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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Federal Police capture "El Diego", leader of La Linea

The alleged leader of the criminal organization "The Line", the armed wing of the Juarez cartel, Jose Antonio Acosta Hernández "El Diego", was arrested during clashes with federal police in an exclusive subdivision of Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

Acosta Hernandez is reportedly responsible for the Villas de Salvarcar massacre of 15 school children in January, 2010 and with the murder of three Juarez US Consulate employees in March.

Acosta Hernandez is also the alleged mastermind behind the July 16th, 2010 car bomb which killed four, including one Federal police agent.

All security forces in Juarez, especially federal security forces are on high alert in expectation of a possible reprisal attack.


  1. They caught a Big fish. The government is really dismanteling la linea. I wonder how much longer they can operate strong. This guy did some evil things. The govrnment is too easy on the sinaloa cartel. They should of killed el chapo when they had the chance. Viceroy must be biting his nails right now.

  2. So 1 day after threatening US DEA agents and consulate employees, he is taken down?
    Coincidence? I think not.

  3. When are these cartel leaders going to learn? I'm no expert, but even I know that in order to run a successful illegal drug business, you have to work under the radar. This guy got what was coming to him.

  4. What is the true significance of this bust? He is the name in the lime lights currently. He is not a Juarez Cartel operator, but is a captain in their military wing. Is it a significant blow? I wonder, could it have been a token gesture by his own to reduce heat in the plaza? Maybe he had over stepped his boundaries. Remember, this is one leader in a 5 to 10 thousand strong force in Juarez alone. By the way, the kid looks pretty sharp, not like a lot of the Zeta bosses busted of recent. It is still my understanding that JL Ledesma is the La linea boss and the plaza boss for the state of Chihuahua however you don't hear of him as much as 2 years ago. JL has 20 years and 10 steps on El Diego.

    The thing that came to mind was the September 2009 bust of Jose Eccajeda, El Rikin of the Juarez Cartel. He was the Juarez Valley Plaza boss. He ruled it with and iron fist and kept close reign on all living in the valley. He was one hell of an enforcer but he was much more. He very very involved with day to day transport of large quantities of drugs into the US through the valley. He was pure Juarez Cartel but what people didn't know was that he had close ties to El Azul and transported huge loads for Sinaloa also. His down fall was 2 enforcer moves on 2 rehab centers killing 18 and 13 people which were actually safe houses for Sinaloa foot soldiers.

    His down fall was very devastating to the Juarez Cartel as they lost control of the Juarez Valley for 100 miles along the river south of Juarez. He kept a tight reign but the people of the valley operated as normal because there was only one boss and he was local. The bust allowed Sinaloa to move in that area and take over for the time. It was terrible for the local people and caused entire towns to evacuate. All the farmers, businesses, and home owners were forced to take their belongings and leave to Juarez or to cross the river. It was devastating to the locals.

    I think the Juarez Cartel operates more compartmentally now separating traffickers from enforcers. That should make this loss to them less dramatic. The next will step up and fill his shoes rather easily.

    But this brought El Rikin to mind and re-inforced my thinking in the importance of local cartels and the impact of outside cartels taking over areas. The local common citizens lose everything without local cartel support and enforcement. They have no say. And the military and federal police did absolutely nothing but stand by and watch while El Chapo's crew put up banners telling all the people when they had to be out.

    It's a cold blooded business.

  5. ajulio,

    The government is too easy on the sinaloa cartel? How so? My opinion is this

    1. sinaloa cartel represents themselves with (just slightly) more class than for example Los Zetas.

    2. Sinaloa cartel in my opinion is more "out of sight, out of mind" than other cartels. This factor alone could help contribute to the government being "too easy" on them

    3. Maybe the Sinaloa cartel have a better business sense to them.. in the world there are good criminals and bad criminals just like there is good theives and bad theives (who end up getting caught, ect). Some criminals may go their whole life under the radar.

    Los Zetas for example (IMO) is more arrogant, cocky, greedy, and evil. They want people to know what it is and who it is.

    I'm sure every cartel acts this way but I don't hear as much from the sinaloa cartel.

    I mean honestly, El Chapo is the MOST WANTED right now... and they can't find him...

    Good Criminal or Bad Criminal?

  6. They can't find el Chapo? Are you retarded it was reported that a military raid on a party in the rugged mountains of southwestern Chihuahua happened to be one where Chapo was partying when the military identified him they let him and his convoy go free while the raid proceeded. When this whole mess began in Juarez 2008 he would show up in bars restaurants etc. his presence announced people were asked to remain were they were seated asked to hand over their cells and pretend like nothing was up. He would eat, drink whatnot then as he left he paid everyones bills returned their cells and calmly left. Around the same time a priest in Guanacevi Durango complained to the federal government why they didn't bust Chapo if everyone in that town knew that he had been staying there for months. Talk about low profile. Read Los Senores del Narco to get a background on his charismatic personality and his prowess when it comes to weaving webs of government corruption that have and do allow him to macro-manage the CDS undisturbed. Well try reding it because it is spanish not sure whether there is an english version.

