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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sinaloa Cartel welcomes new Juarez police chief, Julian Leyzaola

Less than two days after assuming the position of Public Security Director of Juarez, Julian Leyzaola received his first death threat.

Late Friday night authorities responded to reports of a body dumped next to the San Felipe de Jesus church. At the scene they found a message for the new police chief alongside a man who had been bound, tortured, shot, wrapped in a blanket and left for dead.

The warning, written on a florescent green poster board, read:

Bienvenido a Juárez Julian Leysola este es tu primer regalito y esto va seguir pasando a toda la bola de peynetones atte. - El cartel de Sinaloa.

Welcome to Juarez Julian Leysola (sic), this is your first gift. This will continue happening to all of the snitches.

The Sinaloa Cartel

It is unknown whether the injured man has managed to survive the attack.

Leyzaola was formerly the police chief in Tijuana, where he survived several plots and fought police corruption. Leyzaola assumed the Juarez post on Thursday.

The news Police Chief made a statement: “I come to do my job with honesty, ethics and professionalism. Citizen participation is important. It is very important to begin trusting authorities again and exposing those people who are doing so much harm to our society. “

When asked if he was afraid, Perez replied, ” Whoever says they are not afraid, are dead. “

Two former Juarez police chiefs have quit their jobs since 2008 after criminals killed police officers and threatened to kill more unless they resigned.

Sources: El Diario, La Polaka, AP


  1. starting already. Seems like the Sinaloa cartel has been acting out in the new year, the Acapulco violence, and banners, the Durango banners against El Flaco, and now this. Not one for conspiracy theories, but is it possible some of these are the work of others? The Durango ones I don't suspect, but the Juarez and Guerreo ones strike me as a little off.

  2. When are they going to stop pussy footing around with these cock sucking cartels and get serious to killing their mother fucking punk asses? cartels! Fucking scum of the earth putos that do not deserve life!

  3. Juarez is a different beast than tijuana. I wish Julian Leyzaola all the luck in the world. He's gonna need it. This man seems to be real to me. I am rooting for him. He needs to protect himself at all costs and wear a bullet proof vest at all times. Or maybe go to Sorianas to buy some cockroach repellent. That might help a lil' with deterring the cartels for a while. But always have a group of LOYAL and special trained bodygaurds with Ak-47's(always). Im sick of hearing about these victims going home alone and then getting kidnapped and tortured and murdered. Travel Juarez with a special force entourage. And always be ready for an attack cuz it will come soon and relentlessly. This is when some American contractors can help in Mexico, to protect important leaders. Or to train Mexico's poor and incompetent soldiers the proper way to do some narco ass-kicking the American way!

  4. ajulio said @7:54 " Or to train Mexico's poor and incompetent soldiers the proper way to do some narco ass-kicking the American way!"

    I believe we tried that, and the special training for Mexican forces was done here in the US by our military. I believe many of those trained in spec military ops are the ones that broke off to form the Zetas. Great, just great! Try to help out and that's what happens.

  5. This man is a good person to take on those sorry sons of filthy street whores who are destroying Mexico. He needs to build a strong well armed force and maybe consider hiring American ex-military combat and tactical personal for security and street patrols.
    If he works closely with real patriot Mexicans and the American law enforcement agencies, this brave man along with everyone else can turn the tide on those sorry coked up losers asshole gangbanger cartel thugs. With the right combination of tactics and personal they could be easily defeated. Their fucked up little AKs are nothing compared to a tow anti-tank shell tearing into their stolen SUVs or a nice strafing from a A-10 warthog or perhaps a Marine Sniper who misses his job in Afaganistan and is ready to get back to work.
    Bottom line is they are no match for the real professional killers. The U.S. Military, and the F.B.I, D.E.A, Ice and all the other who are ready to join with our neighbors to the South and help out where we can.

  6. Fuck these guys!

    I'm Mexican-American and man do I wish I could join up with Loyal Mexican police to kick some ass. It won't happen. But Mexico has got to know that there are Mexican-Americans on this side of the border willing to protect citizens from these rat cartells regardless if were here, or in C.D. Juarez

  7. Mexico is a wonderful place to visit, Mexico also depends on the tourist dollar to run the country. The cartels should know this. where is the pride del Mexicano? El orgullo. This problem can be solved, it was crated by men, it can be solve by men. Donde estan los tanates del Mexicano? No que tan valientes. I'm a mexican/american, very proud of my country and hate to see it on it's knees because of a few low class hub cab steelers or car washers who don't know or care about their fellow men. Take away their cuerno de chivo and their coke and they go right back to cleaning windshields. Please help save our country. It is too beautiful to be destroyed and held hostage.

  8. J- tell me more about the banners in durango against el flaco. and who could've done it? Thanks

  9. Todos los miembros, lideres y achichincles de los carteles son unos cobardes, que facil golpear, turturar, intimidar y matar en grupito, uno por uno hasta una mujer tal vez le parte su mandarina en gajos...que valientes....todo lo hacen a la sombra y en grupito...

  10. BB did a story on it, it's right here, a few stories down. I think that one is exactly what it looks like, it's the other ones that I have a weird feeling about.

  11. Julian Leyzaola you are in my prayers!

  12. Yeah, all that "good 'ole" US military training at the Ft. Bragg School of the Americas (SOA) not only produced the Zetas AND their repressive brethren in the 'official' Mexican Army, but a whole lot of other scumbag military golpistas and torturers in Latin America.

  13. SOA is at Ft Benning


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