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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Televisa, profiting from the tragedy in Casino Royale

By: Jenaro Villamil, ProcesoThe Hypocrisy of Televisa, profiting from the tragedy in Casino Royale

With the tragedy of Casino Royale in Monterrey and as a pretext for profit. Televisa went ahead on August 29 and mounted a delirious show, transmitting hour after hour, about the irregularities that operate most of the Casinos in Mexico, except theirs of course. In a segment of Primero Noticias (First News) they become the judge and jury, were the network has sought out feverishly to clean its image and ignore the fact they occupied third place nationally in the gaming industry. A multimillion dollar business which naturally attracts corruption, money laundering, and violence ... 

"Con solo venir ganas," "Just by coming you win," says the promotion of Play City located on the first floor of the exclusive shopping center in Antara Polanco, Distrito Federal. This center of bingo and sport booking is one of the 25 international betting establishments that SA , a subsidiary of Televisa, has opened across the country since May 25, 2005. Obtaining permission from the Interior Ministry to operate 130 screens (65 bingo and 65 sports booking) until May 24, 2030.

This is the largest number of permits issued at once to a company since
the Law of Gaming was issued  in December 1947. In less than six years Televisa has rival Grupo Caliente of  Jorge Hank Rhon, a member of the Spanish group Codere and Corporation InterAmericana of Entertainment (CIE Group) and Alejandro Soberon Kuri, also a partner in Codere. Paradoxically, CIE Group is a partner of 49% with Televisa owning 51% in the entertainment company OCESA.

Despite being the third largest consortium in the gaming industry and
legalized gambling, Televisa organized on Monday August 29 in the program Primero Noticias (First News) a gateway to four hours that were attended by political leaders, businessmen, legislators, comedians, athletes, drivers, the president of the Republic and of course the president of Televisa, Emilio Azcarraga Jean. The purpose was to make a call to "close ranks" and "unite" against criminals, because of the tragic events at the Casino Royale in Monterrey.

Judge and jury in the industry of gaming and betting in Mexico, Televisa has also reported about the corruption in the operation of 561 stores operating in Mexico, of which only 306 are legal, according to information from the Secretary of Interior. However, the company never mentions that they are
part of this great business that seeks to expand into the real "gold mine": online gambling on the Internet.



  1. How about the hypocrisy of Proceso who's in the tank for the PRI!

  2. It's like when Televisa and TV Azteca said we are not gonna promote the narco lifestyle and then they air "la puta del sur".

  3. If televisa opened casinos legally, where's the hipocrisy?? I don't see it!!!

  4. Well fuck televisa and grupo caliente. I honestly don't think Casinos should be in Mexico.

    This places are just taking money from people, they take 90 % and they pay 10 %.

  5. Bitches, everyone from CNN to CBS is profiting from 911, get the fuck out.
    they are still replaying shit from 10 years ago as if its a current event in search for sympathetic ratings.

  6. La Reyna del sur was aired by Telemundo, buddy... get it right.


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