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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gov't mum as Matamoros copes with daily firefights

by: The Monitor

Residents have gotten used to daily firefights this week as a group of Zetas continues to fight Gulf Cartel members and the Mexican military for control of the city.

Over the weekend, at least 20 SUVs belonging to the Zetas snuck into the city to reinforce their fellow Zetas already in town, according to sources outside law enforcement familiar with the city.

The additional Zetas snuck in despite extra Gulf Cartel patrols throughout Matamoros and Reynosa that followed the Sept. 2 execution of Gulf Cartel lieutenant Samuel “Metro 3” Flores Borrego. According to the Mexican military and Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, Flores Borrego was killed as a result of Gulf Cartel infighting.

Despite little to no coverage from local media outlets regarding the firefights since, citizens no longer seem alarmed by the fighting or the convoys of gunmen that roam the city.

The city’s Twitter account @MatamorosGOB, which would post updates on “situations of risk,” has gone silent. And daily news releases from the city make no mention of any violent situations.

“Nothing new,” said a taxi driver in the city’s downtown. “They do their thing, and we all try to stay out of the way.”

The taxi driver said that by day, residents go about their days, going to work and such.

But in the evenings, most people stay indoors.

A businessman in the city said there is not much that residents can do about the fighting except go about their lives and make the best of the situation.

Mexican law enforcement officials and sources outside law enforcement both said the city has seen daily firefights since last week in various key areas, including Avenida Del Niño, Avenida Del Maestro, Sección 16, Colonia Acuario, Colonia Obrera, Colonia Modelo and Sendero Nacional.

Most recently, a firefight was reported Thursday afternoon along the city’s Lauro Villar Avenue. It remains unclear whether the firefights are Gulf Cartel and Zetas clashing or one of the organizations clashing with the military. But sources outside law enforcement say the Gulf Cartel has increased its presence in the streets since the weekend.

Despite the daily firefights, the most recent firefight reported by authorities occurred Monday when, according to the Mexican army, a heavy firefight killed four gunmen and one soldier and injured four other soldiers.

According to information released by the Mexican army, that firefight began as a military convoy patrolling along the Cavazos Lerma Boulevard near the Colonia Obrera came under fire from an unknown group of gunmen. After the firefight, authorities seized two assault rifles, 22 ammunition magazines, other tactical equipment items and two vehicles.

Update: 8 September 2011: 11:00 pm

Dual bomb threats shut down two International bridges

by Sergio Chapa
Valley Central

Dual bomb threats temporarily halted traffic at two international bridges in Cameron County on Thursday night.

It all happened at the Los Indios International Bridge and Brownsville's Veterans International Bridge.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the dual threats were telephoned in to the CameronCounty Sheriff's Department.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials told Action 4 News that the proper measures were taken for the public's safety.

No arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified.

The case remains under investigation by the Cameron County Sheriff's Department.

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  3. Gulf is finished its sad to say because they were the ones that hit the z the hardest but they lack dicipline and leardership...z ala verga

  4. I agree the Golfas are finished. The report claims that Zetas are already in Matamoros and more came in to reinforce them. That speaks volumes because Las Golfas had Matamoros on lock, that is their base of operations. Also how can Halcones (CDG) not detect a 20 SUV convoy? They really have serious issues going on right now.

  5. they are having internal problems but they are not finished. people have been saying this for a long time already and CDG is still around. don't believe the naysayers. in the end, los zetas cannot stop the CDS.

  6. Ajulio ajulio ajulio.What makes you think that?....Cartel del golfo is almost completely dismantled,theres only one cartel thats almost been hit as hard as CDG and thats Beltran Leyva Cartel,if they lose el Coss then everything falls after that.CDG has lost most of its influence throughout mexico thanks to zetas.And that last sentence you wrote was just retarded.I think at the end it is gonna be Sinaloa Cartel VS Los Zetas which at the end Zetas will be left standing.The Sinaloa Cartel is always getting stomped by its rivals,if the goverment didnt help them they would of been weaker then CAF.

