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Saturday, March 12, 2011

US to boost agents in Mexico after murder

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will double the number of its agents deployed in Mexico and examine new security measures in the wake of the killing of one of its officers, director John Morton said Friday.

"We're going to go from 20 people to 40 people" in Mexico, Morton told members of Congress in a hearing on his agency's budget for the upcoming fiscal year. "It will be by far our largest office."

The comments come less than a month after ICE agent Jaime Zapata, 32, was killed and a second ICE agent wounded while driving in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi in a region plagued by drug violence.

ICE, with 7,000 agents, part of the Department of Homeland Security and is one of the main agencies guarding against drug smuggling and crimes related to the trade. It has agents in Mexico City, Tijuana, Monterrey and other cities.

Zapata and his partner were not armed when they were attacked by Mexican gunmen, a fact which Morton had to defend in questions from lawmakers.

Morton said the agency is "doing a very in-depth security assessment."

"We're very cognizant of the fact that we're sending people into a place that's dangerous and we're taking a number of security steps."

Morton noted that the wave of drug-related violence in Mexico in recent years is a major focus of his office.

"It is without question a challenging environment from a law enforcement perspective," he said.

"There's a strong correlation between the organized crime cases we're investigating along the southwest border and what is going on in Mexico. As a matter of fact, most of our operations have a Mexican component."


  1. Wow, from 20 to 40 agents. This proves the US Gov is freaking retarded!


  2. I would not send any addition agents in without Mexico agreeing to allowing them to be armed. period.

    also, off topic here but Julian Leyzaola received his first narco message attached to a still alive which is weird in its self. Stating this was his "first gift" signed Sinaloa

  3. They are being sent to their deaths, this is suicide, especially not being able to carry a weapon, I wouldnt do it if they gave me weapons and 5 body guards and a tank... You watch this is going to go very, very badly and could be what causes the U.S. to bring military power against the cartels... They must know that if they harm one little hair on the gringos head that all hell is going to rain down on them...

  4. I love how people keep coming on here saying how the US military is going "rain down on them".HAhahahaa. The US militery is NOT GOING to go into Mexico to do anything. Please stop spewing this nonsense.

    The US government has not been able to stop drug running for the last 40 years,hmmm, wonder why) what makes you think they are suddenly going to get serious?
    And just because another ICE agent happens to get killed.

  5. @t 7:23pm the us could get rid of the cartels if they worked more with the mexican gov. after all look what they did to pablo escobar and his cartel when the special forces went into colombia

  6. This administration could care less about our law enforcement officers, and the people of the USA
    Tons of drugs coming across the border daily
    what more proof does anyone need?

  7. I just love these big Anglo pretenders here on BB! For yet another example of their bs...

    'I grew up in Brownsville Tx. I remember the mordidas or bribes at the bridge crossing'... and then 'But why did your country get so evil? You created the monster , you became the monster, you pussys turned against your own country and now You reap what you sow'... and 'blah, blah, blah'

    The population of Brownsville is about 99% Hispanic, and I just can't imagine any of them talking like you do, Anglo AnonyMoe 9:39pm. These Hispanic people RESPECT both countries' cultures and would never word things like you, as an Anglo, do in obnoxious, ignorant and disrespectful manner towards Mexico.

  8. If the USA really cared about itself or Mexico it could stop this nonsense .... Somebody wants all this to be happening and could care less if the drugs come across

  9. LOL @ anon March 15, 2011 6:20 AM ....
    We can't even keep drugs out of super maximum security facilities inside prisons. Just how do you propose the US keep all drugs from entering the country? I mean, if it's as simple as you put it, how should it be done?
    The majority of the cocaine has to pass through Mexico's southern border On its way to the US as well. Why hasn't the Mexican government stopped the flow? The product has to travel from one end of the country to the other. There are plenty of opportunities to intercept it along the way. Why hasn't Mexico shutdown all the meth labs in Michoacan? Why hasn't Mexico eradicated all the marijuana and poppy plantations? Why can Mexican officials still be bought off for pennies?
    Why? Because corruption exists EVERYWHERE.
    But, you simple minds can just keep on blaming the Americans. It's much easier to regurgitate one-sided, anti-US propaganda than it is to actually think for yourself.


  11. ACM-
    Why don't you enlighten us with some facts then, instead of your tough guy macho talk?

    ACM, hmmmmm, let me guess what that stands for? Arizona C-something (Central?) Militia..... get real, you aren't out there shooting at cartel thugs, so stop alluding to all the bodies you've left strewn about the desert. At most you're chasing down illegals and immediately calling for CBP back up when something looks more dangerous than a few women and children.

    haha, it's probably the Arizona Computer Militia... keyboard commandos.

  12. its extremely ignorant for cartels to mess with the US. everybody see what we did to iraq and libya. and for the cartels to try to go to the US is even more ignorant. the weapons they have arent anything compared to the US weapons. theyll just be thrown in jail and then deported right back to mexico. its a waist of there time.

  13. urny ...that comment sounded really are a closet racist aren't you?..

    what the hell does someones heritage have to do with their citizenship...just because someone might have latino heritage dosen't mean they are not an American citizen...

    i know people who are American/hispanic , and who don't feel any particular connection to Mexico..or actually don't like Mexicans, or are embarrassed by them , referring to them as "those people"

    i know Mexicans who don't really like chicanos, and don't appreciate them calling themselves Mexican ..when they are really American

    nationality trumps ethnicity many times

    the person who posted the comment 9;39 pm made a good point...but as usual you twisted it and lowered the tone

    and all your bile against "anglos" ARE an better look in the mirror ...nobody is more stupid than an ardent nut rider condescending wannabe like you buzz cut pendejo

    i guess all Africans are just the same people to you also huh? difference in culture , or tribal background

    why don't you choke on a salchicha or something


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