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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unbelievable, or perhaps totally believable.

Julio Berrones Ramirez, one of the five suspects arrested for the attack against the Casino Royale, had been previously apprehended by agents from the Nuevo Leon’s Attorney General’s office for armed robbery of a vehicle and possession of a firearm.

Berrones Ramirez, “El Julio Rayas”, who resides in the colonia Hacienda los Morales in the municipality of San Nicolas, was captured on July 8, 2010 by state investigative police with two other men while driving a car that been stolen in a violent carjacking.

“El Julio Rayas” was driving a Mazda 3 sedan that had the license plates from a VW Beetle that had also been violently carjacked when the police spotted the vehicle at the intersection of Churubusco and Prolongacion Madero.

Berrones Ramirez and his two accomplices resisted arrest and attemped to flee but were captured after a short pursuit.

In the interior of the car the officers found a .45 caliber pistol.

On Monday morning Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina presented Berrones Ramirez as part of the comando that attacked the Casino Royale last Thursday, that resulted in the deaths of 52 innocent civilians.

In an interview with the Televisa network the state’s public security representative, Jorge Domene, confirmed Berrones’s arrest in 2010. However, Domene could not explain how or when the suspect gained his freedom after his previous arrest.

“That’s part of the investigation, to understand how the suspect gained his freedom and who is responsible.”



  1. How or when he gained his freedom? That part of the statement pretty much sums up about half of the problem in Mexico.

  2. IDIOTS,the revolving door of the Mexican judicial Circus,I Cringe every time there is a report of arrests because we all know that the defendants will walk, and nothing will be done. What does it take for Mexico to develop RESPONSIBILITY?? It is unbelievable that this criminal was at large and has been allowed to destroy the public. Are Mexicans Completley corrupt,stupid,incompitent? No wonder the country is in shambles.

  3. Its not like it would have change the outcome. Just one of the five had been arrested. You act as if the rest couldn't have committed it without him haha


    Does anybody know if the reward money for the capture of criminals actually gets paid in Mexico?

    Does it even get paid if a law enforcement agency captures them by doing there actual job?

    Or what happens if a wanted criminal, with a bounty on his head gets killed by another criminal, does that money get rolled over on someone else?

    Thanks for any info..
    Just Curious

  5. Looks like a heroin addict, what a surprise.

  6. @8:13AM,

    Don't think that's the point..more the fact that he had been arrested for a violent/serious crime and the gov't has no idea, how or when he "gained his freedom." Your right..wouldn't of changed anything but as a Zeta member, who knows how many other horrific crimes he has committed, since "gaining his freedom" a year or more ago? In would appear justice is a roll of the dice and it would appear from the criminals standpoint..crime does pay!

  7. 8:13, Your an idiot. The entire point of the article wasn't about him having anything to do with the fire. It was about the fact that he was free to begin with. Of course they could have pulled it off without him. The author is pointing out how fuked up Mexico is, and how the criminals seem to roam free. haha

  8. @8:23AM,
    (1) yes it does, however, the reward money offered is seldom enough for a regular citizen to risk his/her life turning in a narco/sicario.

    (2) no, law enforcement officials are not eligible to collect reward money, if they capture or participate in the capture of a wanted criminal (conflict of interest, and your right it is their job and ethical responsibility)

    (3) not sure what you mean about "roll over?" If a wanted criminal is killed and no one is eligible for the reward money (another criminal or law enforcement) than the bounty is simply withdrawn and the case is closed.

  9. People seem to think the Z's really are some band of highly trained Delta-force types - the core group started out that way but these guys (and most others detainees you see these days) are just a bunch of fat, lazy, losers that would've pissed their pants and run away had anyone in that Casino been in a position to defend themselves. Mexico is getting rolled over by these guys when all it needs is a few of them shot in the face by law abiding citizens.

    They should open a SEDENA office in every city and streamline the process of legally buying a firearm, then take daily ads out to tell people what they need to to do protect themselves and guarantee immunity for any lawful gun owner shooting someone using a gun in commission of a crime.

    You have millions of good people being held ransom by these sorry losers because the Mexican govt insist the law abiding are safer when defenseless. A firearm, a bit of training, and the support of the govt and the good citizens would beat the pants off these useless slugs.

  10. First of all, they should mark him with a brandig iron in the middel of his face so if they will look for im in the future he is easier to locate.
    Ok, what is with the other scum who is in charge? These are the really lowest level idiots. They bought gasoline just before the set the fire, left their fingerprints in the car, nowing that the government had their data. I can´t believe that they are Zetas. They say that Zetas are from special Military forces.

  11. This is certainly not as bad as one of the early Green River Killers victims boyfriends taking the police to the Killers home. While his girlfriend lay murdered in his home, the police talked with Gary in front of his home with scratch marks all over both arms. They did not see enough to get a search warrant. Mr Ridgway went on to kill about 60 more women before he was apprehended 15 years later. We can miss the big one from time to time too.

    The reality is, Mexico cannot afford to lock up every robber and thief. They would end up 14 trillion in debt just like us.

