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Friday, September 9, 2011

Mexican military finds close to 9 tons of pot inside cave

by: Ildefonso Ortiz
The Monitor

Mexican authorities announced the seizure of more than 19,000 pounds of marijuana and a weapons cache inside a hidden cave in the village of Anzalduas near Reynosa.

According to information released by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office—PGR, the agency began an investigation into the seizure, which took place earlier this week when the Mexican military was conducting patrols in the area and were drawn to a strong smell of marijuana.

The Mexican military set out a reconnaissance operation and located various sets of tire tracks that led them to the entrance of a cave that had been covered with rocks. Inside the cave, authorities found 1,343 bundles of marijuana with a total weight of 19,351 pounds.

They also found 51 firearms, ammunition magazines, more than 8,000 ammunition rounds of various calibers, communication equipment and license plates.

The rifles included 24 AK’47 assault rifles, one 37mm grenade launcher, three AR-15 type assault rifle, three .308 battle rifles, five 9mm pistols and carbines including UZI and MP5 models and other rifles of various calibers, including g .22mm, .243mm,.270mm and 5.45x39mm.

The calibers of the pistols seized were .45cal, .40cal, .380cal, .25cal and .357 magnum.

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  1. I think thousands living in the US are going to experience withdrawal symptoms this week. They are going to break that habit cold turkey!

  2. Yea! The Gulf Cartel got hit again, that's because the Zetas snitch on them. Fucking Z's relajes!

  3. Well I'm glad to see this

  4. Did they made any arrests?? With so many drugs and weapons I don't think there were nobody protecting The entrance to the cave!!

  5. There is more where that came from

  6. They will get it back for a little juice next week after the photo shoot. Damn guys, what do you think? Do you think they really burn it? Come on. It probably was Z's and they will give it to CDG for being friends with Chapo.

  7. Do Mexico's weed crops harvest once a year like it does in nor cal? If so that's probly last years harvest....imagine some 11 month old mexican brown weed that's been sitting in a cave since last november. Who smokes this crap? My dad did back in the 60s but other than that who knows

  8. 9 tons of crap pot that no one in their right mind would smoke unless there was no good stuff around. Mexican weed is crap! You can get the good stuff at the CVS in California! Only thing they have in those caves is maybe 3 tons of weed and 6 tons of stems and seeds! Any self respecting weed lover would rather go without, than breath in that crap! Besides, it's used to make the DEA and Customs think they found something. They stop one truck with a ton of this crap weed, and it takes the whole shift to help sort it out, and then they all take a picture with it like it's a huge marlin! All the while, five trucks full of coke, meth, and lord knows what make it through the crossing without anyone even bothering to look!


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