  7. 2:03

    Another pinche zeta supporter? What makes you think that CDG is almost completely dismanteld? come with facts and proof before idiot. American gringo's think they know everything but they dont even live there LOL

  8. I agree..if the CDG is dealing with or was dealing with internal issues (elimination of M3) than that's a sign of weakness in leadership. Who knows..maybe a splinter cell/cartel is about to emerge from the CDG. As for the Zetas, they seem to rebound back and continue to grow despite taking heavy rank and file losses along with leadership losses. I'm no Zeta fan believe me but facts are facts..the Zetas are the cockroaches of Mexico impossible to eradicate.

    On another note..I heard CDG's old boss Osiel Cardenas Guillen is serving his time in a supermax prison in Colorado (since May/2011). Prior to that he had it made in a medium security prison in Atlanta and's unknown why they moved him to a superman, looks like all that snitching isn't working out for

  9. Sign of weakness in leadership? this could happen to the strongest cartels/maffia groups dude. You cleary dont anything about snitching and shit. go do research before you talk shit.

  10. @ 2:03 pm

    anonymous anonymous anonymous. okay, i get it. i'm not a cartel expert or know everything about this war but i rely on the good providers of BB and my own common sense.

    i've heard this hundreds of times. that the CDG is done, and they always come back too. i heard it when the zetas left, i heard it when osiel was captured, now i'm hearing it after the death of metro 3. you guys are like a sewing circle. puros chismes!

    they got rid of a snitch who was hurting them badly and now they will clean up. you will see. if i'm wrong, i will give everyone a dollar

    in the end, it will be los zetas vs the CDS. or maybe they will sign a truce? but the sinaloa cartel that will be standing in the end. you heard it from me. don't fall for all of this zetas propaganda. they have strength in numbers but they don't have the political connections that el chapo has.

  11. How irresponsible !!! If I was going into Reynosa and got shot by some fag banging it out tough shit huh?
    Well I'm blaming the so called state for not giving a shit about anyone, just save yourselfs and hell with that town.

  12. I said it a year ago cdg is finished,. Reynoa is pissed dey really dont want to help dey killed one of their most bwloved leaders,how could m3 b snitch when he wAs killing humdred o ratazzz, just cause they pulled his pAnts down? It was a power move, zetas will win becUse of numbers, cds jaja nobody wants them around here,

  13. CDG lost a lot when Tony Tormenta was killed. He was a good stone wall for them. What I don't understand is why the military kidnapped his wife for ransom then took him out. You hear articles about how the military and CDG work together against Z but sometimes I can't tell it. Z has military support too as many are ex-military. They obviously had to take Metro 3 out too, snitches cannot be tolerated when they work against the organization. CDG is one of the oldest cartels in Mexico. These cartels have their front men leaders but the are backed by some of the wealthiest men in the world. The only way CDG goes down is if those wealthy men jump ship to another infrastructure to do their business. And if that is the case, it could have already occurred. Considering CDG were one in the same 4 years ago, that money could be invested on both sides of the fence. This is a tough question. Which side would you trust more with a billion dollar shipment?

    FYI...rumor had it that Tony Tormenta's wife was kidnapped by an Army General and he paid him $3,000,000 ransom for her was released. After she was released, he retaliated killing 12 soldiers. They took him out after that. That was a bold act by the military unless, CDG was no longer in favor. And Tony's act of retaliation could be seen as an act of desperation. What ever it says, that was the writing on the wall.

  14. It disgusts me to see people here talking about, no, arguing about these stupid organizations like they were comparing G.I.Joes or something. You guys are here only to get your crime fix. Get a life, Losers!

  15. Nice way of replying ajulio.
    But i disagree just like you mention that about CDG I can relate by saying that everyone is always saying that there going to wipe out the zetas the goverment,rivals,whatever and thats never happened.I guess what in trying to say is that its pointless to keep going on whos stronger.

    Thee facts are already written and the fact that CDGs grip on mexico as a country is really not outstanding,impressive,but if you look at the zetas you will notice a difference.So I wont bore you Ajulio and take long i'll just tell you what my point is,(if you look at the areas of influence of the zetas and its allies vs that of the sinaloa cartel and their allies you would realize that the criminal organizations of Los Zetas and its allies have more power in most of mexico.)So for those and a couple more reason I think zetas will be a strong cartel in mexico,if not the strongest,in the near future.

