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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Former Tijuana police chief Julián Leyzaola appointed new Juárez head of police

By Adriana Gómez Licón / El Paso Times

Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía has appointed the former police chief of Tijuana, Col. Julián Leyzaola, as the new head of the police department. Murguía said he made this decision to better fight against crime.

Leyzaola said he is in Juárez to do an "ethical, serious and professional work," a statement said.

The work of Leyzaola in Tijuana has been praised by U.S. Ambassador in Mexico, Carlos Pascual, and by Mexican President Felipe Calderón.

Leyzaola has said he cleaned the local police force in Tijuana from corruption.

The Baja California human-rights commission has issued reports alleging cases of torture and blaming Leyzaola.

Leyzaola left his post in Tijuana in February, after two years of being the police chief. Since his resignation, reports of his appointment in Juárez have been circulating until today when Murguía confirmed Leyzaola is the new police chief.



  1. So is he going to back the Sinaloa Cartel?

  2. if they didn't kill him in TJ then they are going to kill him in Juárez...

    el TRIple6

  3. I wonder what this means since the mayor is suppose to be a member of the Juarez cartel

  4. You can tell the Mayor is not too happy about this...The U.S should try and protect this man. Maybe Obama should invite this guy over for a beer at the White House before the Kakas (Cartels) get any ideas.

  5. The best of luck to Col. Julián Leyzaola on a tough job being police chief in the most dangerous city in Mexico if not the world. Hope he does some good for the people of Juarez, and thanks Overmex for being on top of this story.

  6. It means that this dude is going to clean house and restore order , looks like the Mayor might be on his list , according to his past Leyzaola dont mess around , I feel sorry for these so called " Cartel" sloppy drunk addicts , they got something coming now

  7. looks like there's a new sheriff in town


    God bless this man

  8. Who wants to bet Leyzaola won't be able to restore order while head of police?

    Couldn't do it in Tijuana, won't do it in Cd. Juarez.

  9. Well I knew this was coming, the mayor just had to do it his way..

    I could not be happier. and I couldn't care less what others think of that opinion. You ask the overwhelming majority of TJ citizens respect and admire this man.

    Majorie Drake is pretty happy...

  10. I'd hate to be this guy's wife or child. I wish him the best of luck. I hope more Mexicans value their nation and try harder. Americans have lost their values and it won't be long until the liberals and antagonists of this nation bring more corruption and violence.

  11. Uh why is this guy doing the heil hitler salute??

  12. cause he knows who is behind all the dirty work

  13. Hey neophyte 9:21pm, that's what public officials do when taking an oath of service in Mexico.

  14. Evidently the Mexican military's chief enforcer/ torturer is now in place in Juarez. All the BB Dittohead Today- USA flaghead rabble is hoping that Juarez will now fall into becoming a new plaza under the control of the Calderon/ Uribe Cartel. Another US war without end carries on...

  15. Why did ernest change his name to ardent?

  16. Teto is shaking in his boots. I'm betting the delay in announcing this was Teto trying to get it changed or canceled. He doesn't want a real, uncorrupted cop working in Juarez. Who knows what he will find - about Teto.

  17. Anonymous said... "It means that this dude is going to clean house and restore order , looks like the Mayor might be on his list"

    The mayor appointed him to the position. It says it in the very first sentence of the article.......

  18. How many of us would take on a tough job like this? I doubt if a fraction of one percent have half the cajones this guy does.

    Mexico (and the rest of the world) need more Leyzaola's. I hope he can turn around Juarez like he did in Tijuana. Thank You Leyzaola, I hope you teach a generation of young mexicans that things can change for the better and corruption does not have to be the way things always will be.

  19. Anonymous 14:47am asked
    'Why did ernest change his name to ardent?'

    Ernest1 is now Ardent simply because it was confusing to many people that Sahid Marquez also used the name 'Earnies World'. Sahid has now said that he will stop using that name, and if he does I may begin to post under Ernest1 once again....

  20. This guy is like a hero, there's gotta be a movie made on this bad ass

  21. No.Explanation.neededMarch 12, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    HAHAHA...sure ernie-ard like people were so confused all we had to do is read couple of your posts to know who ard was.

    rose called you out right away.

  22. I rec a text a couple hrs ago that Juli got his first love message. A narcomessage was left with a body, a body still alive, that read this was Julian's FIRST gift. signed Sinaloa..
    the games have begun...its going to get a whole lot worse before any improvement

  23. Right Wing Rose called me 'sociopathic'. That hurt my feelings so damn bad that i have now weeped furiously for days, Anonymous No.Explanation.Needed guy.

    I'll let 'Rose' now be my own personal substitute psych 'counsellor' here at BB, now that I have lost the removed from local Right Wing talk radio station, Dr. Laura S. She used to be the nasty Right Wing fury that tickled me the most. One could always take her shrill advice/commands and then do the total opposite as a basic guideline in one's personal life.


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