body is in the river to me.

  7. I just found this...seems now they are thinking it may have been political (within his own party?)

  8. WHY DOES MEXICO TOLERATE CRIME?? Lax law enforcement,lax prosecution??, Joke Prisons, Judges for sale? The entire country SUFFERS so that criminals can run free and bribe the people in power, WHO BENEFITS? CRIMINALS and PEOPLE IN POWER,everybody else SUFFERS ?? WHY has this system continued to exist?? Identify,eliminate,replace, again and again until its right. KILL THEM


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