  16. You guys are way off. The Zetas are too stupid and crazy to be the last man standing.

  17. lol anytime and everytime a grenade gets thrown or there is a shootout in Reynosa and Matamoros the same people will say 'CDG is done, they are finished'. When Zeta bodies are hung in Monterrey, or 25 gunmen are hanging banners and shooting weapons in the air in broad daylight, it's 'desperate attempts to heat the plaza'.

    Don't interpret the laugh, as trivializing the situation in any of these places, just peoples reactions to it.

  18. No sean bueyes...

    How the fuck can the end a cartel (that is organic to Matamoros and Reynosa) be foretold? What? Infighting isn't tolerated? Why the fuck not? Hell, its "so everyday."

    CDG will remain in Matamoros and Brownsville, Reynosa and McAllen porque SOMOS DE AQUI. We're not just some invading assholes, from who knows where, that are coming in and thinking they own the place. So you think this is gonna be another Juarez? The zetas aren't Sinaloa. GO AHEAD AND HAVE THESE PUKES TRY AND TAKE IT! PA QUE VEAN QUE LES ESPERA.

    You ought to think of CDG like the Iraqi insurgents; and even I will take arms and shiv one of these rabid possums if they wanna turn my town into Guadalupe or Garza-Garcia. Cuz that's what you'll get. How about a Casino Royale event at the Viva Vegas on Sexta? A zeta WILL TAKE A CUOTA FROM HIS OWN SISTER'S WHORE HOUSE. THATS WHAT YOU'LL GET AT YOUR TACO STAND, TOO. STAND UP TO THEM, MATAMOROS.

    Que vengan pa darles su chocolatito. Ay los espero en La Copa.

    BTW: La Tormenta was tolerated within Matamoros circles. He and his childhood friend Tyson (la pinche trompuda) were this far from getting bitch slapped by someone at any given moment por mamon with his family and getting into his product; he was always the fuck-up that happened to be the Osiel's brother. THAT WAS IT. LA TORMETA AND LA TROMPUDA WERE EACH OTHERS FUCK BUDDIES. THEY COULDN'T SHOVEL SHIT; MUCH LESS MOVE WEIGHT.

  19. Wake up and smell the gay coffee . Ya estAn en matamoros, chapo y el eje los usAron como carne d canon, ya nomas van kedar chapo y zetas, pactan o los arrasan, '......ah se me olvidaba chinguen a su madre las zorras

  20. 6:36 pm

    Good point. We will see what happens. El Chapo better be smart and send reinforcements to help CDG, unless he's planning on making a truce in the future because Los Zetas are spreading like ants. They're even spreading to Central America. But this Shit is gonna get worse before it gets any better.

    @ J

    Ja ja. Narco readers are easily influenced. It was just a few months ago when CDG had the series of videos including the one of the chopped up Zetas and everyone was saying that the Zetas were done. Now everyone is saying that CDG is done and The CDS just hangs in the background just the way they like it.

    The CDG still have El Coss, R1, X20. They are going to hold their own.

  21. Once again who started the fantasy cartel game. They all suck.

  22. Well there you go. Spoken from someone who really knows 8:11pm.

    CDG is'nt going anywhere. Don't believe that the zetas are going to take what belongs to CDG.

  23. el cartel del chapo tiene a calderon , genaro, y la armada de mexico

  24. All it takes to begin killing Zetas and Zeta informers or Halcones is remembering what the KKK knew in that all it takes is a pillowcase with eyeholes worn on the head.

    No names and no tags just a bunch willing to kill the taco stand/taxi/mobile zeta informers.

    A can of red spray paint to draw a Z and a can of black paint to crossout the red Z.

  25. el cartel de calderon asumira tamaulipas

  26. I always like getting the real comments from the ones who are actually there because no one knows better then them 8:11pm, 8:13pm.

    they made some interesting points.

    seems like the war between the CDG and Los Zetas is'nt going to end anytime soon. but 8:11 pm said it. the CDG is'nt going to just let los zetas come in and take their homeland without bloodshed.

    and that El Chapo is a force to be reckoned with and he will most likely be standing in the very end.

