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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

21-year-old Praxedis G. Guerrero police chief released from El Paso detention center

By Adriana Gómez Licón / El Paso Times

After fleeing Mexico to request asylum, the young police chief of the Juárez Valley was released from a detention center in El Paso and moved north of the U.S. border, officials said Tuesday.

The location of Marisol Valles García, 21, and her family is not being disclosed.

"Marisol Valles García is in the United States, and she will have the opportunity to present the facts of her case before an impartial immigration judge," said an official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The ICE official did not provide any more details pending a privacy waiver. A date for the immigration hearing has not been set.

Valles left her post in Praxedis G. Guerrero, a town of 4,700, on March 2 after receiving death threats. Valles brought her infant son, her husband and her parents.

The Chihuahua Human Rights Commission said immigration agents in El Paso interviewed Marisol Valles García last week to see whether she had credible fear to flee her country and seek asylum. It is not clear when or why ICE officials freed Valles.

ICE records state that Valles could have been released pending the outcome of her case or because she was transferred into the custody of another agency. Some detainees remain in ICE custody for months.

Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson, human-rights ombudsman in Juárez, said two of her relatives are still in ICE custody in El Paso, while Valles has moved to the interior of the United States.

"The U.S. government is treating her more considerately," said de la Rosa Hickerson. "She asked immigration officials not to disclose where she was going to be. She is keeping a low profile and is protected."

De la Rosa said they will not disclose her whereabouts until Valles and her family feel safe.
Valles, a criminology student and mother, had been the police chief of Praxedis since October. The town had been without a chief for about a year after her predecessor was beheaded.

After the mayor of Praxedis announced the appointment of young Valles, reporters and photographers traveled from across the world to meet Valles and see her in action. Valles, hailed as the country's bravest woman, did not carry or know how to operate a gun.

She was part of an experiment to transform police officers more into social workers to regain trust in the community.

This week, Newsweek magazine included her in the list of "150 Women Who Shake the World."

Valles, a petite woman with a soft voice, in the past said that she was proud of the positive results and the drop in crime in Praxedis.

Soon, Valles appeared to have been caught up amid the narco war that ravages the lucrative drug corridor that she policed.

De la Rosa said Valles told relatives that cartel members tried to kidnap her. He said drug traffickers wanted Valles to side with one cartel.

The Sinaloa and Juárez drug cartels are in a fight in Juárez and in the farming towns southeast of the city.

Still, Valles never told the mayor or the second in command of the death threats, town officials said.

On March 1, Valles asked the mayor, José Luis Guerrero, for a leave of absence to attend personal matters and was supposed to return to work on Monday. Reports began to swirl of death threats against her and of her asylum request across the border.

When Praxedis town officials wanted to reach her, they couldn't. A town employee told de la Rosa that he saw her crossing the international bridge from El Porvenir into Fort Hancock on Wednesday.

Praxedis Mayor José Luis Guerrero fired her on Monday. Despite news media reports, Andrés Morales Arreola, the second in command, did not want to comment on Valles' flight, saying he has not received any confirmation of her asylum request.


  1. ICE should reward her for her bravery, and let her stay.

  2. good for her!!! welcome to america!!!

  3. After serving in the military for several years and keeping close eyes on Mexico, this young gal was way too young and immature to be committing to this type of position. Her actions were up there with the crowds of young University students that you see protesting this and protesting that in any college town in the U.S. They may be brave and fighting for a good cause, but are usually much too young to understand the full dynamics and complexities involved in their choice issue. The people of Praxedis G. Guerrero had no business allowing this young, intelligent woman take that job. Now it will be left to the American taxpayer and corrupt Texas border town bureaucrats to sort out her mess. I wish her luck and I truly hope that I never ever another 20 year old child try to take Mexican law into his or her hands again.

