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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"El Diego" arrested in Chihuahua

José Antonio Acosta Hernández, alias El Diego, a top leader of a group of killers and drug traffickers known as “La Linea”, was captured Friday afternoon in the Colinas del Sol area of the city of Chihuahua.

Acosta Hernandez is believed to have ordered the car bomb attack that killed several Federal police officers and civilians last year in Ciudad Juarez and at the time of his arrest was one of the most wanted men in Mexico with a reward of 15 million pesos for information leading to his arrest.

The manhunt for Acosta Hernandez had accelerated after messages signed by him and his organization threatening attacks on DEA agents had recently appeared in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua. The U.S consulate in Ciudad Juarez had also issued warnings that an unnamed criminal organization was planning car bomb attacks on the consulate and the international bridges linking that city with El Paso, Tx.

La Linea is the operational group that coordinates dug trafficking into the U.S. for the Juarez cartel headed by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes “El Viceroy”. La Linea also coordinates attacks against law enforcement and rival criminal groups, extorsions and kidnappings in the state of Chihuahua and is considered one of the most ruthless armed paramilitary groups in northern Mexico.

Acosta Hernandez is believed to operate under the orders of Juan Pablo Ledezma “el JL” who is Vicente Carrillo's right hand person within the Juarez cartel. El JL also commands Los Linces, a group of ex-military sicarios, or assassins, and Grupo Condor.

Acosta Hernandez is a former member of Chihuahua’s state investigative police and its anti-kidnapping unit. He was dropped from the force in 2007 for failing a vetting exam for state police agents.

The capture of El Diego resulted from a surprise operation where a several block area of the Colinas del Sur neighborhood was sealed off by Federal police and Army troops. Federal preventive and ministerial police then entered a home at the intersection of Avenida Francisco Villa and Fenix. A brief gun battle ensued in which one Federal police official was wounded after which El Diego and an accomplice were arrested.

The operation was undertaken without the knowledge of municipal and state police forces in Chihuahua. Chihuahua is the capitol city of the state with the same name and is part of the Juarez cartel "plaza".

A photograph reportedly taken during the operation and posted on a Chihuahua news website, La Parada Digital, shows what posters to Mexican drug war forums say may be at least two DEA agents in Federal police uniform.

The PGR, Mexico's Attorney General's office, is also offering 15 million peso rewards for information leading to the capture of the two other top operatives of the Juarezcartel, Juan Pablo Ledezma "El JL" and Juan Pablo Guijarro Fragosa "El Mónico".

The reward for information leading to the capture of the Juarez Cartel kingpin, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, stands at 30 million pesos.



  1. @Gerardo

    So I've been looking around at these other "Mexican drug war forums" where it says these two federal officers "may be at least two DEA agents in Federal police uniform" but couldn't find anyone saying what you claim? Or is this based on your assumption?

    Second. Just because they look white does not mean they are Americans. Its very stereotypical that everyone in the US thinks of us (Mexicans) as short and brown. When alot of us (Mexicans) are also white and tall from our European Ancestors. So that photo doesn't mean anything.

    Third. If they were DEA agents they would never participate in a raid and never be in federal police uniforms but would be in plain clothes.

  2. @July 30, 2011 2:26 PM

    "Third. If they were DEA agents they would never participate in a raid and never be in federal police uniforms but would be in plain clothes."

    What rule that would break?

  3. lol at anon above.. "our european ancestors" lawl! you mean the spainard who raped your great great great great granny? get off the gas, your probably the only one in your fam whos white and tall, you and your mail man. lmao uppity ass coconut!

  4. @2:26

    I agree with you about the stereotypes, theres many white mexicans and many white mexicans sons of foreigns who come to this county(why they do that i don't know) but the DEA agents actually participate in mexican operatives, interrogations etc. etc. they even have an intelligence HQ in Mexico City.

    Here you have a link to download the lates edition of proceso magazine, 'Espia, investiga, interroga, La DEA en Mexico, como en casa'

    Also i dont know if they are DEA agents,most of DEA agents in mexico are 'hispanic'(brown) so they can mix with the population.