  27. Es impresionante la cantidad de fantasias, leyendas, mitos y demas basura que hablan, si vivieran en cualquiera de esas ciudades sabrian las cosas. Es mas facil que caiga MTY que el noreste de Tamaulipas.
    Lo del tripas y el cuartito es para que vean que nadie es indispensable, jefes hay muchos.

    P.D. FeCal que chinge a su reputa madre y se venga a vivir a Tamaulipas o patrulle con la marina o con quien quiera para que sepa quien gobierna y no es el, en Todo el pais, independientemente de la organizacion criminal.

  28. let's not forget that the CDS and the CDG are allies. last that i heard, they are still together. if i'm wrong, J and Luciferkilla will let me know. i would hope that El Chapo would help the CDG in matamoros because it's the z's who are attacking the Gulf and seems like they do need a lil' back-up but like they said, are ready for a battle.

    i have a feeling though, that los zetas won't take over the remaining CDG territories. the z's are expanding much quicker than the CDG. but anyone who thinks that the gulf cartel is done is wrong. they are not done yet. they still got a lot of fight in them. they probably have a better chance of keeping their territories than the juarez cartel does with their plaza.

    but people have been telling me from juarez that los zetas are moving in on juarez and are going to team with the juarez cartel to take on the sinaloa cartel. who knows. the z's are already in chihuahua. it could happen soon.

    back to the CDG. seems like they suffer from bad leadership. too much internal fighting. they need to unite and prepare cuz there will be more battles with the z's. they will have to fight to the death.

    "mexico lindo"

  29. 9-9 @3:40pm,
    research? i don't need to do research you's called common sense. I'm sorry to be commenting on the CDG..your heros but you really need to get a life. As far as "talking shit," you need to practice what you preach because you CLEARLY (notice the correct spelling) don't follow your own advice. If you can't respect what others say on here, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and move on because you don't bring anything intellectually enlightening to this forum "dude." And your right, I don't know anything about "snitching and shit" but I guess you do? Wow..I'm impressed another "internet gangster" who knows all the inside workings of the criminal world..gimme break "dude"..clean your act up and go find a job! I heard their hiring teachers in Aca with all your "smarts" maybe you should try there.

  30. que el cartel este, que el otro, todos son unos subhumanos lacra que no tiene principios ni moral, y mucho menos saben lo que es el honor y el respeto. no se porque le hechan porras a equis cartel, miren como an dejado a la comunidad, la gente vive con miedo, o ya de tanto vivir entre la mier.. ya ni se dan cuenta del olor...que verguenza que las autoridades no hacen nada. mi matamoros querido, siempre pasa asi, y la gente que no tiene de otra solo le queda agua y ajo.. aguantarse y las autoridades son parte de esa lacra, tanto la policia como algunos militares...

    para ser ch*ngones, hace falta que hagan lo correcto cuando todo mundo esta haciendo ch*ngaderas, eso es ser ch*ngon.

  31. I don't get why there are always kids on CDG's nuts. I thought this was over when swanka left but I see he just too a new name again.
    The reason people say CDG is finished is because they have lost most of their senior leadership, beginning with Oziel, Tormenta, M3, Tocayo, and others captured recently. In this war what matters is strength in numbers, and Zetas have lots of foot soldiers.

    What the Zetas did in Monterrey is genius, they took
    all the local gangs and united them under their
    command. This added thousands to their ranks, yes they
    are low level criminals and scumbags but they can care

    If CDS couldn't stand a chance against them in 2005,
    they sure as hell can't do it now.

  32. El regio your a 100% right,ajulio is tripping out thinking Sinaloa is gonna send reinforcements to Tamaulipas,theyre barely taking on BL in Sinaloa sonora and Nayarit and Zetas and cartel de juarez in durango and Chihuahua.

  33. Regio, if you don't see it, I don't know what to tell you. I'm pretty sure you do, I mean why is it 'Golfas', and never 'Zetitas' or something? Last post on the subject from me, I don't want to go back and forth on this.

    I mean everyone has their personal opinions and biases, on everything, or at least most thing,s I just think you are being more then a little disingenuous when you pull the 'Who Me? I hate all cartels routine'. I mean they captured some dude from CDG who was fat and you ran with it for like a month. A post goes up about them losing a shipment of coke or 600 ki's and heroin, and you are there instantly, laughing It just seems much more subjective with you. Sneering and celebrating cuz the one cartel loses people or drugs seems to be kind of an ugly favoritism if you ask me.

