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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mexican smugglers have new ruse; hiding drugs in the vehicles of unsuspecting border commuters

Automobile commuters wait in line at the busiest border crossing in the world at the port of entry in San Ysidro, California just south of San Diego. (EARL S. CRYER/UPI)


Mexican drug smugglers are hiding drugs in the vehicles of people who regularly cross the U.S.-Mexican border, an FBI affidavit alleges.

Smugglers find their targets by posting lookouts at the port of entry to identify vehicles using the express lane daily, the El Paso (Texas) Times reported Thursday.

After identifying a vehicle, smugglers covertly obtain the car's vehicle identification number and use it to have spare keys made. Smugglers then secretly stash a load of drugs in the vehicle's trunk and the next morning drivers would drive the car across the border, not knowing they were hauling drugs, an FBI affidavit said.

The plan doesn't always work and the unsuspecting drivers can find themselves in jail, the report said.

Ana Isela Martinez Amaya, 35, is a private school teacher from the La Fe Preparatory School. She is in a Juarez prison, awaiting trail on drug smuggling charges after being stopped with a load of marijuana in the trunk of her car.

Her husband said they would use the FBI information in an effort to gain her freedom.

Two Mexican men, Jesus Chavez and Carlos Gomez, face a detention hearing Thursday on charges they smuggled drugs into the United States by hiding them in the trunks of unsuspecting commuters.


  1. How do the drug cartels get the drugs if they successfully cross the drugs to the U. S.? Sounds kinda far fetched

  2. Some one follows them and retrieves the drugs. And yes this has been going on for a while, it is not recent.

  3. exactly what I thought, then what???
    Not buying it

  4. Esa Señora es inocente e insuertuda.
    That lady is innocent & unlucky.

    A 4th grade teacher of 10 years & mother of 2 small ones @ home that acts like her in the video would not knowingly commit a crime. She's bleeding innocence & my heart felt pity.

    Note to self: ALWAYS inspect vehicle prior to travel, especially border crossings.

  5. Lets be real. These guys will never be stop.

  6. Looking up someones address is easy, all you need is their license plate. If they have the keys to the car, they can simply open the glove compartment, and check the address on the registration. If all else fails, follow them. As you can see, there are multiple ways. This is def happening.

  7. 9:35 sounds far fetch? seriously? El Paso and Cruces DAs are not prosecuting these cases, thats how common they've turned..

  8. @ 9:35 your naiveté is astonishing.

  9. This trick has been used for years at San Ysidro (TJ)crossing. Dope planted under tourist car and retrieved later on the USA side. The dogs don't catch everything. I knew a fellow American living in Baja who bought a car at a US Customs seized item auction. One day, while crossing to the other side, he was directed to secondary and a kilo of coke was found in the altered gas tank. His attorney was finally able to convince the prosecutor that the dope had been missed in the earlier search for which the car had been seized by customs.


  10. Far fetched that they get vin numbers and make extra keys. It seems like a lot of trouble and man power to keep track of all those cars once they get to their destinations in the U.S. That's all I'm saying. Do unsuspecting people get drugs planted in their vechicles? Of course! Another common tactic is to just force people to carry drugs as well. Yes all of this is common.

  11. @ 12:58

  12. this is not new..I heard about similar case in Laredo, Texas..a family parked their car in a gas station in mexico and some kid selling candies in there told them a about drugs that were planted on their car..they made a call to the US customs office and they told them to cross into the united states and park at the shopping mall..they did park in there and suddenly some guys wanted to steal their car but they were all arrested.

  13. @1:29 No, vete a la chingada.

  14. Back when Juarez had dog and horse tracks many years ago, they watch the regulars from El Paso. They knew what they drove and where they lived. During the races, they would secure loads of heroin, cocaine and speed under the cars and pick it up that night in El Paso. They were doing this in the 80s.

  15. In Bagdad terrorists were placing bombs in cars at repair shops that were detonated by remote control. Innocent people who were having repairs done on thier cars were blown to bits never realizing that they were driving car bombs. Anythings possible when it comes to transporting drugs. I do belive that its true, just as ships transport drugs attached to thier hulls without the crews knowledge.

  16. @ 3:20
    No te enojes compa pero así sé deletrea la palabra ( Es una palabra francés)

  17. Everything sounds right except "making extra keys". Why would you do that when you can just jimmy the door and pop the trunk?

  18. "July 7, 2011 11:03 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Lets be real. These guys will never be stop."

    Correct, they will never stop. Which is why they must be stopped, and only the Mexican PEOPLE can do that.

  19. OMG pobre mujer, lo bueno que cuando yo viajaba a matamoros, mi baul siempre estaba lleno de mugrero y medio, que por mas que quisieran no hubiesen podido meter nada ilegal ahi..creo que ya fue liberada la maestra No?

  20. With this technique the cartels demonstrate that the governments and the drug warriors are the true evil. Governments will use this (loophole?) to victimize innocent people, jailing them and stealing their property. I can only hope that those found "guilty" and imprisoned in this farce are die-hard drug war supporters, and when charged declare themselves guilty and demand the max punishment. Zero Tolerance!


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