  7. 4:29 and you're tough because it's over a computer?

  8. @12:21 pm

    Good point. Yeah i think that if calderon and chapo were not allies, chapo would have been caught in durango.

    Calderon sent his military to juarez first to put a dent in the CDJ and then el chapo arrives later when CDJ was a lil' dismanteled. Then chapo pays off the military and later the federales and then the war BLOWS UP! and still el chapo remains at large in south america or somewhere in the mountains of mexico.

    I believe that they will find el chapo one day.

  9. Lol thats good they got that bby killer . The beltranes n the zetas are all bby killers their day will come. Lazcas next i hope they cut his head off. Or pump lead in him like thry did that bitch arturo . All cowards pieces of shit. From juarez to california los sinaloenses y michoacanos control the drug market nuevo laredo is the only town left n soon theyl get invaded by the south. I feel sorry for the zetas n their symphatizers. Vicente carrillo is from sinaloa so wats the difference if chapo or he supplies juarez with drugs? Is gona be like that in the whole border either sinaloa or michoacan are gona bring the dope. Zetas n their allys are done. .

  10. Michiocanos don't control any border to the US. Most are controlled by Sinaloans.Pobre morro ya Deja de halucinar en menos tiempo que pienses hasta Los CT se van a quesar sin plaza hasta Los de La Familia Michiocana se alineo con Los zetas carillo Beltran. El chapo les va tumbar la plaza a Los michiocanos por lambehuevos hahahahaha!!!!! Como la vee compa.@11:35pm

  11. No soy tu compa puñetas. Los michoacanos siempre han sido pesados en las fronteras sin cbapo o sin zetas. Y en los estados unidos siempre son reconocidos. Y en michoacan no meten zetas que duran y menos gente del chapo sabes porque? Porque a los michoacanos se les respeta. Y sino la cree ven pa los estados unidos pa que mire como esta gente se mueve. En sinaloa hay zetas lol en michoacan solo pura mafia nacida en michoacan cuuuullllerrrrro!!!

  12. 12 19 si hay zetas en michoacan. Unos dias atras dejaron varios muertos y dejaron mantas diciendo k estan con la familia michoacana aya en morelia. La FM segun no extercionavan el pueblo pero ahora salieron pruebas k eso hacian. Hay gente de todos estados en los carteles, y jalando en estados unidos. No le pongas tanta crema a tus tacos diciendo k nomas los michoacanos mandan. Saludos a mi triangulo de oro, y no son plebes viejos.. son Gente Nueva-

  13. %LA LINEA% _________________ES LA Mas Pesada.Pinch "gente nueva" vale verga.En sinaloa no pueden con Los beltranes y en Chihuhua se la Pelan a Los de la____CDJ

  14. 3 34 ya les kitaron ojinaga, parral, delicias, y estan en juarez. Si eran tan bravos no perderian tantas plazas. El diego lo van a mandar pa estados unidos y poko a poka van borrando lo liñea

  15. Ke onda con La gente nueva ya se Mira acabada en ciudad Juarez no an podido en Sonora Los beltranes le partieron la madre.No ke muy pesados pues???

  16. Wish someone could translate 12:21 PM and 2:18 PM...sounds interesting...

  17. 2 18 y cuantas plazaz le han tumbado al chapo entre los beltranez,tacuachez, y juarez? Culiacan, culichi, mexicali, durango ta sigen mandadas por los 2viejos. Los 3 juntos no han podido tomar ninguna de ellas. CDS les esta peliando en los mochis, juarez, y donde se paren. Preguntale a los de la liñea como handan en durango- si los encuentras. Igual a los z. El CDS los tienen escondidos y ni cosoko ni una plaza de la liñea alla. El chapo controla mas en chiuahua k los de la misma liñea jaja. Y en sonora no le han echo nada y el M100 ta handa furte igual k los salazar k ya estan jalando pa chiuahua. Ni unidos les han hecho nada, no que muy pesados pues jaja

  18. He will be out in 4 years or less! Mexican justice...

  19. @ anon July 31, 2011 12:19 AM,mira michoacano,ustedes no controlan ni su casa mucho menos las fronteras...y en los Estados Unidos nomas los atora la ley y sueltan la sopa.En Tijuana los Michoacanos mejor dicen que son de otro Estado porque le sacan al parche!!!


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