  34. @ September 10, 2011 12:18 PM You and El Regio are stupid or maybe you are the new Mexican Cartel experts.

    I don't know why many Mexican Cartel experts have said the Sinaloa Cartel is the most powerful one when you people are saying they don't have a chance.

  35. 5:44

    jaja, i am now the internet gangster who knows everything about cartels? jaja, you are ignorant as fuck, CDG are not my hero's, you cleary failed here. Dude, you idiots think you know everything about cartels. CDG did the right thing,(if metro 3 was a snitch) that has nothing to with weakness in the leadership. This could happen to every cartel/maffia/organisation. there won't be a splinter in the cartel for this, because he was a snitch! Open your mind and go to mexico to check the real shit pinches gringos

  36. Lol El regio, you cleary fail here.

    They lost most of their senior leadership? There's name called Replacement. Why are zetas losing plazas in nuevo leon and has CDG a huge presence in monterrey then? we all know that you are zeta supporter. always moaning about the gulf cartel, the funny thing is you dont even live in mexico and just get the information from internet LOL

  37. Did J really just call el Regio out on that? ive been following this for awhile and eventhough yiu dont like to admit it,its pretty obvious you favor the Sinaloa Cartel.You talk shit on Zetas,Beltran Leyva,CDJ,CDG,CAF whenever they do stupid shit and when the Sinaloa Cartel does something stupid all you do is ask questions.?????Think about it.Haha naa im just messing around .but you do do that shit,so I wouldnt B talking J.

  38. Pinshes ignorantes ala verga pa que se hacen pendejos si cada uno le tira a un cartel,no sean hipocritas ala verga....ya hasta parecen politicos.

    Ya dejense de babosadas y aporten informacion o algo bueno no nomas digan pendejadas.

  39. This is whats happeninig with the internal conflict of the gulf cartel. Metro 3 was killed because he and the head of the matamoros plaza ( el bobby) nefew of Tony Tormenta were planning to take over the cartel from from Costilla. El Metro was killed and his second in command was named head of Reynosa Plaza. After that they went after Tormentas nefew. According to source friends from matamoros el Bobby refused his re-assingement to another plaza and was fucking up with the united cartels Gulf Cartel and Sinaloa. They send a hit squad to matamoros the day they killed el metro. The gulf cartel and el Chapo had 300 SUVs (1200 men) outside of matamoros ready to take him out and his crew if the problem wasnt solved. I guess things worked out because we never heard of any battles. El bobby is probably dead already. Zetas are always going into matamoros and the Z crews are always taken out by the gulf cartel and they send new ones again to get killed also. The organization is to rich and powerful and with sinaloa they control most of the 50 billion a year drug industries. Zetas are not well established in the drug traficking because they havent been around as long so they depend more on extortion kidnapping to make up revenue. matamoros reynosa and the US rio grande valley belongs to the gulf cartel. There has been Cartel Hits in the past year here in the Valley with the victoms being Zetas. Zetas taking matamoros will never happen. Tampico is right next to veracruz and they havent been able to take that city and port away from the CDG. !30 Z suvs came into matamoros a few months ago (with help from the corrupt army and werent able to take it then. US official in matamoros confirmed that the army helped the Zetas in Several gun battle and the CDG still won the battles and were seen in force patrolling the city after two days of gun battles. You guys that say the CDG are done dont know anything. Im a Valley Local with friends and relatives in matamoros that know what really goes on. I dont like any of the cartels but the CDG(locals)or the Zeta Interlopers with no ties to the community which kill bus loads of inocent people just for amusement and rape and murder women because they can, Ill take thr CDG.

  40. It seems to me el regio is speakin witout thinkin he favors the zetonas. Those cowards are done have u read whats happenin in veracruz ?chapos ppl n the marines are hitting them hard. N its true what the other guy said do u think the ppl of matamoros are gona let cockroaches from another state come and invade? The zetas arent as smart as the other dtos their stupid .

  41. To claim the Zetas are stupid (as in their leadership, not their underlings) is proof of the imbecility running rampant on this website... unbelievable....

