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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Battles in Michoacan a Result of Zeta Presence?

There is no doubt that things have heated up something bad in Apatzingán, Michoacan for the last couple of weeks. It was reported that there were gun battles between federal forces and the Caballeros Templarios (CT). There were also rumors of gun battles between sicarios themselves, some of the criminal grous were certainly CT but who were the others? Some sources strongly believe that Zetas might had been involved and are rumored to be already present in the the Michoacan region.

Of interest is a video that had been circulating on Youtube and it was rumored that it was taped by Los Zetas (not confirmed or verified, if anyone knows more, do tell). On the video some sicarios are at the scene where members of a criminal group (CT's?) have been killed in an apparent gun battle. The rumors of the presence of Zetas in Michoacan in the last month has been a topic of discussion among the government and media sources.

The video (graphic):

A bloody mess, but the government seems confused as to the "who" and "why."
The media did report seven CTs dead at the scene on that day but it is not certain if it corresponds to the same dead sicarios (it does not appear): 


  1. our world is sooo desensitized by the lack of humanity.. the senseless killing.. and all over a drug that in essence, only takes life litteraly and metaphorically.

    i believe these individuals are zettas. i remember seeing that individual in the video in another youtube video last year where they were claiming to be zettas.

  2. It has more to do with the new strategy of government forces finally going into places the Zetas and the CT thought were safe. You go looking for the bad guys on their turf aggressively and you will find them.

  3. Could be Zetas since La Familia is basically destroyed.

  4. Damn you people cannot connect the dots. Since La Familia is destroyed when El Chango was arrested. Los Caballeros Templarios are now fighting Los Zetas who see an opportunity to take over Michoacan(once their territory). Los Caballeros Templarios are on the brink of collapse so what do they do? They resort to more violence to heat up la plaza? Why? Because los Caballeros Templarios know without federal forces being there, there is no way they can hold back los Zetas. Los Zetas won't make a move with so much heat being there so this gives los Caballeros Templarios some time to regroup and recruit. This explains all the violence recently.

  5. Guy in the video does not have a Mexican accent, and Zetas are well known to have a lot of Central and South Americans in their ranks...

  6. Thats a good analysis, I don't know how weak the Caballeros are though, weaker then La Familia, as a whole two years ago, or so? Probably. And LFM has always gone at it with the Federal Police, they don't want them in Michoacan, they view them like a rival cartel, think the abuse citizens. So, I don't know if that theory really holds up, I think the CT are trying to wipe out the remaining and aggressive La Familia members.

  7. @J

    La Familia doesn't exist anymore!! Its wiped out,gone, put out of business. Have you seen the recent videos of el Mamito and el Chango? They clearly said La Familia was destroyed. That's why el Chango needed support from los Zetas(why else would you turn for help from your former enemy). Los Zetas now see an opportunity to take back their lost territory. Los Caballeros Templarios know they can't deal with los Zetas right now. While yes they don't like the Federal Police, they know without their presence they are DONE! It will be a matter of time before los Zetas take Michoacan back. But im predicting before this year is over La Tuta is going to be arrested for sure!

    Signed July 11, 2011 9:28 PM

  8. La Familia does exist! When El Chango was caught they rejoined El Chapo!

  9. The Zetas went in there to support whats left of la familias group against the CT's but are opportunistic group and if they beat the CT's eventually they will turn on the familia and finally get a piece of the pacific coast which is what they want. The CT's attacked the FEDS because in the past they always been on the Zetas side since la familia time, and it was rumored that el Zeta 40 was related to a big time fed official thats why at first you would only hear of the Feds were after the gulf cartel and not zetas but lately with US pressure and the massacre in san fernando the military (marines) not army have gone after Zetas. The Army works for money thats why the US officials dont deal with them only the marines. The group that US officials said were helping the Zetas in matamoros battle was the Army. The battle that took place close to the international bridge the army didnt help the Zetas because they new that the US and Marines were watching so the Zetas got there ass kicked. That part of matamoros is a trap no way out except to the US or beach and there is no sea rescue for them there. IM sure el chapo and gulf cartel dont want zetas in michoacan so they will send help if the CT's need it.

  10. Seems like an execution, as from what I could see it was all head shots. Also, the absence of guns or vests or other battle paraphenalia on the ground or on the dead. Most likely they were kidnapped, taken to that field and executed.

  11. Zetas never owned michoacan n never will they had a presence there but the heads started rollin n they disappear. The zetas cant even hold tamaulipas much less a place were their hated
    . If they wana get chopped up then come on in
    To michoacan. Michoacan belongs to la empressa always has . Only the names changed.

  12. The guys in the video do not have Michoacano accents,they're accents are more like from Tamaulipas or Veracruz,which could mean they are Zetas.These guys could be some of the 200 Zetas sent to Michoacan to help El Changos' people.

  13. Michoacan cartels like FM or CT cant compare to the Zetas. Zetas could easily take over if they want to. And they most likely will.....

  14. Ya, everybody's a F---en Cartel Expert huh? Well
    my freinds I don't know who these guys are but I do know they F--ked these guy's up and it's just beginning. I'd venture to say that their
    either Golfo's or Z's and after what the CT's
    and LF's did to the Federal Bld. it's anybodies guess? I think it's just heaten up!

  15. The zetas will never defeat Los caballeros templarios, in that fight was probably those that were sent to help chango Mendez but what they really saw was an. Oppourtunity to fight for the plaza with the remaining FM but the zetas turned in chango Mendez, CT are to deep and control mostly all the citys in mich. 200 Z is nothing, they'll get smoked right away, plus CT CHAPO CDG are carteles unidos against Z, in a matter of time they'll be wiped out of this map, so no zetas will take michoacan away from CT, ur wrong camarada

  16. Fuckinh dirty zetas

  17. 10.35
    It's ct, cds, cdg vs los z, la __ , beltran-leyva & pacifico sur, Tijuana, & Juarez :/

    Michoacan will belong to los Z mostly b/c pacifico sur is operating in Guerrero, and in parts of Michoacan, & los Z invading from the opposite side... The 'plaza' will meet up by the end of the year


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