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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zeta Betrayal

I had seen this article around on a  few Narco blogs and thought little of it. But due to recent videos released by the Gulf cartel that give credibility to the rumors of a split within the leadership of los Zetas, I thought this article was worth translating. It is difficult to say where the article originated from, or who the author is. Narco blogs are notorious for ripping off legitimate work from journalists and photographers without giving any credit for their sources, so if I can’t verify the source, I don’t give credit. Either way, it seems to have good information about the current situation among the Z.
1/3/11 - A memo sent from the state department of the U.S. to  the government of Mexico indicate concerns over  an alliance between los Zetas, and the Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Genaro Garcia Luna, and the top brass of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP). It is alleged that the head of the SSP took several million dollars from the Zetas in exchange for which they received protect and the SSP began major operations against the Gulf cartel.

The confidential report signals the alliance was between Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, (a) el Z 40, and a close confidante who worked withing the highest levels of the Federal Government. This federal contact would set up operations that targeted Miguel Treviño’s enemies for arrest and sometimes death by elements of the police.

It goes on to state that the Federal Police have lost the confidence of the people and within the Calderon led government, because of evidence of narco-infiltrators working amongst their file and rank. The level of corruption within the Federal Police has gotten so out of hand that the fight against organized crime in Mexico has been taken up by The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Mexican Marines. The Federal Police are complicit with los Zetas  in their fight against the Gulf cartel (CDG) in the frontier cities of Reynosa, Matamoros, Miguel Alemán, Camargo, Mier, Nueva Ciudad Guerrero and Díaz Ordaz. This information was obtained from the declaration of a member of Z-40′s inner circle, who was recently captured.

The PFP took the unusual step of securing accommodations for their base of operations in the town of  Miguel Alemán in a hotel called Tío Luz. In the city of Camargo they were located in Hotel Arturo’s. This was part of a new offensive that was authorized by  Genaro García Luna himself, in collusion with several high ranking members of the PFP.

Two municipal police officers were kidnapped and murdered in the municipality of China, (which is located in the Northeastern state of Nuevo León).  This was in part due to a request for federal backup by Z-40 for help against the Gulf cartel. It was an attempt to create a smokescreen and a reason for the PFP to come down hard on the CDG. But the truth was that the municipal police were taken from the Cadereyta zone, which is a well known Zeta stronghold, led by one of their most valued lieutenants, El Flaco, who rules that plaza at the request of Z-40. The municipality of China is only one KM away from the   busy Monterrey-Reynosa highway.

After the theory of CDG involvement in the murders went nowhere, an independent investigation by SEDENA led tot the arrest of a garrison of Zetas in the community of Vallecillos, Nuevo León. At the safe house were the suspects were detained, SEDENA officials found a large stash of automatic weapons and several ammunition clips. In addition to the aresenal, investigators also found the license plates of the vehicles that belonged missing police officers.What is important to note from this incident is that this is how Treviño Morales exerts control against certain elements within his own power structure of the Zetas organization, even against his own ally and supposed leader of the Z cartel, Heriberto Lazacano Lazacano (a) El Lazca.

The U.S. State Department has offered a $5 million dollar bounty for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Treviño Morales.

The memo from the State Department also reveals details of how Treviño Morales deals vengeance and plans executions against members of his own cartel.

First example is an incident in which Z-40 hired a sicario to kill Efraín Teodoro Torres (a) Z 14 (also called) La Chispa, who was the Zeta leader of the plaza of the gulf state of Veracruz. (plaza’s are  area’s of cartel influence, sometimes referring to state, or sometimes an important city, such as Juarez).

In another incident, Z-40 used his contacts within the PFP to give them information that was passed on to the Sub-Prosecutor Specialized against Organized Crime (SIEDO) and the office of the Attorney General (PGR). This information led to the arrest and conviction of Luis Reyes Enríquez (a) “El Rex” (also called) “Z-12”, in the town of Atonilco El Grande, en which is located in the central state of Hidalgo.

