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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Federal Police rescue 51 Kidnap Victims in Reynosa, Tamaulipas

Photo: European Pressphoto Agency


Mexico's federal police rescued 51 people, including six Chinese and 18 Central American migrants, who were captive in the same border city where more than five dozen people were freed last week, authorities said Monday night.

Police investigators were led to the latest group while following up on last week's rescue of 68 people in Reynosa, across from McAllen, Texas, federal officials said.

Authorities gave no motives or identified the kidnappers or drug gang involved, but drug cartels have been accused of pulling people off buses or abducting them from bus stations.

Police said among those freed were six Chinese, 14 Guatemalans, two Hondurans, two Salvadorans and 27 Mexicans. They were captive inside a house in a neighborhood of Reynosa.

The group rescued last week included 12 Central American migrants who were presumably kidnapped by the Gulf cartel.

Federal police said Monday that they detained four municipal officers in the kidnapping of the 68 people. The four officers were taken to Mexico City and will be presented before a federal judge. Two other men allegedly involved in the kidnappings were detained last week.

Mass kidnappings of migrants have become common in the state of Tamaulipas, where formerly allied Zetas and Gulf drug cartels are battling over turf. Authorities believe the Zetas may be forcefully recruiting migrants.

Tamaulipas authorities have been unearthing dozens bodies from pits in San Fernando, 80 miles (130 kilometers) from the U.S. border. So far, the total of bodies exhumed this month stands at 177.

In the same municipality, police in Tamaulipas found the bodies of 72 Central American migrants shot to death last August.

Authorities in Durango, another northern Mexican state, have also been unearthing remains, to the point that officials have had to rent space to hold bodies to await identification.

Investigators said that they exhumed skeletal remains of 17 people at a vacant lot where a total of 54 bodies have been recovered in the state capital, also called Durango.

State prosecutors said the excavation would continue Tuesday.
None of the bodies have been identified, and authorities have offered no motives for the killings.

A fight between the Zetas and Sinaloa cartels is blamed for drug violence in Durango state.

Before investigators found the mass grave, they recovered 10 complete bodies, three headless bodies and four severed heads at a ranch, also in the capital.


  1. More CDG doing "gods work"? lol

  2. Here is a question whos more violent the medellin cartel run by pablo escobar or the zetas?

  3. borderlandbeat why don't you put who really did this don't put gulf cartel when you mean the zetas they might be from the golf but change it now

  4. And the US government says that no OTM`s are crossing the border. Well, what are six Chinese doing in Mexico? trying to get to the US illegally that`s what. I guess when Barack Osama Bin Laden crosses in Mexico, maybe the US will figure out their is a real threat down in Mexico and they, moreso than Libya, or Syria, or Yemen are a more viable interest to us. Of course, they don`t have oil like the aforementioned countries do. Political Correctness is killing society. The internet is the Best and Worst thing ever invented. People cannot speak their mind without being branded a "racist, bigot, homophobe" or any other "ist" that people can think of. America has more Political instability now than in any time in the history of this country. Mexico is a shambles, and our leaders worry if the exhaust from a barge that is going to push an oil rig out to the middle of BFE to drill for 27 Billion Barrels of oil, is going to affect the climate 100 years from now. Conservation is a good thing, stupidity is not. You have women getting their throats slashed, people being skinned alive, heads chopped off, children orphaned hourly, and all the USA can focus on is trivial things. The left and the right can both kiss my big fat a$$ cause between the two, their killing this country. Why can`t they turn a blind eye to to the middle east like they are to Mexico? Oh yeah, three little letters in the alphabet O,I,L. Amazing. We have five hundred years worth right hear on our own soil, but we`re gonna "help" Brazil drill for thiers. Like that won`t affect the freakin Rain Forest? We`re going to give them money to drill, then pay again for the oil they retrieve. Maybe, they could stick a pipe up our arse while their at it? That`d be just lovely. Does anyone know of a country that is still actually free from the government? One with a sensible government, or have they all lost their danm minds?

  5. Anonymous @ 7:55 AM....


  6. Anonymous @ 7:53 AM

    What are you talking about? BB never put anything about the Gulf Cartel, I did....
    So what is the problem?

  7. CDG = great PR fooling some dummies that they don't hurt innocents.

    They do- they all do- some more than others but all bad.

    Zetas are not in Reynosa, not alive anyway

  8. Where they being held captive, or held for crossing in a safehouse, before they went over the line?

  9. AHH, the government lovers are in the room. Fed by the Gov., clothed by the gov. and bossed around by the gov. almost like having your own big brother to beat the crap out of you daily, and you still go chasing after him when he leaves the house. no, 7:55 is close, not on, but close, loony maybe, but idiot??? He/She does make some valid points.

  10. If Calderon would stop s--k--g El Chapo's d--k and leave the other cartels alone, in 5 months things would improve. As long as he supports Sinaloa, the other cartels will continue choking and have to do migrants, extortion, kidnapping, and waging war on the weaker cartels to stay in business. All the cartels along the US border have problems with supply lines for their drugs. Those in the south don't. These troubled cartels are going to produce money one way or another, they are powerful and they do have money. Juarez, CDG, Zetas, Tijuana, will be around next year and the year after, and so on. They have their on political support. And every time they bust or kill a plaza boss, a younger more aggressive one takes over. The current political scheme is not going anywhere but making mexico an cesspool of blood, crime, trauma and bodies. This bitch, Calderon needs to be skinned alive in public. He is a typical politician that will not admit he made a mistake and will not give up making money hand over fist with his daddy, El Chapo.

    He needs to admit his wrong and set Mexico free from his tyranny. At that same moment, El Chapo needs to retire. He and El Mayo need to retire and turn Sinaloa over to the man that has real leadership qualities, El Azul. He could negotiate a truce and spread the wealth Chapo and Calderon have stolen from the other cartels and Mexico as a whole.

    Mexico will vote PAN and Calderon's crony's out in 2012. The whole thing will change and another cartel will be in federal favor then. If the bitch would back off now, the same scenario might not have to be played again at the cost of all of Mexico. We all know our dumb ass government is not going to legalize and regulate drugs in the US and that is the only true way to resolve all of this.

    Calderon is a very evil elitist bitch. He is heartless.

    And the Band Played On.

  11. @April 26, 2011 2:45 PM

    You are a freakin killing el chapo would change anything, if anything it would be symbolic at that...keep dreaming moron!!

  12. If the above post represents any widespread attitude then no wonder Mexico is a total wreck and richly deserves it.

  13. At anonymous 9:09 AM and 11:02 a.m. Both of you are idiots. Perhaps you two are too stupid to comprehend what he was talking about. The U.S. is getting involved in a problem in the east that really the only thing they are after is the oil just like iraq, but are ignoring a problem just to the south of us.


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