  4. I feel courage has been mistaken for naiveness for a hero does not flee. What, if anything, did she accomplish while she was the police chief?
    What kind of precendent will this set? Anyone who feels threatened or in danger of a drug cartel can appeal for asylum in the USA? Crazy. That could be every mexican citizen not already north of the border.
    Her own government needs to protect her and all of her relation that wants asylum also. This is NOT a problem for the US to solve. Mexicans complain about the US sticking their noses in, but flee across the border for protection or higher wages. Then US citizens are labeled as racists for not welcoming them with open arms. Ridiculous.

  5. This young woman has been more courageous and brave than many much older police chiefs, so I have to disagree with 12:38 pm. At least she came forward and tried where no one else would and where we all sit here and criticize.

    But like so much of what is going on in my beloved Mexico, the pressure brought to bear was too much and she does have a young child to worry about too.

    If this is not an amazing example of the type of immigrant we want in this country, I don't know what is....Good luck and (hopefully) welcome to the USA.

  6. "A town employee told de la Rosa that he saw her crossing the international bridge from El Porvenir into Fort Hancock on Wednesday."

    Sounds her town emloyees are corrupt people already keeping an eye on her and maybe just maybe thats why she didnt mentioned where she was heading.

  7. good for her, now she wont have to be looking over her shoulder every second of her life. I hope she can now enjoy the American dream with her family...

    el TRIple6

  8. Foolhardiness =/ Courage

    She should be sent back to Mexico, she knew what she was getting into when she accepted the position.

  9. Anon 11:43...Well said especially regarding the "naive" little liberal protestors that have no clue about reality.

    Personally I think she has NO BUSINESS coming the USA. She's not qualified to do anything here and Mexico is a big country. Mexico was dumb enough to allow her to take a job that she was dumb enough to take and they should offer her some sort of witness protection relocation program. I'm sick of the USA having to bare the expense for everything. If genocide was being done, I'd understand, but there's no reason they can't put her somewhere away from the border city she worked in. Very frustrating how there's so many ignorant people in this world and they use the USA as a fall back plan.

  10. Fuck this bullshit! She knew all along what she was doing. Just another Mexican national taking advantage of our system.

    *I'm Mexican by the way

  11. @March9, 2011, 1:41/1:47/2:05

    Bravo..Bravo, I agree with you guys 100 percent.

  12. Actually, she's about as close to the true definition of a refugee as one can come - as no doubt she faces certain death should she stay in Mexico. Remember, it's 'plata o plombo' - you don't get to say no. She's a young mother, with family, fleeing an extremely dangerous situation - if you don't want her in the U.S., we will happily accept her here in Canada.

  13. @ 1:47
    And you're not ignorant? So you're ok and in your opinion there is no genocide in Mexico? You have a real fucked up attitude. What do you mean "they" could put her away from the border. What makes you think "they" can protect anyone? And don't say though shit pal because tough shit could have been you getting born in Africa.

  14. Fuck this bullshit! She knew all along what she was doing. Just another Mexican national taking advantage of our system.

    *I'm Mexican by the way

    March 9, 2011 2:05
    We dont want you here either anon.

  15. @March9, 2011, 1:41/1:47/2:05/3:02

    I totally agree with y'all.....send her back!

    It was a plan all along! Let Calderon send her
    to Ireland or UK.

    El Okie-Dokie

  16. even if she already knew what her plans are-- how many of you finger pointing hypocrites have ever cheated on a test and got away with it! same bullshit politics is politics all about who you know and how to beat the system!

  17. well played chica..bienvenidos de USA...jajjaja

  18. She should stay, export all the Tea Party right-wing nuts from Texas into Mexico instead.


    Gov. Cesar Duarte is saying Marisol used her position to get "free citizenship" ad claims her situation was not security related, just a way to live legally with her family in the U.S.

  20. I thought this was odd from the get go, when she was offered the job. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking she was brave as no one would step up to take the job. Then I read she didn't even carry a firearm. So how big of a threat could she have been to the cartels/gangs?

