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Monday, July 11, 2011

Former Reynosa mayor and son after being kidnapped by Zetas

The Brownsville Herald

Mexican marines rescued Reynosa’s former mayor and his son in Ciudad Victoria, Tamps., several days after members of the Zetas kidnapped them, the government announced Friday.

The Mexican navy said that marines on the ground and with air support found the former mayor, Humberto Valdez Richaud, 51, and his son, José Humberto Valdez Morales, 20, on Thursday in a safe house.

The navy noted that four members of the Zetas drug cartel were detained in connection with the kidnappings. The statement notes that the former mayor and his son were kidnapped at different times.

The suspects were identified as 21-year-old Oswaldo Galván Falcón, “El Balín”; 18-year-old Edwin Alain Esparza Martínez, “El Güero”; 31-year-old Eliseo Arellano Ávila, “El Pacheco”; and 20-year-old Guillermo Olivo Rodríguez, “El Memo.”

Marines also seized four weapons, six magazines, and 187 rounds of ammunition.


  1. High profile kidnap victims found alive? Havent seen that since El Mayo's niece.

  2. Great" good news for once, God Bless the marines and navy.

  3. Zetas are falling like flies and any move they make is countered quickly.I am starting to believe their us a concerted effort to focus on the Z's. Seems like a new approach to single our the Zetas??? Any thoughts?? Please ,no rudeness , it's a simple observation from a coconut on the border.

  4. That's unfortunate, next time they should kill them immediately. I'm bet this mayor is linked to Las Golfas.

  5. I wouldn't stake another humans life on an "ill bet". When the gulf comes to you and says "take this bribe or we'll kill your family" what would you say?

  6. It appears to me that the Navy & Marines seem to be the Best that Mexico has, and they seem to be doing a good job of using US intelligence to "get it done". Do you think that the Mexican Army has more cartel influence, like local/state police forces and also, prefers to "go their own way without US intelligence help"? Please, no "smart ass answers", I am just trying to understand what is going on when one group seems to do a better job than another. Thank you.

  7. @ Anon 9:33
    I don't know, I guess you do what the mayor of Garcia NL did and you refuse the bribe then you take the battle to them. If you sell out to them then you have just become part of the problem and are now fair game.

  8. Are these the same Marines and military personnel that human rights groups, inpatient citizens and left wing liberal UN leaders demand the Mexican government remove from the streets?

    Good story

  9. El_Regio said...
    That's unfortunate, next time they should kill them immediately. I'm bet this mayor is linked to Las Golfas.

    Why would any person in their right mind want these people who got kidnapped dead? Whats wrong with this Regio guy?

  10. Thats the problem with mexico their to easy on ppl like the zetas
    They should have shot all 4 of those parasites on the spot n burned d bodys to get that trash out of mexico. I wish mexico had a stalin or a napoleon then all these dirty muertos de hambres would be 6ft deep rottin like the animals they are. Mexico is weak n so is d government. They let ignorant ppl destroy their country. Its a shame.

  11. My understanding is that the "human rights people" and I am sure deservedly so, are concerned with the Mexican ARMY, not the Marines. Can anyone "in the know" help with this? Thank you.

  12. Great News,it could have been better if the 4 Zs had been permanentley eliminated.

  13. Why don't the mexican "marines" rescue ordinary people more often and not only worthless pieces of shit politics and there family.

  14. I am wondering if they were micro-chipped? An excellent way to track someone.

  15. I don't know what Regio meant, but probably meant kill the bad guys right away instead of taking them into custody..At least I hope that's what he meant.

    anon 606...they do save ordinary people..We just read the other day they found shack with over 20 migrants being held.

  16. @Anon 1:45
    If you read up a little on the situation in Mexico you will learn that many of these politicians or cops are kidnapped/killed because of their involvement in organized crime (very few are the ones that are killed because the refuse to work with O.C.)
    Read up a little on the Mayor of Garcia Nuevo Leon and you will get an idea of what a Mayor is that refuses to be bought off.
    Many times they sell the town off to one cartel, only to later sell the same town to another rival cartel thus setting off a war and they both go after the person in charge of doing this.
    Politicians like this are what is wrong with Mexico, even worse than the Cartels. Sorry if I came off a bit harsh but crooked politicians sicken me!


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