  42. the zetas are losing plazas in the state Zacatecas aswell.

  43. @ September 10, 2011 7:23 PM You said U.S official in Matamoros confirmed that the army helped the Zetas in Several gun battles.

    Can you post a link? I will like to read about it

  44. @ 7:23 pm

    Good comment. Good to hear from someone close to that area. Keep us updated.

    A cartel that is reckless and kills innocents on a consistent basis is not a smart or organized cartel. It is a cartel that is spreading bigger than it can manage itself and its members are a bunch of thugs with no restraint or discipline. The zetas could learn from El Chapo's army. And El Chapo should help his allies the CDG to make sure that the greedy zetas stay in their place. The zetas bring in bus loads of central americans to mexico, promising them good money for their families. Many of these central americans lose their lives in battle and the ones who survive, never get paid by the stanky-ass z's. They are just used as pawns. To me, that is a raw deal.

    One person spreads chismes about a cartel and then a bunch of followers believe him.

    But if the z's take over mexico, it will just be a matter of time till they spread their virus to central and north america. They have to be distroyed in order for mexico to live in peace.

  45. in matamoros, they were advising people to avoid traveling to the USA because of the anniversary to the 911 terrorist attack...i found this ridiculous! the media just does not want people in the USA to get the true story from people who live in Matamoros, about what is really going on there...military personnel drive in the colonias shooting at whatever, instead of fighting the real deal...they make it seem like people will be at greater risk traveling to the USA than in Matamoros...and i heard this from a relative who lives in Matamoros.

  46. HI, first of all I am way up here in Canada and do not have any inside knowledge. I think at the end Sinola will be left standing as Pablo Escobar proved you cannot threaten the state and win (think Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs)...great debates on this site.

  47. @J 1:28

    Come on J, I laugh at all these bastards that get big loads confiscated. They just haven't had a good bust on Zetas, the day they do I will laugh.
    What I sure as hell don't do is say Zetas are somehow better than Golfas or Chapos, or whoever! I admit they are worthless murderous idiots just like all the others!

  48. Anon 1:35 pm

    No my friend you are the stupid one here!

    I base my opinion of facts!!!! The fact that Sinaloa tried to take Nuevo Laredo from CDG back in 2005 so CDG sent in Los Zetas and they managed to push La Barbie and his men back, to the point where they abandoned the effort.
    Monterrey also belonged to Chapo and it too was taken from him! So far he has been unable to take Juarez from CDJ, and now their home state of Sinaloa is being ripped apart right in their face! You see? lol

  49. Monterry was beltranes territory smart guy. When they joined the zetas so did there plazas. Parral, durango, ojinaga, culiacan, mexicali all these plazaz are cds and none have been taken away from them. With all the fighting among themselves nothings changed. No cartels dissapeard and splinters have shown up. I swore beltranes and arellanos were done but there still active. Cartels have so much money that if there sicarios get killed they cam go to a slum and recruit 50gang members with ease. Thats prob why cdj is still around.

  50. 09/10 1:41PM,
    Give it don't know shit about this conflict! The first clue to your ignorance is the fact you think M3 was killed because he was a "snitch?" Here's a new flash for you..are you sitting down? ALL MAJOR CARTELS SNITCH! Whether it be on other cartels as a whole or individual members. It is well known technique/tool used to eliminate enemies or to be granted immunity/impunity from law enforcement officials. I know this concept is over you think these cartels are men of honor like the movies..hence you keep refering to "maffia" which btw it's spelled with one "f" not two (mafia). The Mexican DTO's are far from "Cosa Nostra." Secondly, if one of your leaders is eliminated internally..uh.. that would be the definition of weakness in leadership! Think about it don't think there some elements of the CDG that were loyal to M3? Are you serious? What about all of M3's LEO contacts..bottom line..the elimination of M3 is going to cause setbacks to CDG and will weaken thier position. Open your eyes and ears and keep your mouth shut you might learn something about the place where you claim to live!

  51. @Ajulio
    as of now the allies are, CDG CDS CT vs CDJ Zetas BLO, then the others are more freelanced like CAF and CDJNG who take no sides but still fight certain cartels


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