  5. Yeah i have to Agree those 2 "Gringos" are Mexican ROFL

  6. I've seen a lot of federal police and I've never seen one that looked that white. Sure it could be a white mexican. But my money is on them being a DEA agent. Either way, congrats Sinaloa! U got Diego arrested in record time. The psyops worked, I say keep it up

  7. No seriously I wonder if they had to go and get Mexican citizenship in order to work in Mexico as Federales.

  8. @July 30, 2011 2:49 PM

    What rule that would break?

    The law that says no foreign law enforcement can carry weapons in Mexico and also impersonating a federal officer by wearing his uniform when he does not belong to the agency.

    I'm guessing you live in America. But anyways like I said before its stereotypical that everyone in the US thinks of us (Mexicans) as short and brown. We have alot of white people that could pass off as Europeans or Americans like the Mennonites or Amish esp in Chihuahua.

    @July 30, 2011 2:57 PM

    I'm not saying the DEA isn't active in Mexico with operations but they would never be knocking down the door in raids and such. The Media will go on a wild fire claiming violations of sovereignty if they ever caught a DEA agent on camera doing that. I agree that most DEA agents in Mexico are Hispanic (brown) who know the dialect not some gringo.

    July 30, 2011 2:50 PM

    That was really funny I forgot to laugh. Dumb ass!

  9. I don't get it. Why would any white person stay in Mexico? I'd move out and let these people have their country back. Let them establish their own rule of law, their own system of eductation, and infrastructure.

  10. Anybody can wear a federal Mexican uniform...they do it all the time! Just ask any cartel member to give you one, they have many extras! Lol


  11. Texcoco Mex said

    Anon July 30, 2011 4:06 PM You are my new hero. Yes you are right no foreign law or military personal can carry weapons on Mexican soil, that is why exercises between Mexican police or military personal with U.S police or military personal are conducted in the U.S.
    For the people who think there is no white Mexican police here you can take a look at this 12 Mexican Police Officers arrested in massive sweep two of the police officers are white...or maybe they are DEA on Mexican police uniforms

  12. @ 2:26 i dont know why some mexicans are quick to point out their "white" heritage, bulls*#t! the spirit/heart of mexico is the Aztec, Mayan, Yaqui and other native tribes. i dont know about native mexicans but over here in the U.S. most mexicans identify more with their indigenous roots.

  13. Well, very interesting hypotheses, non the less, I do believe the gentlemen in question are more likely Federal Police commanders. Now the gentleman with the grey shirt and hood over his head... that's another question.

  14. There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether they actually captured Diego, they are now doing DNA tests.

  15. According to this link the commander of the 5th military zone,Emilio Zárate Landeros,confirmed the man arrested, IS El Diego.

  16. the spirit/heart of mexico is the Aztec, Mayan, Yaqui and other native tribes.

    Haha, don't make me laugh dude. I'll grant you Yaqui, as they're one of the few tribes that fought extensively to remain as removed from westernization as possible. But to bring up Mayan into the picture is ridiculous. They died off or disbanded way before the Spanish arrived and the Aztecs are traitors to their own peoples and sorrounding tribes as they helped the Spanish push off anyone not willing to become westernized. They were the Spanish dogs sent to fetch slaves for the Spanish encomiendas. Those that rejected the crown were slaughtered at their hands while the Spanish sat on their fat-asses counting gold and acres for their cows. Real Mexican indians who have remained true to their culture never accepted the Bible and never joined in the drug consumption or trafficking of cocaine or marijuana for these things are considered foreign to these lands and people, thus corruptive of culture.

    And no, it's not true that most mexican-americans identify with their indian roots. What they identify with is this mythological image of the Aztec warrior carrying a dying female amidst the rising pyramids, it's fiction, but what they identify with most of all is a thwarted, bastardized, and backwards culture that neither recognizes its Spanish or Indian roots but wholy accepts the American-materialist-consumerism that African-americans suffer from as well. Ask any mexican-american what Indian tribes he or she descended from and they will just give you a blank stare not knowing what to say. At most they'll respond 'Aztec' without knowing that that group was among the most vile and wasteful ever seen on Earth. Ask them what Spanish heritage they come from and they'll give you the same befuddled response. Why? Because throughout the centuries the Spanish and their dogs uprooted the people of mexico by force and scattered them all across the land, removing any last vestiges of what remained of their once beautiful identity.

