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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Federal Police arrest Zeta leader linked to Casino attack

Federal police arrested today six alleged Zetas. Among those arrested was Luis Adán "El Gordo" Gómez Vázquez, 33, ex soldier and ex Monterrey police agent, identified as the plaza leader of Santa Cantarina, Nuevo Leon, and allegedly involved in the casino attack that resulted in the death of more than 52 people in Monterrey.

Gómez Vázquez, who replaced the former plaza leader, Baltazar "El Mataperros" Saucedo Estrada, served in the Mexican Army from 1993-1999 and the Monterrey police force from 2002 until 2008, when he reportedly joined the Zetas and was eventually arrested and imprisoned for the possession of drugs and weapons.

The arrest took place during Federal police raid on a house used by Zetas to stash weapons and drugs in Santa Cantarina.

Also arrested in the raid were: Víctor de Jesús "El Güero" Guzmán Olivarez, 20, second in command in Santa Cantarina, Érick "El Flaco" Emmanuel Ábrego Aguallo, 21, accused of of kidnapping, extortion, and executions, Juan José Díaz de León Cerecero, 28, and Martha Alejandra García Ovalle, 24, who worked as a halcones reporting movements of authorities, and the girlfriend of Gómez Vázquez, Laura Rebeca Morales Martínez, 24.

During the arrest, Federal police seized one vehicle, 100 doses of cocaine, 2 pistols, 2 assault rifles, 55 cartridges, 4 cellphones, 7 communication radios and 3 SIM cards.

According to Federal Police statements, intelligence reports indicate Gómez Vázquez, along with the previously arrested Nuevo Leon state police agent, Miguel Ángel Barraza Escamilla, acted as a halcon, or look-out, during the August 25 attack on Casino Royale.

Sources and links:

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En Nuevo León, detiene Policía Federal a presunto jefe de plaza de "Los Zetas", vinculado con el atentado al Casino Royale

Cae primero de 5 jefes zetas por ataque a casino Royale


  1. It's apparent that only high profile cases get any results, could it be that international pressure had anything to do with this.

  2. This filth should be interrogated then lined up against the wall and shot. As plaza boss he is worse than serial killer. Why should we pay to keep him in jail if a judge doesn't dismiss all the charges because the judge is corrupt.

    Just shoot them. Shoot the Zeta scum and all their halcones.

    The time for death penalty is overdue.

  3. @ dario I agree with you 100 %

  4. Wow, you kill the family of a collaborator and don't expect them to rat on you? The arrogance is awesome.

  5. Is living like civilized human beings to much to ask?

  6. I disagree with the death penalty in a civilised society but this is not a lone serial killer, murderer or rapist, this is a criminal conspiracy against the state,the people, its war, execute them and prevent further demoralising get-offs and mass escapes


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