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Monday, April 25, 2011

Attacks confirmed on 3 buses between Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon

At 5:00 am on Saturday, April 23rd, on a stretch of highway near Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, two public service passenger buses, reported damages from gunfire projectiles, a third bus attack on the same date, has also been confirmed.

VICTORIA. - The government of Tamaulipas confirmed an attack on a total of three autobuses on the Victoria-Monterrey highway around the 82+400km in the city of Hidalgo, on the border of Nuevo Leon, which left three passengers injured.

According to a statement released by the State Attorney General’s office (PGJE), at 5:00 in the morning on that stretch of highway two public service passenger buses, reported damage received by firearm projectiles.

“In one of the autobuses, bound for the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, traveled Imelda Coronado Benitez, 39 yrs old; and in the other bound for Nuevo Laredo, traveled Jose de Jesus Espinoza de Leon.”

"Both received injuries from the projectiles and were transferred immediately to the Civil Hospital of Victoria City to receive medical attention.

The first (Benitez) is out of danger, while the second (Espinoza de Leon) is in intensive care for assessment,” the statement explains.

The same source from the Federal Transit Police also acknowledged another bus bound for Monterrey in which Alejandra Lugo Smith, who resides in Linares, Nuevo Leon, was injured.

“The injured person was transferred by the Red Cross to the hospital of the Mexican Institute of National Health (IMSS) in the same city (Victoria), where she received medical attention and is out of the danger,” the statement explains.

At this time, Espinoza de Leon remains in critical condition, and the motive behind the attacks remains unclear. The state authorities have not announced any suspects but have condemned the attacks and are making plans to increase state and federal police presence in the city of Hidalgo.

“The Government of the State of Tamaulipas strongly condemns these acts of violence against innocent people, and will assume a rigorous investigation to clearly identify those responsible.”

Hidalgo, Tamaulipas residents by telephone, stated that the city has survived months of living in the shadows due to the presence of hitmen, for the last six months, at least, who have carried out shootings in every corner of the city.

Source: El Manana, Milenio


  1. What is this about? I don't understand, it frustrates me, that we don't know even basic motive for this.

  2. Maybe CDG heating the plaza against already shit ZETAS. to the golfos no biggie shooting up some buses.

  3. The criminal mind does not need a reason or a motive. Then add an intoxicant to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. If i hazard a guess maybe the bus line is paying one cartel and not the other or maybe the bus line is not paying any quota at all.

  4. @11:57pm
    Robbery by Los zetas.

  5. Why is this article giving every detail of the injured including name, hometown and what hospital. Either the idiot who wrote it is working for the Narcos or is extremely pendejo.

  6. I just don't understand why anyone would go traveling on a bus around or anywhere near Tamaulipas I mean the cartels just prey on these.

  7. Anon. 3:30 am I totally agree with you..

  8. PLEASSSSEE PUT SOME MEXICAN MARINES ON THESE BUSES....bait the Zetas...they will be sorry...cowards

  9. Can anyone please tell me, why haven't all the famous movie stars singers etc, from Mexico taken a stand on this out of control violence in Mexico. If they failed to tke a stance on this violence then they are just as involved.

  10. Uhhh...Wake up Mexico...How about training your security forces and sending in under covers on these buses who are ready to open fire on any non security gunman with back up, just a quick helicopter ride away

  11. Example of inept idiotic Mexican corruption. Anybody has enough sence to put officers on busses,patrol the highways,escort busses?? They do nothing hundreds of people die,then a big show for a few weeks then back to business.Mexico is a field day for anything criminal gangs wish to do who and what is there to stop them?? 1.DISARMED PUBLIC 2.RESIST HELP FROM USA 3.NO GOVT RADIO TV OR NEWSPAPER 4.ALLOW CARTELS TO WIN PROPAGANDA WAR 5. FAIL TO WIN SUPPORT OF PEOPLE MEXICO sucks

  12. I have traveled by bus in the last few years several times from Nuevo Laredo to Cuernavaca.

    It is terrible that innocent people with no connection to the cartels in Mexico have to be afraid to travel to Mexico.

    Cuernavaca has great language schools and the bus was an affordable way to get there and a relaxing way as well.

    US people not traveling to Mexico hurts the people of Mexico. What a tragedy that such a beautiful country with beautiful people is now too dangerous for US citizens to visit. And the Mexican people suffer without US visitors.

    What happened to Catholicism? and christanity?

  13. You doofuses still think the Public is disarmed?
    ROFL. there are guns everywhere now.


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