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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calderon Orders Federal Forces to Veracruz

By Mark Stevenson
Associated Press
Mexican President Felipe Calderon's administration said Wednesday it is sending troops and federal police to a Gulf coast state where gunmen dumped 35 bound, seminude, tortured bodies on a busy avenue in front of horrified motorists.

Federal security spokesman Alejandra Sota said the federal forces will reinforce operational and intelligence work in the state of Veracruz. She didn't say how many troops and officers are being sent.

Sota said Veracruz's government asked federal prosecutors to take over the investigation of last week's body dumping.

Authorities have said the victims were linked to the Zetas drug cartel. The killers are believed to be from the New Generation gang, a group that is associated with the Sinaloa cartel.

The area had been dominated by the hyper-violent Zetas cartel, while Sinaloa is challenging their control.

Banners appeared in some Veracruz cities over the weekend accusing Mexican marines, who have taken a leading role in the government's offensive against cartels, of kidnapping residents and favoring the Sinaloa cartel.

On Wednesday, the navy said marines had detained three people who were carrying similar banners in their vehicle near the Gulf coast port of Tuxpan in Veracruz state. The three are believed to be linked to the Zetas, the navy said.

Marines pulled over their sport utility vehicle at a highway checkpoint Tuesday and found the banners, ammunition and a small amount of cocaine inside, the statement said.

The Zetas have extended their operations inland from the Gulf coast, and state police in the neighboring state of Hidalgo reported that two officers were wounded by grenade fragments in a shootout with alleged Zetas. One of the attackers was killed in the confrontation.

The assailants abandoned a vehicle with a grenade, two assault rifles and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition inside, authorities said.

In Tamaulipas state, to the north of Veracruz state, officials in the state attorney general's office said the hacked-up and burned body of a man believed to be a federal police officer was left on a road in the state capital. State and federal police could not confirm the man's identity.

A message left with the body said the Zetas had carried out the killing, in retaliation for the officer's alleged support for the Zetas' main rival, the Gulf cartel, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Federal police have been sent to several hotspots throughout Mexico to supplement often corrupt, intimidated or weakened local police.

In Ciudad Juarez, a border city where thousands of federal officers have been posted, the federal Attorney General's Office announced that 10 former federal officers had been arrested and ordered to stand trial on charges of extortion, abuse of authority and drug possession, among others.

Prosecutors said the officers were detained earlier this month on a citizen complaint. They were caught with a captive man in their vehicle, who told investigators the police had threatened to plant drugs on him and demanded money in return for releasing him.

An inspection of the officers' patrol vehicles found heroin, marijuana and unlicensed guns, prosecutors said.


  1. Just like it was posted here a couple weeks ago, Chapo is sending the army to take out the zetas just like he did in Juarez & northern Sinaloa where so far he has failed it sickens me how obvious Calderon support for el chapo is

  2. The Boeing 727 Policia Federal looks awesome!

  3. Texcoco Mex said

    @ September 28, 2011 10:07 PM Doesn't batter you the support the U.S. is giving to El Chapo?

    It is a good thing and I hope the police get things fix soon.


  4. Why won't Mexico ask the UN to place an entity that has no horse in this race, to monitor police corruption? Or any corruption for that matter? Oh yah, the UN is dirty, too. Damn! Who can you trust? They need to find someone! Then the cops can report if they are being approached without fear that the guy on the other line is going to rat him out for ratting them out!!! What a bunch of rats!!!!

  5. @Texcoco...It baffles me to try to understand how and why you think all the money made from illegal drug sales need to go to Sinaloa. Do you not understand that there are huge players in all parts of Mexico that do not agree with Calderon and El Chapo's plan to monopolize all the illegal drug business. You simplistic quick cure of mighty El Chapo saving Mexico is a joke. He and Calderon's greed and Napoleon Syndromes have caused every bit of this. In spite of every resource they had available to them, they couldn't take Juarez and I doubt they will take Veracruz either. These few want to monopolize all the drug trade at the cost of tourism and legal business across Mexico. All for their own personal gain. Total greed.

    The federal police are more corrupt then the state and local police forces. It is such a joke that they put out the propaganda that they are going to Veracruz to investigate the vigilante movement put automatically arrest 3 Zetas. How funny. I do have faith the Mexican people will see through this propaganda just like they did in Juarez when they ran Calderon out of town.

    Typical Chapo, go in and poor gas in the streets, light it, run, and let the army fight his battle. It is so sad that Mexico's leadership is in place for their personal gain with no insight or intent to do anything for the Mexican people.


  7. Viva Calderon y Viva El Chapo Y CDS

  8. lol viva calderon y el chapito guzman y cds viva jesus y st judas

  9. @ 12:04 AM You are wrong about me, I don't favor any cartels, I don't make money from any of them so fuck them all.
    I do defend Calderon, I don't care how many times people will say he is corrupted because in my eyes he is not.

  10. As a Mexican-American this situation pisses me off. Todos the chignon pero nadir the ayuda.. Its time to take arms and get rid of the government and the cartels!!!

  11. Time to kick some ass in Veracruz! Viva Calderon!!!

  12. @ 12:04 AM I don't favor no cartel and I don't think Calderon is working with any cartel. Many people are always saying Calderon is working with the Sinaloa cartel but I think you people are wrong.

  13. calderone orders federal police to veracruz to reenforce the zetas!!!t

  14. What is it with people saying that if we support Calderon, we must believe that getting Chapo everything will end? Who has said that? Of course things won't end with the capture or killing of Chapo, Lazcano, Coss, or whatever Capo. It will however begin to minimize the situation in Mexico. Or did things remain the same in Colombia after the death of Escobar?

  15. arriba los caballeros ,cdg ,y el cds. Puros carteles unidos. Calderon n chapo takin it to the zetonas.

  16. Pobre chapo sino pudo con el cartel de Juarez Mucho menos ba a poder con los Zetas,bola de tacuacheS,siganle dando las nalgas al gobierno ya saben que solos no pueden puro Zetas-BL-Cartel de Juarez-CAF-Los Valencia,sigan halucinando pendejos.

  17. They should be landing in Sinaloa but they say they are AFRAID of The Mexican military is full of Scared of a little

  18. calderon is having triplets from chapo in a ny hospital. this never ends... too much money to be made and a corrupt gvt that allows it.

  19. @Texicoco....I respect your right to be outspoke in support of Calderon (I even admire you for your support). I should not have directed that comment so much at you. You most certainly have the right to support him just as I have the right to my opinion about him. I was cursed with a cynical side when it comes to politicians and few are legitimate and true in my eyes. We both want peace for Mexico and that is what is important.

    Peace my friend.


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