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Thursday, March 10, 2011

“La Mano con Ojos” Strikes Again

Mexico City – A macabre scene was left this morning for the parents of families and alumni that had attended a school in this part of the D.F. A luxury model truck had been found in the parking lot with the body still behind the wheel, and the head had been removed and was sitting on the dashboard.

Police found a message that read:

“Me lla­mo Iván Cruz, es­to me pa­só por tra­ba­jar pa­ra La Fa­mi­lia Mi­choa­ca­na y ex­tor­sio­nar a co­mer­cian­tes en nom­bre de La Ma­no con Ojos y que que­de cla­ro         La Ma­no con Ojos no ex­tor­sio­na, ro­ba o se­cues­tra y a quie­nes lo ha­gan en es­ta pla­za pa­sa­rán por lo mis­mo, at­te La Ma­no con Ojos”.

My name is Ivan Cruz and this happened to me for working with LFM and for extorting business owners by falsely claiming the I am la Mano con Ojos. Let us all be clear about one thing: La Mano con Ojos doesn’t kidnap or use extortion to make his money, and whoever does so in my plaza will get whats coming to them. ATTE La Mano con Ojos (The Hand With Eyes)

Police recognize that La Mano con Ojos is a vicious leader of fledgling cartel that once worked under the Beltran Leyva cartel through La Barbie. LMCO is known to decapitate all of its victims, this signature move is part of an effort to gain dominance over the D.F. plaza, which is considered not only a lucrative domestic drug market, it is also an important hub and stopping point for South American cocaine that is making its way across land to the U.S./Mexico border.

At this time there is plenty of competition for LMCO, All the other cartels are also vying for a chance to control the D.F. including the very powerful Sinaloa, LFM, Gulf and Zeta cartels.


  1. "LMCO is known to decapitate all of its victims, this signature move......."
    Given the number of headless victims in the news everyday, i would hardly call this a signature. Definitely part of their M.O., but far from a signature.

  2. So.... The right hand killed the left hand?

  3. i'm really starting to like these guys

    anyone who is agianst hurting innocent people is alright in my book

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  4. There are way to many so called "robin hoods" in mexico right now! They are all the same and going to the same place when they all die. Satan must be laughing his or her ass right now.......ha, ha, ha


  5. These guys are far from not hurting people. Is decapitating a guy, stuffing his body back in the SUV and leaving his head on the dash not hurting anybody?

    It's a menace to society in it's very form. One thing is to try and eradicate extortion and taking a law into your own hands but when your a drug dealer trying to control a so called plaza save the selfrighteous crap.

    These guys are in it for themselves and themselves only.

    LMCO is just another bloody cell that will once again most likely eradicate themselves sooner than later.

  6. To El Swankador, anyone that likes to kill is not a 'good guy'. Maybe you can get one of those wonderful CDG human beings you love to babysit your kids.

  7. You know mexico is f*cked up when LMCO is considered a good guy by some

  8. Wow, this guy loves the attention he is getting, seems like he was jealous abut the new beheading video and had to throw his name out there again by doing this, if he is telling the truth about not extorting people thats a start, but doesnt excuse his crimes...also makes you wonder if ivan was really that crazy to do what they said he did or of its just ojos way of looking like the good guy...

  9. look at the LFM they were suppose to be robin hoods of mich, but it is what it is. as long as they are killing themselves i'm alright with this..


  10. Ha Ha !! El Mano Con Ojos How Stupid ! How about El Culo Con Ca Ca ! Ha ! Ha ! That sounds better , cuz thats what these losers are !

  11. Cool, let them "kill off" each other, otherwise there will be NO ONE HONEST to combat these criminals.

    I say "shoot-to-kill" ALL violent criminals caught. Military law.

    Yes ,that is what they do now, we ALL know that. The Military shoots the people they arrest, but MAKE IT OFFICIAL.

    You use gun you die. Fewer peole will join if they KNOW they will die RIGHT away.

    Those of YOU "who are smart" SHOULD BEGIN to INCREASE the number of "hit squads" and REMOVE the trash from your communities. One-by-one.


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