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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Families of Bodyguards at Risk

The drug cartels are focusing their attacks on families of security escorts and police in general, warned the Mexican Society of Bodyguards "Sociedad Mexicana de Guardaespaldas" (SMG).

With this strategy, the criminal cartels are trying to undermine the defenses and prevention used to protect lives, said the organization, and challenged the three levels of government to develop more efficient strategies to protect police officers, public security and their relatives.

In a press release the organization also condemned the attack on Tuesday in Chihuahua where commandos killed Brenda Carrillo González, wife of Sergio Antonio Chivet Ponce, a member of the protective detail of governor Horacio Cesar Duarte Jaquez, also killed in that attack was the 5 year old daughter.

In addition, the organization also criticized the attack against Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, Mayor of the city of Garcia, Nuevo Leon, where one of his bodyguards was killed and five of them were wounded defending the mayor.

Given these facts, the SMG reiterated that it is essential that all police forces and personal protective details (bodyguards) of dignitaries and politicians maintain a low profile and rethink a new strategy for the protection of people.

"In the same manner, within their circle of family and social interaction, they should use special care with information derived from their professional activities in order to protect the integrity of their loved ones," said the agency.

This is precisely why the SMG warned months ago of a new modus operandi on the part of organized crime that would target the families of police and bodyguards, putting them at risk.

Just in 2010, 149 police officers from different agencies were killed in Ciudad Juárez alone, exceeding the 67 killed in 2009.

Last Tuesday, the coordinator of the Crime of Investigation Unit from the prosecutors office, Brenda Hugette Carrillo González, and her 5 year old daughter, who are wife and daughter of a bodyguard for the governor of Chihuahua, were executed when they left their home in the community of Infonavit Panorámico while inside of an official vehicle.

At the time of the attack, the husband and father of the victims was inside the house.

Carrillo Gonzalez and her daughter were on board of a 2011 red Ford Lobo pickup owned by the State Government. According to witnesses, a group of armed men opened fire on them with assault rifles.


  1. This strategy will backfire on the cartels I suspect. The trained bodyguards and security forces will just go extra-judicial when their families are threatened en-masse. At first the killings of the cartel members will be praised, but when the populace realizes they have turned into death squads it will be too late. Probably already is.

  2. No rules for Criminals,volumes for law enforcment, I don't get it??

  3. Are not Cartel enforcers DEATH SQUADS ? A International law enforcment organization from Patagonia to Canada, all the Americas, target drugs arrest,kill,prosicute, incarcerate, all outside the corruption of any one or two countrys.Round em up and drown them.

  4. I would go postal and kill the cartels family members


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