The reason for all this betrayal was that Morales Treviño was upset about being displaced as the #2 zeta, next to Heriberto Lazcano. Daniel Pérez Rojas (a) El Cachetes had taken Z-40′s position in the pecking order and was now in charge of the transit route for drugs being imported from Central America by way of Guatemala. Z-40 began filtering information to the Federal Police about the location of Daniel Pérez Rojas, in a effort to have him caught.

Daniel Pérez Rojas is one of the original 31, U.S. trained, military deserters of the former team called Airmobile Special Forces Group (GAFE), which is was considered an elite division of the Mexican military. These deserters became the founders of Los Zetas, the armed wing of the Gulf cartel (which later splintered off and became their own organization after the arrest and conviction of CDG leader Osiel Cárdenas Guillen).  Pérez Rojas was finally detained by the National Civil Police in Guatemala in April of 2008.

El Cachetes received his training from the Mexican Army, including a course in psychological warfare at the U.S. military base of Fort Bragg. He quickly became one of Heriberto Lazcano’s most trusted confidantes. El Lazca is considered to be the actual leader of  los Zetas, and he initiated the cartel’s plans to expand into the southern Mexican states. Authorities believe this strategy has includes the recent Zeta activity in Guatemala, and what “El Cachetes” was doing there in the first place.The memo indicates that “El Cachetes” was found with information that was filtered to Guatemalan police which originated from Z-40 himself.

Another zeta that was betrayed by Treviño Morales near the end of 2008 was Jaime González Durán (a) El Hummer. His telephone numbers and radio communication frequency was given to the PFP who used the coordinates to track him down in the border town of Reynosa, located in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas (near Brownsville, TX).

In November of 2009, utilizing the same method of filtering information to the PFP, Z-40 orchestrated the capture of fellow zeta  Sergio Enrique Ruiz Tlapanco, (a) “El Tlapa”, one of the principal operators (wholesale drug dealer) for los Zetas in the states of Veracruz, Tabasco and Puebla.
With this strategy, Treviño Morales, is attempting to gain absolute control over the Zeta organization, and with it, he plans the demise of the current leader, Heriberto Lazcano (a) Z-3 or El Lazca Or El Verdugo (the executioner).

In exchange for a payment of millions of dollars to the federal authorities, Z-40 planned the capture of his own boss,  Heriberto Lazcano. This was to take place during a reunion party for the top power structure of los Zetas loacted on a ranch called El Atorón, in the state of San Luís Potosí.
The PFP launched an all-out strike to capture or kill the Zeta leader, but El Lazca managed to escape unharmed.

In the ensuing chaos of the PFP crashing the Zeta party, a man of great confidence to EL Lazca, and the person in charge of the plaza of  San Luis Potosí, who was simply identified by the name Pedro, was found murdered in the street three days later, an apparent consequence of allowing the situation to occur on his territory in the first place.

During this particular operation, the PFP managed to capture El Chiricuas, lieutenant and right-hand man to Heriberto Lazcano, along with another man nicknamed Paguas Grande, who was also a high ranking Zeta.
Before this power struggle occurred, Morales Treviño was considered a confidante to Z-3, who gave him the nickname “El Cachorro”, and he held a large amount of sway within the organization.

Because of his high-profile status and the risk of attack or arrest,  El Lazca lives in a state of constant paranoia. This has generated problem with other members of his organization, especially with Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales and his group. He is particualrly wary of Z-40, whom he beleives is the one responsible for recent Zeta captures in important plazas, according to the memo from the U.S. State Department.


  1. It's a funny quirk about sociopathic personalities. They are inherently self destructive.

  2. jajajja...greedy dogs chewing out each others assholes...

    and now we know the gob de mexico was working for the Z all along

  3. Very irresponsible to post this, with out revealing the ORIGINAL source. This is gossip mixed with urban legend, up and down. Very very irresponsible.


