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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Matamoros shootouts, blockades paralyze highway to Playa Bagdad

by Sergio Chapa
KGBT/Valley Central

A hot summer day with tourists on the way to the beaches of Playa Bagdad was interrupted by gunfire and blockades.

Authorities in Matamoros have confirmed reports of a shootout on the highway to Playa Bagdad Thursday afternoon.

It all started early Thursday afternoon and continued through Thursday evening.

Matamoros residents used Twitter and YouTube to post photos and videos of blockades and soldiers rushing to the area.

Several residents reported a military helicopter in the sky.

The heaviest reports of gunfire reportedly took place along Kilometer 25 along the highway.

Ambulances were called to the scene around 3:49 p.m. but it's not clear if there are wounded or casualties as of Thursday evening.

The gunfire and blockades took place southeast of the Veterans International Bridge in a zone populated by factories.

Update: Grupo Reforma:

Unofficial sources reported that the gunfire occurred at about 3:30 p.m. at Kilometer 23 on the highway to Bagdad Beach, when a military patrol ran across a convoy of SUVs, presumably with armed men aboard.

Two men who looked to be 20 to 30 years old were killed and five other people were wounded and detained, the sources said.

Authorities have not said whether any soldiers were injured.

Roadblocks were reported in the area of the attack, and also on Avenida Lauro Villar, Avenida Pedro Cárdenas and the highway to Reynosa.

Photos: Twitter @fatboy3005



  1. I can see the unsuspecting Frank Griswald like family coming into a shoot out along the hwy, I'm wondering now if this hasn't already happend, maybe a Midwest family that is clueless to what's happening nowadays.

  2. Go Mexican army!

  3. Zeta's are trying to get to Matamorros relentlessly, this is almost once a week, now. Doesn't seem to be working as well as they would like. They aren't hanging anyone off bridges, or executing halcones yet, so they haven't gotten very far into the city.

  4. I used to find it funny matamoros had a "baghdad" but now its up for a debate where is an american safer? tamaulipas or iraq?

  5. The Mexican government should change the name of Matamoros to MataZetas

  6. are those real military? why are they in civilian trucks?

  7. what a coincidence, "moros" is what Spanish Muslims are called...also "moros" refers to a group of people who have not been baptized or christened or labeled...weird..anyway..but Matamoros was names so after its leader against the war with Texas, Mariano Matamoros-which had it been won by Texas, that part of Mexico would now be safe..

  8. ...allí es la esquina donde me compro tacos mañaneros al vapor, del señor del tricyclo...; Por la Guarderia.

    I sure as hell ain't goin anywhere near Terraza Corona anytime soon, either...

  9. This is freaking unbelievable. Are there any men in Mexico or did they all leave to do menial jobs in CA?

  10. i am hearing all kinds of things from the militarization in is just two:

    The military will drive thru red lights with no siren on, which recently yielded one person dead-that i have heard off as of yet. He was on his motorcycle and had the right of way, but the soldiers drive thru red lights with disregard to traffic lights and dragged the motorist and motorcycle for several meters, killing the motorist

    The military has taken over the task of the police, BUT they will not show up to "minor" offenses, such as domestic disputes because they say those are not as important as capturing narcos...if you ask me, i say they are doing nothing anyway, so might as well show up to minor disputes...domestic violence often leads to dead wife and children...

    so they are only being paid to strut around then?..


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