    I'll give her the benefit of the doubt again when she claims she & her family was threatened. HELLO..... how many thousands of her fellow Mexican citizens deal with that everyday of their lives? I'm not sure if she orchestrated this or not, as I don't think we have all of the facts.

    I agree with those that have posted comments stating she should return. If the US accepts death threats as a reason for asylum, we would have how many thousands applying for asylum in the US? The US needs to tell Calderon..... NO. She is an educated gal, so perhaps he could put her to work in a crime lab there. He needs to fix his countries mess!!!!!

  21. Before she can be granted asylum in the U. S. she is supposed to show why no other part of her own country would be safe for her, not just that she is in danger in her home town (and even this is doubtful considering that she stated when taking the job that she would not be enforcing the law). She could move to some city in another part of Mexico and be completely anonymous. This has been an immigration scam from the beginning.

  22. She's become 'famous' now and very recognizable. Mexico cannot protect her. She should stay. Move to Kansas or wherever and become a policewoman or social worker...

  23. we will be glad to accept her here in Kansas!

  24. This is not feeling right on both sides the border. Too neatly packaged. I am leaning towards this was a cool little plan to join her family in Tx. SHe was very vocal that she was not there to fight cartels and had nothing to do with the element of law. SHe became a star, worldwide. Now she goes to the US maybe gets asylum, absolutely will write her book and go on CNN FOX OPRAH and worldwide media venues.

    But bottom line, this is a very dangerous path we are going. Our bvlessed america is dumpimg central american deportees back into Mexico knowing they are undocumented and in GREAT danger by the cartels, yet are entertaining the thought of this young woman getting asylum? SHe took on that role not by gunpoint.

    The previous commenter is correct, it must be proven that there is no safe place in Mx for her, and of course there is. 2/3 of Mx is safer or as safe as the US. Let Mx deal with it. Our relationship with them is strained, fault on both sides. I think she should try another country if she wants out of Mexico. We have denied asylum to people that really deserved it, I do not know how that can grant it in this case...but they probably will.

    and she is NOT mexico's most brave woman.
    pleeeeeze...Hollywood version

  25. I know there are some posting here with emotion & compassion that I share as well, for the GOOD people of Mexico that have no control over the horrible events that happen everyday in their lives. But I also realize if we (US) were to save everyone around the world who are threatened or suffering from daily threats or murders and bring them to the US to save them, we would be overwhelmed. I have empathy for the GOOD people of Mexico, but I also have empathy for those who suffer in other countries around the world. I could list many...... We can't save everyone, but we can set an example and can only hope the Mexican citizens will stand together for a better government and a safer life for their families free of the horrors they have to endure.

    As for Kansas - We shouldn't make her out to be a hero. She took a job (she shouldn't have taken), and left when she got threats. IF that is true..... what the heck did she expect? But if she didn't carry a weapon, wear a vest, or state she would not enforce laws, how much of a threat could she have been? As others have said, she is either young and naive or this was a plan to get her out safely to the US. Who the heck knows at this point.


  26. To Buela who posted:
    "This is not feeling right on both sides the border. Too neatly packaged."

    Yeah.... I had the same feeling. Wonder if we will ever get the truth from either side of the border. Something doesn't smell right here!


  27. So she played the system. Wow I've never heard of that before.

    Oh wait, what about people that have anchor babies? Or buy forged documents? Or tell lies to ICE?

    She's a smart gal. We can use her. Thanks for scaring her over the border punks.

    Did you notice she was smart not to tell anyone she was leaving. She knew no one could be trusted because they are all corrupt. I say welcome Marisol. Get your degree and sign up with ICE.

  28. This is sexism. No one would give a crap if it was a 21 year old male who took the job and was run out of town by narco's threats.
    She's lying, cheating the system to get her way, using her police position as leverage.... why is she leaving? She seems like a typical mexican cop, she would fit right in with the rest of them.

