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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mexican cops held on corruption charges released


State and city police officers, detained on charges of working with organized crime, are lined up during a presentation for journalists at Mexico's military airbase in Tijuana on Thursday, July 29.

Three policewomen arrested last July along with 59 other officers on corruption charges in the Mexican border city of Tijuana have been released from jail due to lack of evidence, defense attorneys and officials told Efe.

A judge threw out the statements of two protected witnesses linking the female officers to drug cartels, defense attorneys said.

Thirty-five other officers, who are being held at a prison in the eastern state of Veracruz, are also being released, attorneys said.

Army troops arrested 62 Tijuana municipal police officers and Baja California state police officers on July 29 for allegedly having links to drug traffickers.

The police officers were taken into custody by soldiers as they reported to work.

The round-up of allegedly corrupt cops was aimed at reducing the violence in Baja California, whose largest city, Tijuana, has endured bloody turf wars between rival drug gangs.

The commander of the 2nd Military Zone, Gen. Alfonso Duarte Mugica, said he was surprised by the judge's ruling, but the army respected the law and would accept it.

The protected witnesses who testified against the officers are former members of the Tijuana drug cartel, which is led by the Arellano Felix family.

The officers should be provided with psychological counseling and compensation for the treatment they received, Baja California state human rights prosecutor Heriberto Garcia said.

Please read original Sign on San Diego/Union Tribune arrests article by Sandra Dibble (in English) here.


  1. Once you've bought all the judges you can flaunt the law with impunity.

  2. Great job Mexico make your military look like idiots...

    The military wouldnt have arrested them if they were not guilty... That judge is corrupt and should be hung in the town square! The Attorney general has just resigned and I would BET BIG MONEY this is the reason why, sure they put a spin on it saying that it was for "Pressing personal matters" but just read between the lines...

    Mexicos government, judges etc keep making the progress made worth nothing...

    Shit rolls downhill and in Mexican political structure its rolling by the ton...

    1. What the hell the army isn't courrpt wtf are u saying their idiots u are a idiot

  3. in the end no one knows for sure who is corrupt. the municipal police,the judge even the army. no one is immune. maybe these cops are guilty maybe they are innocent. who knows for sure.

  4. Why is this posted now, this happened in Agust 2010? Am I missing something?

  5. They were arrested last year in July but just now released

  6. The same thing happened in Colima. 45 arrested, 45 eventually released! They filed a complaint with the state "human rights"(hahaha) commission claiming that they were tortured. Ironically, many of them had multiple claims of torture filed against them by civilians wit the same commisson. None of those claims ever led to charges being filed. And of course, the narco-governor reinstated all of the officers to the police force upon their release. Viva Mexico cabrones!

  7. What I heard it these guys were fingered by El Teo and El Muletas from whatever prison they are in, and it was assumed it was out of spite and animosity that they accused these officers, however, even if that is true, I'm sure Teo/Muletas told the truth about some of them.

  8. The Army can't investigate anything, the PG can't make a case. Doesn't mean they aren't dirty cops.

  9. I'm not buying being fingered by Teo or anyone.
    There is no justice in Mexico.
    This is why I say perp walks mean shit most often they will soon be out.

    Impunity is one of the reasons people so not talk in Mx...they distrust the system

  10. They will probably, no doubt, get their jobs back..what a joke. This is the exact reason why Mexico is losing a grip on the situation...catching/apprehending these assholes is one thing, but prosecuting and incarcerating them is another.

  11. Is it just me or are the majority of these officers overweight lol. Especially the second one in the front line on the left. You know that guy has to be corrupt in order to feed his stomach non stop cuz he didnt get like that with a cop salary for sure :) btw happy april fools everyone

  12. It is very likely that these sixty-some officers were arrested for refusing to join the Sinaloa cartel.

    At the time of the arrest, Calderón had been using the army and the PAN to put the Sinaloa cartel here in place of Cartel Arellano-Félix. When Lt-Col Leyzaola arrived in Tijuana, he fired twenty percent of our police force, citing suspected ties to CAF, yet (according to a member of our Sindicatura) "Leyzaola's replacements were just as corrupt".

    CAF managed to hold their ground. Calderón's faction was kicked out of Baja California in the last election. Leyzaola was seconded to Ciudad Juárez, where Calderón is trying to unseat that cartel in favor of his own.

    The prohibition of the 1920s should serve as a touchstone for understanding our current situation: this is not a cosmic battle of Good versus Evil, it is a chess game between political interests. The drug cartels, no different than the rum-runners previously, bring great amounts of "soft" money to the sitting president. CAF and Juárez have traditionally done this for the PRI while Sinaloa has done this for the PAN. What Calderón (a PhD in economics) is attempting nothing other than to monopolize this source of income for his party ... and, of course, for his retirement.

  13. I buy some of that, but Sinaloa is in Tijuana, and working with CAF. PRI/PAN seem to have nothing to to do with it. Maybe that's the way the arrangment went because of the events you describe, but I am doubtful of the kind of of mass conspiracy you describe, but it is interesting, and plausible, if a little short on reasonable. But, I respect the post and the insight.

  14. @J

    I am going to throw out something I heard, and read.
    Sinaloa is moving Tabasco.
    Have you heard anything?

  15. Tabasco as in Veracruz? Where they keep finding those 'FEZ' bodies? No, I haven't heard or read anything about it. It doesn't surprise me, they are probably pressing Zeta's in the area, I am sure that Tabasco is a Zeta stronghold.

  16. Boo-hoo-hoo... All that torture ordered by Julián Leyzaola, hero of so many BB reaaders from the Right Wing, seems so gone to waste....

    But don't you worry, Flag Waving USA futbol guys, since the US government funded Mexican military torture machine is still intact and willing to roll into action once again for the Pentagon! All is not lost just yet!

    So you puppies surely will have yet more opportunity verbally to yank yourselves off in the days to come! No need to panic, MessMericans. Your Saint Leyzaola is there now in Juarez, and he'll soon do a repeat of Tijuana. The 'drug war' game never ends!

  17. @ the real tijuana

    Interesting comment. Its no secret that calderon and el chapo have an alliance. Everyone in mexico knows this. Everything that calderon has done so far has proven to me that he's only protecting his own party and el chapo's organization. He does nothing for the people.

    But that seems to be the results of modern day politics. You are right, it is all about self-income and monopolization. Very good comment and a sad reality.

    Damn shame.

  18. @ ernest uno

    you're right. the leaks are out. this Leyzaola guy is coming off as another corrupt scumbag. just another rotten apple.

    the drug war "game" never ends...perfectly said. i have lost all hope on our leaders. but the citizens are also responsible for voting these self-centered idiots into office. people are just plain stupid now.

  19. Real Tijuana: If we are going to base conjectures on facts, nothing during Leyzaola's stay in Tijuana suggests he made a real effort to combat CAF. In fact, it could be argued Leyzaola's presence in Tijuana favored the AFO.


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