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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nuevo Laredo Mayor wants police force back

Close to 80 Nuevo Laredo restaurant, bar, and club owners went to city hall to demand more safety and security in the downtown area.

Nuevo Laredo leaders, including the mayor, say the solution is to re-instate a municipal police force, which was terminated about a month ago.

He wants leaders in Mexico City to give the okay for the return of the officers; even tough they've only taken two out of four mandated tests.

The mayor is making the case saying it's an emergency as crime in the city skyrockets.

Mayor Benjamin Galvan says while the Mexican military focuses on cartel violence, they do nothing about everyday crimes like robberies and assaults.

The police force was taken off patrol and replaced by a special 250 troop military unit as part of a national security agreement aimed at the professionalization and certification of police forces.

The reincorporation of officers into police duties will be made on individual basis, pending the outcome of several exams, training and certification.

Some four hundred municipal officers have taken drug, physical,and psychological tests, now each officer would still have to take three more exams, including a background check.

At this time, the state of Tamaulipas has 22 municipality police forces in the process of professionalization and certification.



  1. OMG-why not background checks and lie detectors first? Why ship the officers all to school at one time? Wouldn't a compromise -say half the municipality at one time, be all around safer, for the citizens of Nuevo Laredo?.

  2. That wasn't the purpose. It was to weed out Zeta cops but it opened the door for the Zetas to do what ever they want, and any other criminal for that matter.

  3. Can u imagine a city of 650,000 people without a police force. Al they have is some military that don't want to get involved unless they can get something out of it. This is Calderon's way of debilitating the north. Do you think anyone in the northern states will vote PAN...lolololol..............
    He will be done so he doesn't give a shit.........

    To survive, they have to be connected to a cartel to some degree just as all the politicians are. But at least they may foil a burglary, robbery, or rape. The military just walks away.

  4. I would like any info you have about a friend named Jim marchant,he lived with a lady named Carmen,he worked in the states as a truck driver


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