    Most hate being called Indio because it's a derogative used to incite hatred of another's shortcomings. Sure you might see some mexican-americans claiming they're proud of their indian heritage but most truly don't know where they come from or who they are. We believe that just because we speak some spanish, eat some mexican food, and dress or act in a certain way that that's all there is to it but in fact we are a culturally bankrupt people still running around like chickens with our heads cut off. No sir, if we as a people trully had our hearts with the Indians, we'd all be peaceful, nature venerating people, we'd still believe in our pantheon of gods and godesses that once ruled our worlds, we'd still believe in our ancient ways full of ritual and ceremony.

  17. @ anon 4:06

    The law also says dont kill and rape people, but I see a lot of that going on. So lets stop pretending that mexico isnt going to do something just because its against the law

  18. @9:22 pm

    That Sir or Ma'am, is deep. You must be a professor or scholar with vast understanding of the Mexican culture. It is refreshing.....very good comment.

  19. Mexican officials and politicians either haven’t realized, or won’t admit, that a countrywide revolution is going on. For centuries Mexico has been a two tier country, the haves and the have not’s. The haves are making all the rules, in their favor of course, and the have not’s are just getting by as best they can. Yet, because of oppression, they are afraid to complain.
    Tell me, where can you go in Mexico that you don’t see a double standard? Politicians and the wealthier class can ignore and disobey Mexican laws without negative consequences. Politicians can steal millions of pesos and when it’s brought to public attention, they merely receive a slap on the wrist. In addition, corruption in police departs all over this country is an accepted way of life.
    Currently the Mexican Drug community is crossing the line. They’re cutting deep into “upper crust” lifestyles. Long-burning pent-up anger overflows toward Mexico’s so-called elite. There are daily accounts of kidnappings, killings, or someone leaving the country to avoid the wrath they know awaits them by remaining here. They complain of how “unfair” it is. How “unfair” have they been to Mexico’s poor for all these years?
    Do you wonder why so many of Mexico’s poor actually side with the Drug Cartels? Is it because of fear, or, in reality, they see a better way of life by associating themselves with them? Are they receiving something from the Cartels they have no hope of the Country ever providing?
    Please be assured I’m not advocating the drug war as a good thing. Far too much pain, grief, and devastation are involved in this unfortunate event. I am saying that uncontrolled greed has played a major factor. By nature, or culture, Mexicans don’t want anyone telling them what to do. They want to be in control. However, by today’s standards it appears someone is losing that control.
    It’s time for Mexico to wake-up. Oppression of the poor instigated the first revolution, and we need to remember, “If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.” Moreover, there are very few bloodless revolutions.
    In a different turn of events, the U.S. cries about Mexico shipping drugs into their country, and we hear the same from Mexico about the U.S. shipping weapons here. What is each country’s border guards doing? Isn’t it their responsibility to keep unwanted people and items from flowing across their border? Here again, in reality, this is a political scam on both sides. The way things are going Richard Nixon’s “war on drugs” can very easily turn into a 100-year war.

  20. The dea does operate in foreign countrys n they make arrest in foriegn countrys. In 96 they went to monterrey n got garcia abrego the boss of the gulf cartel they put him to sleep n put em on a jet straight to houston. When he woke up he was in the usa n guess what they fucked him good he got 11 life sentences federal time . Hes gona die in jail. That child killer diego is gona do time in the usa hel never see juarez again hes gona die in a usa federal penn. Its a whole different ball game in the usa mr. Diego your ah pretty much fucked your cartel status bull shit dnt mean shit in the usa youl be just another number dien in prison.

  21. A lot of people in Mexico are white, tall, even blonde, with blue, gray and green eyes. It doesn't mean anything. Not everybody in the United States is the typical 'gringo'.

    I am not tall, I am a brunette and my complexion is very fair. Is it wrong for me to be Mexican?


  22. Texcoco Mex said

    Here is a good example of a white Mexican police officer Manuel de Jesús Cicero Salazar

  23. Those are DEA agents, people please you guys don't know about nothing of undercover work.


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