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Monday, July 11, 2011

Armando 'El Gordo' Villareal detained

Last year, on July 22, Operation Green Light (Luz Verde) indicted 43 members and affilates of the Arellano Felix Cartel, (CAF) operating in San Diego, San Diego native Armando Villareal was among the primary defendants, wanted on RICO charges ranging from drug trafficking to murder. He allegedly disasspared from Tijuana around that time, and was said to be in Jalisco, Guadalajara, to escape the multi agency Federal task force that swept up many of his crew members. Almost exactly a year later, Villareal has been apprehended in Hermosillo, Sonora, where authorities say he coordinated shipments of drugs from Sinaloa and Jalisco.

Initial reports link him to the Arellano Felix group, under the direction and authority of Fernando Sanchez Arellano, El Ingeniero, but a recent Zeta profile on the trafficker revealed that he had broken away from Sanchez Arellano's group, and now worked as an independent trafficker, handling shipments from the Sinaloa Cartel, as well as the Arellano Felix. His location suggests that this may have been true, but nothing is certain at this point.

Some sources claim 'El Gordo' is the cousin of Arturo 'El Nalgon' Villareal, known as 6-1, who was arrested with Javier Francisco Arellano Felix in August of 2006, off the coast of Baja, California, on the Dock Holiday, a 43 ft. yacht. Arturo Villareal is seving 30 years, in the United States. Other sources claim they are brothers. A United States Justice Department offical confirmed that Villareal is a US citizen. Whether that means he will be extradited to face charges stemming from last years indictment, is not known, and likely not for some time, if the case of La Barbie is any indication. The two are from the Imperial Beach area of San Diego, El Gordo began his work with CAF when he was 16, operating under 6-1, and later under El Ingeniero when the conflict with El Teo began in 2008.

El Gordo was said to be present at the shooutout at Insurgentes in April of 2008, when Fernando Sanchez is said to have ordered the El Teo faction eliminated. Villareal was also present during the brutal struggle fro Tijuana, and his name turned up in narco messsages left with decpaitated and dismembered corpses. There were said to be internal issues between Fernando Sanchez and Armando Villareal, and it was reported more then once that he had been 'left on his own', for kidnapping, and engaging El Teo, during an alleged truce between the two factions.

Gordo appeared on the 'new list' of traffickers from CAF in January 2009, alongside Fernando Sanchez, El Teo, El Muletas, and La Perra. As of July 2011, over half have been arrested. With the arrest of Armando Villareal, authorities may be closer to Ingeniero, the elusive, and reportedly, absent boss of CAF, or Fernando Sanchez Organization, as stated in the aforementioned indictment.

Sources: AFN Tijuana, Blog Del Narco, San Diego Six Online, Zeta Magzine


  1. 'El Gordo' is the cousin of Arturo 'El Nalgon' Villareal, known as 6-1

    So the fatty is cousin with the fatt ass? Lmao

  2. Many people wrongly believe the US Dept of State Merida Initiative to be "foreign aide"

    It was/is an ill advised agreement to provide Mexico with 1 .6 billion dollars that would fund a proxy drug war in Mexico which served US interests (fighting another "war" elsewhere) The initiative was signed by newly *elected* President Felipe Calderon and the GW Bush Admin. The 1.6 billion dollars was to be paid in annual incremental sums.

    The net results of this initiative:
    40,000+ Mexicans slaughtered
    10,000 + missing
    9,000 children orphaned in just one city (Ciudad Juarez)
    and the USA remains the worlds largest consumer market for drugs on the planet (pharma and illegal)
    18 months until Calderon leaves office, his hands stained with the blood of countless
    innocents caught in the cross fire...a 40 year long, failed "war" that's now
    gone global. The US has DEA in 63 countries around the globe

    US polcy must change to conform with reality
    Legalization and regulation , as you do with alcohol and tobacco is the only approach to putting an end to this madness

  3. El Inge will continue working and making billions regardless if he doesn't have the publicity like other high profile leaders. He is very intelligant and doesn't attract negative attention with interrogation videos and other scare tactics that most cartels are using now adays.

    His aunt/ mother Edina seems to work in the same low profile manner. CAF has evolved into a smarter and smaller cartel who will continue to operate and paga pieza to other cartel just like they have been doing since the 80's. Ramon was smart but to ruthless. What CARTEL LEADER GOES TO RIVAL TERRITORY TO EXECUTE ANOTHER BOSS WITH 3 OTHER PEOPLE. Even though he was gay he had the balls of a bull.


  4. @9:41

    To be clear, the Merida initiative is $1.6 billion dollars worth of equipment and training, NOT CASH.

    I know this is what you probably meant, but I just wanted to clarify.

