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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mexican Government Examines Videos from Anti-Cartel Vigilantes

Mexico’s government is analyzing video footage in which a group of self-styled vigilantes who may have killed 35 people in the Gulf coast port of Veracruz claimed to be waging an extermination campaign against the Los Zetas drug cartel.

The interior ministry said in a statement that the Attorney General’s Office has already launched an investigation.

Five hooded men dressed in black appear in the most recent video, distributed Sunday but supposedly filmed a day earlier, one of whom says that the “Mata Zetas” (“Kill Zetas”) are the “armed wing of the people” and that their “only objective is to wipe out the Los Zetas cartel.”

“Only by fighting them on equal terms can the Los Zetas cartel be eradicated from the root,” said the man, who instructed “officials and authorities who support Los Zetas to stop doing so.”

The Zetas, whose area of influence extends along Mexico’s Gulf coast, is one of the country’s most powerful and violent crime mobs and is notorious for the massacre of 72 undocumented migrants in August 2010 in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas and an Aug. 25 arson attack on a casino in the industrial city of Monterrey that killed 52 people trapped inside.

“Society can be sure and can trust that the Mata Zetas don’t extort, don’t kidnap, and will never affect people’s personal patrimony or that of the nation; that we respect the executive, federal, state and municipal powers in their fight against organized crime,” the group said in the five-minute clip.

On Sept. 20, two pick-up trucks were left abandoned in broad daylight on a busy Veracruz boulevard with 35 bodies in their beds and on the ground.

Investigators found a banner alongside the corpses in which the killers urged people not to allow themselves to be extorted by the cartel anymore and warned other Zetas members that they would meet the same fate if they remained in Veracruz.

In the video, the Mata Zetas did not refer directly to the 35 slayings but there were some similarities between the message on the banner and the content of the video.

“In Mexico, there’s no room for declarations or actions by people, groups or organizations that undermine or violate the rule of law, regardless of their cause, motivation or ultimate aim,” the interior ministry said in its statement on the videos.

Following the appearance of the clips, some analysts said the group could be an independent death squad that enjoys some support from the authorities or from business leaders tired of being extorted by organized crime elements.

Veracruz is home to one of Mexico’s largest Gulf of Mexico cargo ports and is famous for its boardwalk, 16th century fort, traditional Cafe Parroquia restaurant/coffee house and carnival celebrated in February and March.

Located some 410 kilometers (250 miles) east of Mexico City, it is a destination for domestic tourists who come to enjoy its white sand beaches and other attractions.

But its tranquil reputation is under threat from a recent spate of violence blamed on a bloody turf war involving the Los Zetas and Gulf drug cartels and breakaway members of the once-powerful La Familia Michoacana mob.

Source: EFE


  1. I don't condone any of the extra-official groups but since the people are unarmed then they may need some champions. It would be a step down if the new groups could at least leave the people alone and calm the caos. Baby steps. Unfortunately Mexico has lost it's innocence. The way forward involves small then medium then larger steps.

  2. The men in the video are angry killers, angry because they don't have a mouth hole in their pullover masks to allow them to drink the bottled water in front of each of them.

  3. Zeta are not going any-ware as long as a there are low life nobody, a ex prisoner, a deportee from another country, and anybody with no drug or military police experience, they will be always opening for new recruitment for the Zetas, when you have a gang that will take anyone, the only way to get rid of them, is to get them to turn on each other not try to kill them all

  4. "a group of self-styled vigilantes who may have killed 35 people in the Gulf coast port of Veracruz claimed to be waging an extermination campaign against the Los Zetas drug cartel."

    The terminology is all wrong. It reminds me of the way the US government villainized the words patriot and militia.

    Definition of VIGILANTE
    : a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice.

    These matazetas or zetakillers are drug dealers themselves and as such are only eliminating the competition.

    The real vigilantes are as yet to be unleased upon the vermin drug dealers that deal death and destruction to our sons and daughters.

  5. I love the bottles of water in front of these guys...they've been watching way too many corporate teleconferences!

  6. It will be nice if we had some real vigilante group, made by the people for the people.

  7. Make gun owner ship legal.People have a right to defend themselves, families and property.Gov. cannot secure these people safety, police only show up after a crime

  8. @September 29, 2011 9:19 AM

    It's not illegal to own handgun in mexico. You just are not allowed to have assault rifles and bigger than .38 caliber handguns.
    For hunting you can apply rifle.

  9. Fighting a losing battle, the Zetas, may not be the smartest of the bunch, but they have numbers. In mexico there is no middle class. You are either well off or you are poor, and the poor are the majority. It's these poor uneducated people, that join the Zetas, to make ends meet, therefore giving the Zetas an endless amount of recruits.

  10. Yeah, Calderon lead your mindless fleet into this investigation. How about you spend some of your blood money on protecting the real Mexicans? The one's who are living every day in fear of dying because their kid posted something on a social website. The ones who are dying every day due to non-sense violence in and around their schools. Why don't you protect the people who still have a since of pride in their country? Oh yeah you have no pride in your country so why should they.

  11. These are members of the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, they are Nacho Coronel's people and are supported by the Sinaloa Cartel.

    There is another video of them in youtube.

  12. They will come to the same conclusion as I did. Why is the chubby guy, second to the far left, wearing a different mask? Must have got the wrong memo. He looks like he is driving an imaginary tank through a field of Zeta's, and eyeing that bottle of water like it's Tequila!

  13. Would make for a great TV commercial for Bonafart or ElectroPura bottled water. :-) What a mess!!!

  14. @10:23 am... Are you just a dumbass talking through his rectum or do you know anything real about mexico? The former seems more likely. Live here a while and you'll see that there is indeed a middle class and that it's slowly growing. One of the few good things coming out of modern Mexico. Things are changing for the better in real economic terms, aside from the still rampant corruption and drug wars. Its not fucking Zimbabwe, nevermind many americans ignorant opinions...

  15. mexicos cops need to arrest da cartel members not people doing the job they dont pinche pendejos



    Prohibition still doesn't work.

  17. @ 4:54 pm...Middle class in Messi-CO, is not what your delusional mind may think it is, quite frankly Mexico mid-class is much poorer & marginalized than the rest of us , in a "MORE" developed country (THE U.S. for example). In terms of access to banking, work and wage security, access to healthcare, housing quality, and not to mention your country's support for democracy, there is no comparison....enough said dumbass. I've been a middle class citizen in both countries, I'd rather be north of the border, no freaking doubt about that.

  18. mexicans needs liberation fffffrom being afraid of everything who will help them.

  19. if these arent cartel competitors , then i say its about time some patriotism showed up.the border patrol makes it easier for them to cross the border than fight for their country (Former U.S. Customs Official Turned Whistleblower John Carman) if this was america the good ole boys would be shouting "Wolverines" and dragging gov cuomo and diane feinstein in the streets to shave their collaborating heads , saying damn you for taking away our guns.


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