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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zetas threaten Ciudad Valles mayor

A handwritten message threatening the mayor of Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi, caused the mobilization of local, state, and military elements Monday morning.

The discovery of a white cooler with an iced pig head and a message addressed to the mayor, Socorro Herrera Orta, was made around 10:30 am during the city council's weekly flag ceremony.

The message, written on fluorescent poster board, read:

"This is the last message for you to communicate with us Coco, the next time it'll be your family's heads. This goes for all the Golfo supporters....Signed: Unidad Zeta"

Ciudad Valles police have been the target of three attacks in less than a year.

Sources: Codigo San Luis, El Sol de San Luis


  1. So they want her on their payroll

  2. If her family isn't out of the country by the time u read this, they r as good as dead

  3. I thought they were implying that she and everyone on the Gulf payroll should watch out.

  4. @ 12:43

    Yeah they are implying that she supports CDG and the Zetas want her on her side.

  5. If she is on the Golfas payroll then oh well if her head rolls... and vice versa!

  6. watch blog del narco. a man was beheaded and is dick was put in is mouth. bbrrrr

  7. Pretty shitty position to be in. Support Gulf and the Zetas are coming for you and vice versa, support no one and everyone is gunning for you.

  8. El_Regio said...
    If she is on the Golfas payroll then oh well if her head rolls... and vice versa!

    Are you a Zeta sympathizer Regio?

  9. @anon 5:26
    I don't think Regio was sympathizing with anyone. He was stating the truth. You side with any cartel, you're dead. Simple as that.

  10. What you seem to overlook, is when you don't you are too. It's not black & white. This isn't a western.

  11. @anon 5:26,

    Well, the only time I've seen anyone referred as Golfas is when the enemy speaks of them.

  12. I seriously think they should just get rid of all cartels!!! De toos mooss they all worthless people!

  13. At this point, control of local politicians has to be an ego thing for the crooks. Local politicians have very little power or influence or credibility for that matter. Everyone thinks they're corrupt whether they are or not. So why bother to buy one or threaten one who won't be bought? So you (Z, CDG, CDS) have the mayor of Podunk, NL in your pocket, so what?

    I don't get what they are after - bragging rights with the other crooks?

  14. I feel the same way, what can local politicians do? Local police are bought and paid for, or killed, or whatever, Federal Police aren't under the major's jurisdiction, are they? Military either. There must be something do it, but I don't know what it is.

  15. "seriously think they should just get rid of all cartels!!! De toos mooss they all worthless people!"
    anon@July 8, 2011 10:23 AM

    plain and simple as tos mos they are worthless...


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