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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8 month old baby shot in head during Monterrey execution

Gunmen who opened fire and executed a man in his vehicle in the Treviño area of Monterrey last night left yet another innocent victim: eight month old Alejandra del Ángel, who was struck in the head with a bullet while being pushed in a stroller by her parents.

According to information provided by a source close to the investigation, around 7:50 p.m. Tuesday the young couple set out walking with their baby to buy diapers at a nearby pharmacy. As they neared the store, the unthinkable happened: gunmen opened fire on the the driver of a passing black Atos.

According to police sources, after hearing the gunfire, the young couple ducked and continued running with the stroller in search of safety.

When they got to the the corner of Magellan and Galeana, the father, thinking they had survived the event unscathed, quickly lifted baby Alejandra from her stroller only to find her covered in blood and unconscious.

The parents quickly found a taxi and took the baby to a nearby Red Cross clinic.

The blood stained stroller was left abandoned in front of Super Pharmacy ISSSTE.

Given the seriousness of the injury, paramedics reported baby Alejandra was taken by ambulance to University Hospital where she was admitted and reported to be in critical condition.

The man killed in the vehicle was identified as 31 year old Edgar Israel Aguilar Silva.

According to neighbors who knew him, the now deceased, lived near the corner of Guerrero and Magellan Streets.

Witnesses said that at the time of the attack, Aguilar Silva was two blocks from his home. Additionally it was reported the victim's wife and five year old daughter who were behind him in another vehicle, witnessed the execution and apparently were unharmed.

Neighbors in the area identified the now deceased man by his nickname "El Gallo". According to statements, he had his wife, ran a business dedicated to children's birthday parties and shows.


In an interview outside of University Hospital, baby Alejandra's 20 year old mother, Irma del Angel, said at this time, medical specialists are not giving much hope.

At this time, the only information she has been given is that a bullet, which had been lodged in baby Alejandra's brain, was removed during an operation that lasted several hours. The baby is now in intensive care.

"They told me my baby was very ill and that they do not know if she will die. They said they cannot give me more information, or know her chances for survival because she has an infection in her brain caused by the bullet. We are waiting to see what happens in the coming hours.", said the young mother.

Additionally, del Angel requested economic assistance from local authorities, stating "my husband works, I stay at home, but we don't have money. We came to Monterrey from Tantoyuca, Veracruz, three years ago, looking for a better life, but we have nowhere to turn.

According to specialists, the next 72 hours will be crucial in deciding baby's Alejandra's fate.

8 month old Alejandra

20 year old Irma del Angel waits outside the hospital for information on her daughter.

Sources: Grupo Reforma and Milenio

Photos: Grupo Reforma


  1. k pinche mugrero......ya no se puede ni caminar al pinche super.

  2. I am at a loss for words... What is it going to take until other countries step in to kill all those evil dirty rotten bastards? Killing women and children and now babies!

    How can these people live with themselves? How does a human being become so evil? Then there are the Zetas... The most evil dirty rotten scum of the earth! Turning on their country and their own people! Cowards! Evil demons from hell, traitors to Mexico and its people! How can a man turn against his own brothers in arms such as they have done?

    Animals, they are sick and twisted evil demented animals that have black hearts, no morals, no values... The sooner they are wiped from the earth the better off humanity will be...

  3. ¡El gobierno Federal trabaja para que tú vivas mejor!

  4. Perros hijos de su puta madre!! Ya basta, desgraciados. Nomas miren como tienen al pueblo Mexicano. Piensan que se van a escapar? Cuando ustedes mueran les espera un castigo inimaginable.

  5. Can borderland beat find out where someone could donate to this baby's medical bills?

  6. @ 5:46pm

    I will have the information on how we can help this beautiful baby and her family by tomorrow and will post it here.

    For any of you here on BB or elsewhere that still feel there are "good cartels", please look at the picture of this baby and her blood stained stroller and think again...When do you think one of "these good guys" (regardless of who it may be or which side they are from) is going stand up and admit to putting a bullet in this baby's head?

  7. 7 years old, shot!

  8. until Mexican government brings back the death penalty this will happen until we are all dead.