  12. 8:56 AM you can see at the US that this is not work either. Most of the weapons they use is coming from the US. In the US the yarly deathrate due to firearms is very high!
    Instead they should kill people who are carrying war weapons without long trial. They need more instant controls on the streets. If a convoy of luxury SUV is on the road you can just destroy them with everyone in it.

  13. "This is certainly not as bad as one of the early Green River Killers victims boyfriends taking the police to the Killers home"

    How is this not as bad?? Fleeing from the police with a gun in the car and inexplicably escaping from police custody vs. talking to police outside your house with scratches on your arm and not securing a search warrant. This Zeta helped kill more people in one day than the green river killer did in 20 years.

  14. pinche cara de meco. At least the tough guys can handle an arrest and, when being questioned in public, maintain a their indifference. Stand by your crime como el sinvergüenza que eres.

  15. To 7:31am. American Justice?: In Texas, the 1990's The son of Criminal Court #1 Manuel Flores and two accomplices killed several persons with a pick ax, one gets death, the other gets life and the son of the judge gets probation, so Milo Flores walks free from a triple murder. Marcelino y Carlos Rubio father and brother of District Attorney Joe Rubio along with assistant DA Ramon Villafranca captured by FBI on charges of drug trafficking, racketering, and selling justice helping friends to get out of jail and guess$$$$ what: they walked FREE! This guy Gonzalez kills 4 drug traffickers including a well known drug king pin friend of Marcelino, Carlos and of course friend of DA Joe Rubio, hell yeah! Gonzalez got life! Jose Luis Maldonado aka La Madonna a well known ZETA and good friend of city mayor Raul Salinas and present DA Chilo Alaniz runs for District 7 Councilman, he would have won the election but he did not thanks to the investigate expertise of a newspaper reporter. AMERICAN JUSTICE? CORRUPTION? It's everywhere not only in Mexico.

  16. Man,
    I am not surprised. As the article says "violent carjackings" so chances are there are no witnesses alive to testify and or no one willing to unless they want death to themselves or family. secondly most of the local police are in the same dilema, Cooperate or die. The federal goverment is not keen on arming its citizens because in poor countries like this could mean revolution. If Mexico did not worry about arming its citizens there would soon be "posse's" rounding up these zeta pusses. Because 95% of the honest people of Mexico would conrol the other 5% of the corrupt cops, narcos and politicians. lets face it these guys get away with it because they can. They have plenty of money. It going to take someone to think outside of the box to change the tide. I hate seeing what is happening in Mexico.

  17. Personally, I understand the frustration and lashing out, but logically, thinking that this persons incarceration would have prevented the Casino massacre doesn't make much sense. It would have happened regardless, in my opinion.

  18. That happens all the time in the U.S with child sex predators

  19. 10:29 AM Thank you for disagreeing with me and making your point in a very civil manner without name calling. Much respect. There is so much bashing of Mexican law enforcement that I wanted to bring up a point that these things happen in the US too. I do agree with J that this crime would have occurred anyway even if he was arrested. If you rob, rape, molest, or murder someone in the US, you can make bond and many do. Why is it such a big deal for someone accused of a crime, not convicted to be out of jail in Mexico.

    But I will stick with my opinion that not following through with getting a search warrant was worse because it was well known that a serial killer was very actively working Seattle and she was the 4th case that month. The duration of his crime span was so long and his active stalking terrorized the Northwest coast for so many years and it started in 1982 but didn't have closure until 2003. There is credible speculation that he could have killed as many as 90 women. Some minimize it because they were prostitutes, but actually, many were abducted at bus stops.

    So, yes, I do believe it was a much bigger mistake.

  20. Yes in the US people do get set free & commit crimes. But you can't compare it to mexico. In mexico it is a daily occurance, everyone I know in mexico knows someone who's life has been affected by drug violence. I've lived in mexico & the US. You can't even compare the corruption. Mexico is so much worse

  21. @9.42AM: "you can see at the US that this is not work either" - yes it does. In locations where people can defend themselves the crime rate is very low. Some areas in the US local or state laws prohibit folks from possessing firearms for self defense and guess what - much higher crime rate. "Most of the weapons they use is coming from the US" - incorrect, but to be honest, Mexico should be importing as many as they can from the US - and making them available to law abiding citizens.

  22. %:35 PM...An armed public is certainly a good way to reduce crime. The problem is, if you get caught with a weapon, it could be a very difficult task to convince the military you are one of the good guys. Especially when they are beating the hell out of you to get a confession that you are a Zeta.

  23. @8:56AM,

    thanks for the response, by saying "roll over" i meant if a criminal gets captured or killed and no one claims the bounty it should be distributed among the remaining criminals, making their bounty bigger, just like the Tx lottery no wins it rolls over to the next drawing. Like you said, it's not enough for ordinary citizens to risk their lives, having it roll over might make them think twice and consider turning criminals in..

  24. Lord pls help all the people in Mexico.

  25. the zetas paid to realease him to much corruption in mexico


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