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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Violence in Nuevo Leon: gunfights and narco-blockades

Violence in the state of Nuevo León kicked off yesterday with the sounds of guns firing in the streets of the colonia Moderna, located in the municipality of Monterrey.

For more than 15 minutes gunmen attacked a house located on 3502 Camelia street, before fleeing the scene without detention. No injuries were reported from this attack.

A little later, reports trickled in of narco-blockades cropping up at important avenues in the municipalities of Guadalupe and Apodaca. Testimonies said that young, armed men were hijacking vehicles and beginning to block off streets.

At one of the blockades, personnel of the State Police surprised the armed squad by opening fire on them, leaving one of the gunmen dead.

More gunfights and arrests followed into the early morning. Members of the Mexican military successfully intercepted various armed cells—­nevertheless it is still unknown how many people were detained, killed or injured.

Later, around 6:45 AM, an armed squad of criminals shot up the facilities of the Municipal Police of Guadalupe before throwing a frag grenade into one of the buildings, which detonated.

No causalities were reported except for damages incurred by the police building and an automobile.

The area was later reported to be under the protection of the Mexican military, who were observed monitoring traffic in the area in the hours following the violence.



  1. Monterrey is safer than it was a year ago. there's an overall presception that there is a type of cleensing going on. Robbers and kidnappers with ties in government, are being eliminated and examples are being made out of those left. I feel as though they're not running things anymore.

  2. yeap that is what i am hearing from my contacts ...

  3. Its not at all safer than it was years ago. What a ridiculous statement.


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