  9. my thoughts and prayers are with this little girl and her family. may god bless you.

  10. @Ovemex

    Thanks for saying that bro...Some people need to grow up and open their eyes already. There is nothing "cool" about this war.


  11. If there was an easy way to adopt the little kids from Mexico I would. I would provide a loving and safe home for them. They would grow up in a better enviroment. May god bless all the innocent people and children out there.

  12. That's absolutely horrible!! In your face all those in Mex government that say innocent victims are few and it's mostly bad guys getting killed.

  13. Our Father,
    Who art in heaven,
    hallowed be Thy name;
    Thy kingdom come;
    Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread;
    and forgive us our trespasses
    as we forgive those who trespass against us;
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil. Amen.

    a prayer for this family......god is with you!

  14. This is so sad. Say a prayer for the innocent victims of an out of control world.

  15. Hell does exist and it is called "MEXICO".

  16. Someone needs to cut the balls off the shooters like in the other video but let them live like that for a few days before they are finished off
    Pinchis animales valen verga

  17. jesus christ, if only criminals were getting killed that would be just fine, but a little innocent baby?

  18. The people of Mexico are going to have to revolt. This will never stop until there is a strong, unified government in place. Fight these bastards, fight anyone who prevents law and order from happening. Mexico deserves so much better than this savagery.May God have mercy.

  19. The facebook posting tool is not working.

  20. Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
    by the Divine Power of God -
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


  21. I would like to send some monetary help if BBC could find a bank account or a way to send money to help this beautiful child

  22. The time will come... the end is here.... and a new beginning is coming...

  23. Calderon.. u piece of mierda:.... u lost... time to bring in usa special ops and do a cleansing. Time for the people of mexico to declare apacalypse on all that Is wicked. May the archangels guide us in eliminating all evil.

  24. I hope God shows no mercy on the bastard that did this. It is definitely time for a new strategy in the war on drugs. This current war on drugs is causing the innocent people of mexico more pain and troubles than it is the scum that it's directed at!

  25. a ke hijos de su p!!!!!!!!!! madreeeee yaa mueranse todos

  26. Anyone shocked?

    Really? It's sad and all, but hey, its not really shocking. It's just another day in Mexico.

    If castration and skinning aren't going to do it, then this is nothing.

  27. wheres the outrage Mexico???

  28. Pueblo... no valen verga. Son esclavos. Mejor se esconden y cierran los ojos. Levantense. Muerte o libertad. La manera en que estan se van a morir muy triste. "Mejor morir en pie que vivir toda una vida de rodillas."

  29. After a great service at church last night I thought about all the violence that has plagued my homeland Mexico. Being born there and now living in the great country we all America you can only feel blessed. One cannot comprehend living in those types of situations. Having family who still lives in Northern Mexico I do stay in contact with, traveling back twice a year I somewhat understand how tough it is to live there right now.

    The day to day life for someone, even taking your kids to school. Going to the super market, driving to work. It's like you never know anymore they say. You can be driving to the super market and get caught between a crossfire. You can wake up one morning and be driving pass the park and there could be 8 head less bodies laying on the curb. Going out at night is a risk and a gamble. I know people in Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahulia and Monterrey and they all say the same. It's become a normal day in life for them. They say they can't live in fear because living in fear is not living at all. They go about life trusting only there destiny or what life has laid out for them. There are great people in Mexico, god fearing peole. Who only want to live there lives and watch there children grow like any other person here in America. Being rich and blessed is having the privelage to live life, be around your family. Struggle but watch yourself bounce back and come back stronger. These Narcos are in no way rich in anyway, if rich is having piles of money while living in fear to being captured or imprisoned then I say you have lost prosperity. See everyone who lives a normal life and he or she doesn't carries these things on their concious is richer in my mind. I hope and pray things change in Mexico because for the future of both Nations America and Mexico things have to change for the better. A new strategy has to be taken as the one right now is definately not looking well.

  30. The biggest fear Mexicans have by far, is still the fear of not having work or a decent salary to live on and support family on.

  31. Ardent,
    That could be anyone elses fear as well, many Americans struggle as well day to day without employment.

    The US has it's own inner lining issues, not saying Mexicans don't feel the same as they do.

