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Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Templars' appear in Michoacan, vow to protect society

Banners appeared in Michoacan Thursday morning announcing a previously unknown criminal organization denominating themselves the Templars.

The messages, found in Morelia and Apatzingán, are very similar to those used by La Familia Michoacana, which announced its alleged breakup in January.

The messages, addressed to the citizens of Michoacan, read:

To the People of Michoacan:

We inform you, that as of today, we will be performing the duties previously realized by la Familia Michoacana.

We will be at the service of the people of Michoacan to handle any situation that undermines their integrity.

Our commitment to society is to preserve order, prevent thefts, kidnappings, extortions, and protect the State from possible interventions by rival organizations.

-Knights Templar

According to reports from the State Preventative Police, two banners were found in Apatzingán and at least five others in the Michoacan state capital of Morelia.

The authenticity of the banners, at this time, has not been confirmed.

Sources: Grupo Reforma


  1. As the "failed" drug war takes effect we are going to see more reorganizations of the remnants of the cartels. LFM really got hammered. The Army killed or imprisoned a lot of them. So the leftovers come up as Knights Templar. A name choice that should merit the death penalty in itself. These punks can't get on the same planet with the Knights Templar but one of them read a Bible.

    Kill 'em all.

  2. templars are LFM just with a new name kind of like a makeover

  3. This is a clear indication of the success this drug war in Mexico. They have dismantled La Familia Michoacana and CDG has also experienced a great hit to it's leadership. Los Zetas killing of the U.S. agent has sparked an interest in the takedown of their leadership. Now El Mayo Zambada gets a large shipment siezed and word is that El Chapo ratted him out. Perhaps CDS could begin to crumble....

    This war will take much time, most likely even beyond the next mexican presidents term....
    The mexican president must be strong and be able to take criticism, just as George W. Bush did for going to war in Iraq. The future will prove them right.

  4. Thats right they hit them pretty hard. And now this? Who are they kidding? They're done. The rest smell blood and a wounded soul. So of course they are gonna invade and finish them off. They have to hit the rest up as hard as they can, all the way up to the leadership. And don't play favorites...


  5. What shipment did Mayo lose? Are you talking about the 120 tons in tijuana?

  6. Mayo's shipment happened in Sonora, workers of el Macho Prieto got caught with shit.

    So they say.

  7. When a business name becomes tarnished, change the name and rebrand. Standard business strategy. Linking it to LFM in your opening statement is dumb though.

  8. LFM likes more drama and attention then teenage girls. There always saying the stupidest stuff and try to be protectors, when they clearly aren't. I bet this group has somthing to do with them, and there trying to clear there tainted images

  9. I agree, when enough heads roll and cartels begin to crumble, the remmants will be less powerful and definately less united. They may go on a killing spree but the organization of the groups will be mere pieces of what had once been. That's probably the time to go in and hit em hard..

  10. La Tuta is crazier than El Mas Loco. Didn't think that was possible.

  11. Yeah, it's a rebranded LFM..........

    The end of the era of La Familia Michoacana was announced Thursday, the organization surrogate birth of these criminals, and call themselves "The Knights Templar", a fact that they released the criminals across blankets mounted at various points Morelia, Michoacan.

    From an early hour the blankets were seen by the public on the bridges located at the height of the colony The Realito on the Northern Bypass, exit to Quiroga to the height of the colony Child Gunner, on Avenue J. Múgica against University City and at the exit height Patzcuaro Morelos Tenure.

    The canvases show the supposed emergence of a new group that comes to replace the diminished criminal organization Family Michoacana, but no notes' names and leaders who shape it.

  12. Why do all Mexican men secretly think they are Robin Hood? Probably the same reason why all US men think they are part of the A team.

  13. The Knights Templar were taken out in one big round up by the powers that be, when they had become a political liability. How apt.

  14. Thanks Ovemex, its good to see these cowards showing their true colors!

    No que muy Gallitos los de la Familia? HMM...No llegan ni a pajaritos nalgones!!! Vamos Ejercito y acaben lo que empezaron. Si La Familia deveras quiere ayudar que se hagan a un lado, entregen sus armas, y ya no la hagan de payasos! Alrato se va ver lo bonito...

    Para Un Mexico Unido Sin Carteles

  15. How about "knights Drunkards" Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Sloppy Drunk no education pee fart and shit on yourself so called "cartel" member

  16. So...going medieval-religo-military order?
    the order of the temple...
    the original order was "charitible" going back to the 12 century..their goals included becoming a state, and amassed great wealth by insuring a place in heaven for those who gave.

    I wonder if they will use the 12 century symbol of poverty 2 knights with red crosses on one horse

  17. At the end of their little narco message, they forgot to say and " And by the way, we will be coming to your local businesses demanding money on a monthly basis for this protection from us or we burn down your place of business and kill anyone who stands in our way" PS...I like my steak rare
    Sincerely LF


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