  5. His aunt/ mother Edina

    What? Is that like uncle/cousin?

  6. lol at Ramon being gay, I mean I don't know anything to contradict that, other then the fact that narco's are insanely macho and homophobic, I doubt that it true. Also, billions? I don't think so on that either. I mean, we really don't know, I've heard both versions, Inge is still working and controlling the plaza, (his piece) from afar (very afar). I've also heard he is on the run from law enforcement, and barely has a crew anymore, that CAF kind of slipped away, and everyone is either on their own or aligned with El Achilles and Sinaloa.

    Could be he is keeping a low profile, I mean, aren't they all? Could be he doesn't have the strength or the people to execute rivals and make videos. One thing is clear, either Sinaloa and CAF came to an agreement, or CAF just surrendered without a fight.

  7. CAF? I thought it was called AFO Arellano-Félix organization or Cártel de Tijuana.

    either Sinaloa and CAF came to an agreement, or CAF just surrendered without a fight.

    I thought they are allied with Los Zetas,


  8. @ 10:15
    Enedina is his Aunt not his mother

  9. N made-CORRECTIONS=)
    About Ramon being gay comment, I am the one who wrote that and I made a few mistakes in the posting must be the THC,lol. I meant to put a ? by aunt/mother? I also said that they paga pieso but I meant to say the opposite which means Charge other cartels for there presence in Tijuana.
    I live in the South Bay of San Diego and I know far to many people who are affiliated with this particular crowd. And I know that Ramon aka (Colores) was thought to be gay by many people. I am 100% sure that CAF(Cartel Arellano Felix) is still operating in B.C. and in Peru. From what I understand Inge purchases drugs from Sinaloa and has an agreement to keep the peace and is still cleansing the city of Teo/Tigre rivals.

    Many assume that he is at war with Aquiles and Sinaloa but the streets I don't think so.Based on what I have heard from affiliated people I would assume that Aquiles is the peace bridge for Sinaloa and CAF. A family that has been embedded in the drug trade and mass real estate does not just disappear. There have not been any moves made out of desperation like we se in Juarez. I am just basing this info from things that I see physically.
    The loyalty is still there but is hard to see with the massive influence Sinaloa has on the population due to media and the whole Moviemento Alterado etc,. About a Z and CAF alliance, I could make an educated assumption that there is no such thing. Fuck WikiPedia info and there list of supposed Cartel alliances. Peace....

  10. @12:56

    I agree with you. I also am from the Southbay area in SD and hear of a lot of this info from the inside. CAF has been embedded in the city for more than 2 decades and has a lot of influence there. Layzaola said himself that even juarez is less of a challenge for him than TJ because CAF has so much influence in the city. from waht i hear also is that kidnappings for ransom are a no go also and anyone who does this is dealt with swiftly. There were a few dudes from michoacan who were commiting kidnappings and 2 were caught by the military and the other 2 who escaped were found and executed. There is peace in TJ right now unless someone goes rogue and F***s it up like gordo did with teo or sillas almost did with mayo's nieces.

  11. Some good comments, I definitely agree Engineer made an agreement with Sinaloa, one way or another. I also liked the comment about how Sinaloa is so prominent, not only in the media, but in corridos and just conversation, everyone only plays corridos de Sinaloa, now, ans it's easy to forget about less popular groups, like Tijuana, however, they are at best, greatly marginalized, and at worst a loose network of a handful of cell leaders.

    Apparently, Gordo is already giving statements to SIEDO, which are not being published, whether or not he can give information on the location of Engineer, or Endeninia, I don't know, the Zeta article next week will have the full story, whatever it is, I know that. I'd like to know the status of Sillas, I heard he was put on the bench, for the last time after the kidnapping of Mayo's niece. That Sinaloa wanted his head, and Inge said, (basically) 'handle it'.

  12. a la verga aki no mas puro tijuana y san diego 10-10 con el caf rifando como siempre a la verga con sinaloa pinchies chapulines la plaza es de nosotros C.A.F siempre 10-5 con el inge



  14. The drug business is a very very dirty game even if you "fly straight". I cannot speak on behalf of everyone but the former AFO was very unforgiving even if they suspected you were trying to play them. I had a close family member who was murdered on the orders of Ramon Arellano. Even though this was 20 years ago, there are no murderes TODAY that can match the brutality Ramon had over his hitmen's influence.

    El Ingeniero I believe is more reasoning and willing to work with other organizations. This is why TJ is not at war like it was a couple years ago.

  15. i've been going to adelita bar since 2000 & have seen TJ at its best and worst, rite now it's A OKay & that's good for us all, who the heck wants to live in a violent world were innocent people get killed, after all we're Mexicans, not communist lol

  16. Ramon was the most flamboyant drug boss ever.


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