    In Mexico there is the rich and the poor, the rich get wealthier and the poor struggle even more. There is very little middle class. Everyone who knows Mexico and I do being Mexican American and doing business and trading with different Mexican companies know that there is enormous amount of wealth in Mexico. Their industries were booming at one time, the mining of minerals was and is strong. People still do invest in Mexico. Many people look at Mexico as an opportunity for investments but for the common folk there is just not much opportunity unless you have the means for a good education. But that doesn't mean everyone turns to criminal activity. There still are honest hard working people in Mexico it's just those who have chosen the wrong path have clearly made their statements. The good will prevail and for that I praise the good honest innocent folks that have lost their life for the future of Mexico and for the future of Americas neighbor.

    God Bless America and God Bless Mexico,

    1. I was on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago. I got up in the middle of the night to have a drink on the deck, watch the sea, etc. At the table next to me was a group of 5 or 6 teenaged Mexican girls. I am white but speak spanish fluently, having lived in Mexico as a teenager. They thought I couldn't understand them. They were cartel boss kids. Taking back-to-back cruises all summer long. Living it up. They know full well what their daddy is up to and were bragging about it. I wanted to throw them over soooooo bad. Those bitches are going to marry for power and tie blood-letting families together even deeper. They are a scourge. They like it. It's like Europe in feudal times. Families, entire families, all involved, all knowing, none caring. Those little bitches were bragging about people being skinned alive, burned alive, tortured, their families killed. Ruthless. I was sick to my stomach but I kept a straight face, listened and listened. If you think killing the families of these animals to be a wrong, well, I can only say you are a fool. Kill their entire family. Every last one of them. Make it so that the idea of being involved with a cartel is a death sentence in itself. Torture their daughters, impale them, ensure that they cannot breed more violents. These "people" are 100% pure evil, no doubt about it. Don't let them play that shit like they don't know what it is. They DO know, they like it, they are proud of it. Kill them all.

  32. Que barbaridad, no tengo palabras pero mis oraciones estan con los padres de Alejandrita y todo aquel que intenta vivir en Mexico con esta situacion tan tienen escrupulos ni decencia la gente que hace estas atrocidades..

  33. Even considering the threat people face in Mexico, the deportations of those who's only crime was crossing the border bc they were in search of a safe life for them and their children continues. These people are being arrested while working, by ICE raids..

    These people do not have the resources to come over legally, so they have two options, (1) stay and face these atrocities or (2) attempt to make it to the USA whichever way possible, risk their life in order to save it.

    This is where the USA gets a chance to show its genuine concern and interest for human rights and overall humane treatment of humans.

  34. Flor..
    I appreciate your compassion I can see you have a big heart, but Mexicans do not come to the US for safety for themselves and their family. As a matter of fact most of Mexico do not think they live in danger. and they would be correct, it is certain states and the border states where the danger exists and dare I say even the majority of those citizens feel as though they are in great danger. Why they come to the US is for jobs and money to send back home. Often living 10+ in a slum apt so to send every available penny back home. remittances ($money sent back) is the 2nd largest soruce of foreign money.

    these funds go directly to spouses/parents/children for homes, medical, schooling, and starting small businesses to go back to, essentially lifting many out of abject poverty and into the consumer market. Something they have few opportunities for in Messico.

  35. PS...
    I am happy to hear this baby is doing so well. When I first read this story I thought the baby was killed.

  36. Update: In an interview with El Norte, Alejandra's father said is doing better. He said she responded to his voice by moving her arms, legs and feet.

    Doctors have not given a new update yet, but today, Saturday, marks 72 hours.

    Milenio printed a cellphone number to call to donate, but I called several times and it was either busy or no answer.

    On a positive note, the mayor of Monterrey said DIF will be assisting the family financially and psychologically.

  37. University Hospital just released an update:

    Although she is definitely not out of the woods and more evaluations will be needed Alejandra is now breathing on her own, opening and closing her eyes, and moving all limbs.

  38. God does miracles. Thank you God for Alejandras recovery. Keep her and the family safe. We will be sending alot of prayers her way. God Bless you Alejandra and the family.


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