  29. Like carrying a gun and wearing a bullet proof vest would have helped her. If the opposing cartel would have wanted to kill her they would do so her wearing a vest and packing a gun.

    8 guys with automatic rifles, she would have no chance.

    It's not like the movies, where they would have a showdown in the middle of the street and the first to draw would win. They would have ambushed her, kiddnapped her etc. These guys are cowards so they ambush like cowards. \

    Give her the benifit of the dought, how many here would have taken that job? So save the BS, she has a child to live for.

  30. Another Mexican liar! She planned this to get her Mexican butt in the U.S.
    Deport her!

  31. @Buela..
    The United States is a 'BLESSED NATION;.!! Alot of people are DOWN ON PEOPLE who proclaim their belief in CHRISTIANITY and what it represents, yet, thOSE AMERICANS and OTHERS that are reaping what our blesseD nation has provided for us, are ungrateful..The reason American is so blessed IS because there is a higher concentration of CRISTIANS, AND there is a VEIL OVER AMERICA BY GOD..i THINK atheists should go to some COUNTRY like Mexico and many others ALIKE, because they seriously need A ATTIDTUDE ADJUSTMENT.!!!yOU GUYS know who you are...Mr. Know it ALLS.!!! Hit the road to Mexico and try fix the evil there>!!!

    G--enerate O--rganize D--ESTROY....GOD is my ROCK....

    buela, these comment is for THE GOD HATERS!!!

  32. Here is an article containing a buffet of thought on the asylum issue. I have no proof one way or the other about Marisol, what I do know there are hundreds of Mexican being subject to great harm because of their overt courage to fight against the violence in some way. These stories should be given consideration, but I do not feel Marisol should. A few months and a threat (maybe) is not enough. read this entire story of THIS family in Juarez...

    Lost SIX family members, great volcal activists, are hiding in DF, some are US citizens...and Mx is trying to say they are gang related...BS...

    This family I would consider giving asylum to. A far cry from the little chief that couldn't...

  33. Rose..
    I don't know if you are with me or against me..can't figure your rant, why the hell are you so angry? Ever think of being calm and providing information instead of ALL CAPS and exclamation marks? I appreciate passion but come on combine it with something new.

    I am Mx-AM, I am as proud of being Mexican as I am American. I won the birth lotto being born in this country, thanks to a brave 18 yr old Mayan from Jalisco who took a leap of faith 100 Yr ago in search of dreams, hope and opportunity, became a US cit so that all I had to do is be born into the best country in the world ....However, I am not blind, my country is not perfect and we cannot change what we do not acknowledge.

    Why don't you tell me what you think of the US dumping central americans at the intl bridge and say "go" into Mx? without funds, resources, documentation and subject to great abuse and harmand possible death by cartels? tell me how this blessed america is right in doing this? why is this ok? lets try doing that in canada, see how that works for us? it would be the same thing.

    You can write whatever you want, of course, but give us some info. Talk relavant, this is a narco blog after all. I am a Christian, Mexico is a Christian country so your rant makes little sense. the overwhelming people in Mx are good, honest, hard working people, and the majority are religious and Christian.

    Rose, we can sit back and rely on preaching and praying, or we can be active and create change and difference, one group, one country or one person at a time.

    Honestly, for me, I choose to live my life withing certain ethics and concern/helping others, doing my little thing touching a life here and there, people know I am Christian I do not have to shout it from the rooftops I show it by my actions, I am committed to my belief in God. I feel God wants me to get busy and do good works rather than kneel in prayer. No one can tell me He is not proud of the humantiarian work done by good people the world over, and that He would rather they stop and shout Christianity and prayer.

    Jus my dos centavos however...

  34. Look at all you racist throwing shit at mexicans like if you have all the right to do so like if you fucken own this country when your ancestors basically stole this land from defenseless native americans where do you think all of you come from??? Who do you think is sustaining The economy?? Just take a look a what happened to alabama


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