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Monday, August 29, 2011

El R-2 Arrested

"Chamuko213" for Borderland Beat
A top lieutenant of the Gulf Cartel as well as his right-hand man and five other members of one of the organization’s strike teams have been captured, Mexican authorities have announced.

Abiel “R-2” Gonzalez Briones, 28, was arrested over the weekend near the town of Camargo, at the El Azucar dam, according to information released by Mexico’s federal police. Camargo lies across the border from Rio Grande City.

Gonzalez Briones’ right-hand man, 27-year-old Jorge Bryan “R-24” Aguilar Hinojosa, was captured, too.

Other captured gunmen include:
-Santos Otolio “El Stitch” Benito Gonzalez, 22
-Damian “El Pajarillo” Santes Santiago, 28
-Jorge Luis Esteban “El Colofox” Gonzalez, 35
-Luis Gerardo “El Flaco” Rosas Ibanez, 30
-Chito Leal Olguin, 40

The capture took place after aerial patrols spotted a group of gunmen who tried to elude capture. After Mexican authorities gave chase, Gonzalez Briones and his men were captured.

During the operation, authorities also seized eight assault rifles, two pistols, four grenades, more than $60,000 and an unknown amount of ammunition and communication devices.

Authorities described Gonzalez Briones as one of the main financial operators of the Gulf Cartel as well as the regional boss for Miguel Aleman, which lies across the Rio Grande from Roma.

Aguilar was in charge of the smuggling of narcotics into the U.S. and commanded a cartel strike team trained to fight members of rival cartels — primarily the Zetas.

Gonzalez Briones and his men are also believed to be responsible for the street-level distribution of narcotics in Matamoros and Camargo.

All the men were flown to Mexico City and turned over to the Organized Crime Division of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

Gonzalez Briones and Aguilar were members of the Gulf Cartel’s Rojos strike team, which was an off-shoot of the Zetas and received similar tactical training, according to a source outside law enforcement with direct knowledge of criminal activity in Mexico.

The original members of the Zetas were former Mexican military and federal police officers who joined the Gulf Cartel with the primary task of protecting its leader at the time, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, the source said. Some of the Zetas were members of Mexican special forces; some were not.

When the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas split in early 2010, some of the members of the Rojos stayed with the Gulf Cartel, and others went with the Zetas, the source said. The Gulf Cartel now has a similar group called the Erres — or the R’s — a new version of the Rojos.



  1. They finally caught R-2. I think I remember reading a lot about him in the borderland beat forum.

    I will give some props to Mexico for capturing all these leaders. Now it's time to really take it to Los Zetas.

    Calderon, DESTROY LOS ZETAS! Please.....with a cherry on top.

  2. CDG has been keeping a low profile for a while, after the string of arrests they suffered roughly 6 months ago, as well as the end of last year. That guy doesn't look 28 either, but sometimes I guess that life will do that to you.

  3. I think R1 is who you are thinking of, different guy.

  4. this mother f***** looks forty.

  5. 28??? That guy is going to be one ugly 40 year-old.

  6. God damm 28, he looks 48 i guess that what drugs do to you

  7. un saludo pal commandante r-2

  8. Idd, R-1 looks different then this guy.

  9. Wow 28? Really? Is this guy related to R1? This is a great bust, hopefully they continue to take down the Gulf Cartel, Zetas, and especially Chapo!

  10. Wow, really!! OMG!!! haha The Zetas need to be destroyed. What cowards killing those innocent people in the casino

  11. Has anyone from Sinaloa been arrested. The Calderon Cartel moves on. This is a joke......Not all of us are this stupid.

  12. Almost all leaders??? get captured, all the footsoldiers have to die.
    What are they doing with this scumbags? Best would be to place them all together on an island and don´t serve them dinner...

  13. Dumbass the ones that really need b to captured are z40 and z42 not cdg ppl plain retard

  14. What guys talking about,remember the Sinaloa Cartel is the -"good cartel" haha stop hating!Chapos here to help and protect mexico& to poison the US with coke,heroin,crystal,weed.Arriba El Chapo,ooh wait I forgot to mention he does this with the permission of the US & mexican goverments.haha

  15. Could this have been el diablo the guy who posted here saying he was in charge. Hell he said he was in charge of a strike team the only person I've ever say the word strike team . Going back to the cdg old posts it sounds like this guy...

  16. Here we go again,flown to Mexico City, photo shoot, big press, jail 6mos. later they give them a big cigar and its back on the streets,OH LACK OF EVIDENCE?? WHO IN HELL LET MEXICANS WRITE THEIR OWN PENAL CODE ??

  17. LOL! I thought I was the only one trippin about the guy being 28 years old. Haha!

  18. @August 30, 2011 7:46 PM

    Name one capo or top lieutenant let go because of lack of evidence? His ass is going to the big house, along with la barbie and his other compadres jaja or his ass getting extradited one of the two.

  19. thats not even R-2! their so fucking stupid. i know him personally and trust me its not him.


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