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Friday, March 11, 2011

Six Cops Kidnapped in Mexican Metropolis

Six police officers were kidnapped Friday in this northern Mexican metropolis, Nuevo Leon state authorities said.

Witnesses said several SUV-loads of men armed with assault rifles intercepted two state police vehicles at an intersection in Monterrey and forced the officers to surrender, said sources with the Nuevo Leon Security Council.

Bullet holes were found in the abandoned police vehicles.

The mass abduction came a few hours after two gunmen were killed and two others arrested in a clash with state police in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon’s capital, and followed the army’s arrest here Thursday of six traffic cops on suspicion of ties to organized crime.

Recent months have seen more than 50 attacks on law enforcement personnel and infrastructure in Nuevo Leon, which borders Texas. Authorities blame the violence on a fierce turf battle between the Gulf and Los Zetas drug cartels that has raged since March 2010.

Conflict among rival cartels and between criminals and the security forces have claimed some 35,000 lives in Mexico since December 2006, when newly inaugurated President Felipe Calderon militarized the struggle against the drug trade.

Until last year, however, drug-war mayhem was rare in Greater Monterrey, home to more than 4 million people and the headquarters of many of Mexico’s leading corporations.

Source: EFE


  1. Fucking cowards... Man, why dont they just start killing the cartel putos? Evil dirty rotten scum of the earth!

  2. and still they let the little puta halcones hang out on the corners on their ratty little motorbikes with their cell phones...i don't think any other country on earth is as lawless as Mexico

  3. the big narco suvs are so can the police not see them...they don't make much of an effort to hide...with so many policia and militares in Monterrey you would think they could deal with the narcos

  4. It's just shocking that this stuff goes on to this extent. This strikes a big blow to Calderon's war on the Cartels. Police will feel like they simply don't have the ability to do their job. Can you imagine this is just below our border.....I'm starting to think crap down there is worse than in Afghanistan. It's sad...I know they say all cops are corrupt, but I have to believe many are trying to keep the peace.....So scary for these guys because they will not have a nice peaceful departure unfortunately.

  5. How its possible for a group of SUVs to go unnoticed in Monterrey these days? Simply unbelievable.

    Also, in a situation like this, does one go down fighting, hopefully taking out a thug or two, or give in to the kidnappers demands? The latter usually leads to a horrific death, typically preceded by torture, whereas the former would be a less painful/stressful way to pass on. Terrible situation to be in.

  6. Why not just fight back and die on the spot? Fuck being tortured and shit.


  7. Try stopping any convoy of pick-ups/SUV's or any gaudy SUV driving there and you'll likely find some narcos.
    How hard can this be to the Federales?

  8. we will never know if these guys were crooked and were killed by rival narcos...or if they were honest and are targeted because they wouldn't be corrupted...

    the estatls to me are a pretty shady crew, they give me the creeps ,they are among the least trusted of police, only a little above the polizetas municipals..and the pretty much totally rotten ratas transitos... but maybe these guys were straight..either way i don't think i would have been taken alive , as death is certain anyway, preceeded by some awful, creative torture

    can you imagine this kinda shit happening in the USA..six cops kidnapped in broad daylight in the middle of town....all hell would have broken loose...road blocks ...curfews,house to house searches, cops and national guards all over the streets...the whole city would have been , surrounded, cordoned off and locked down.... but in Mexico they just let them get away

    imagine being a cop in Mexico,,and not knowing which of your fellow policemen are corrupt, if you call for backup , maybe the guys coming to help you will just shoot you instead...or wondering if your commander is sending you to be killed because you are honest..or you are working for a rival gang to the gang he is working for ..or trying to stay honest , and your commander tells you that he has information that your family has been threatened if you don't go along..plata or plomo is a very real system in Mexico, and we all see what human life is worth... and all this for very little pay and no benefits

    the carlos slims of Mexico are so codo that they wont pay for a system that will provide enough pay and benefits to make it attractive to remain honest

    when you are in Monterrey keep in mind that all those cops you see...well some of them are zetas...and keep in mind that for every cop you see there are at least as many narcos that you maybe don't notice ...those little punks hanging around on every corner..halcones...the guy sitting on the bench with a cel phone...halcone?..waiting sicario? many taxis are halcones?..sicarios?..the taco vendors?...street guys?...boleros?...the guy setting in a car?...are those guys in the big suburban or escalade con rines being all pushy and cutting you off in traffic narcos , or just arrogant ricos?..are those cops just sitting down that side street watching for crooks , or are they crooks themselves guarding some narcos...and on and on..if you have ever spent any time on the streets in Monterrey you know what i am talking about

    and all this in an unappreciative society that almost expects you to be corrupt anyway... and an upper class who considers you expendable trash..why not take the money?

    imagine being an honest cop in that environment...

    an honest cop in Mexico has to be one of the most noble ,bravest men alive ...

  9. Brito,it's exactly how I feel when I'm on the streets in Acapulco. I don't even trust my taxi drivers that I know for many years...I completely relate to what you are saying. I don't know Monterrey, but I can tell you, Acapulco has some serious traffic and not too many back roads. It amazes me they can't catch getaway vehicles in some sort of net.

  10. Monterrey, Mexican metropopoloposis! I love it!

  11. Is this by CDG going after police allegedly working for Zetas? I am under the impression that Monterrey is very corrupted by the Zetas.

  12. If they want to stop the big narco suvs, they have to be sure they outnumber them and outgun them. Otherwise, it's a death sentence.

  13. I'd rather die by them killing me or me killing myself instead of being captured.

  14. Why is there always 8 dead? Wherever, whatever. It is always 8 killed. Never 9, never 7, always 8.

  15. They should run a 'sponsor a mexican cop' program, where Americans donate their rifles to them and maybe training.

    Without weapons to put a fight the police are sitting ducks. (pistols really are ineffective against armored multiple automatic rifle carrying carel members.)


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