  4. @kunta (Jackass!)

    Didn't you read the first paragraph where smurf explained that he didn't know who the source is?

    @Smurf, ...I had seen this article as well on another blog. I think this article is part of the wikileaks.

  5. It ain't gossip. This is well known. I just wonder why the rest of he Zetas or even the people that work with Z-40 don't kill him or turn him in. Seems like its only a matter of time before he turns on them anyway.

  6. half is true thats bout it

  7. Why haven't you guys posted the new video "La Resistencia" released??

  8. Never saw a header that shows who-what-when-where-why. Nothing but gossip.

  9. absolutely fascinating information.

  10. They aren't repoters dude. Jusy copy and paste here. No live reports, no journalism degrees, blog and nothing else. Take it all with a grain of salt.

  11. The story never got any traction 'cause it's mostly myth. Tabloid crapola. If you think it's "absolutely fascinating" you are easily entertained.

  12. THAT SHIT IS BOGUS.....Z40 and el lazca are laughing site now...

  13. I never said everything in the article was absolutely true (hence the disclaimer at the top) it is relevant because of the latest allegation in the CDG video that claims there is a rift between Z40 and Z3... But I supposed you were already aware of that Kunta...

    It never ceases to amaze me... the complaint department always has a VERY long line over here at BB.

  14. all----allll is bull ca-ca from the begining to the start.from you know comment.

  15. i hope its true but theres still no proof that z40 wants to get rid of Z3 just rumors..... who is CDG boss now tbh? R1 or El coss? what about that top luitenant Mario the brother of osciel?

  16. i doubt Z40 and Lazca are laughing at this site. it really dont matter if this story is true or not. its part of mental warfare. the level of IQ that get recruited into Z is below average they arnt exaclty taking test's. so now with all the morons that see this stories rumors will fly and build and spin into something bigger then life.

    so now Z40 and Lazca have even more stress to add to an already stressful situation

    The U.S. Department of Defense defines psychological warfare as:

    "The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives."

    now lets look at the past and compair to Mexico

    you have many cartels but two major represent evil and lessar evil are Z and CDG. Z = Saddam Hussien CDG = Osama BinLaden.

    Z / Saddam Hussien both torment the people and thats why Z is going down so fast. when USA invaded Saddam Hussien i think it only took like days to take out his power structure and captured him like 2 weeks later.

    on the other hand we have

    CDG / Osama Binladen Osama was a rich man who went into the mountians to live with the people and fight with the people. he build schools and was good to the people. as result of the people loving him USA cannot find him in 10 years

    so i highly doubt Z0 and Lazca are luaghing at this

  17. that was a very well thought out comparison, 6:40. I had never looked at it that way.... Psych warfare on the part of the U.S. State dept? Wheels wthin wheels my friend...

  18. Smurf;
    One thing we, the readers, appreciate from you fellas is the courage to write and post what you read on Mexican news sites.No other known source in the U.S. does what you do. However to write a report that is tinted with urban legend with out some investigative background is completely IRRESPONSABLE to even consider posting.

    Please take my comments with a grain of salt, as another reader posted it. You are a source of providing consize,impartial news on the current war on drugs and the suffering of the mexican people, which i must add my personal feeling that i wish to God that what you wrote is as true as blind justice. We all who are inmmerse in this hell hole wish it to be true, but to not reveal your source, eventhough you might be your own source is aboslutely depicts a lack of serious responsability.

    There are others who post reports on this Blog who will not take a step forwrd with out doing a fantastic investigative analysis and sourcing as per say GERARDO and Overmex. There are others too who share this crescent reputation. I consider you as a reputable source of information too, but to give in to this gossips on the net is to shed some of your good reputation that you have strive to achieve.

    Another college of yours who has lost completely my respect and trust is RiseMakiaveli. Learn from others and correct your mistakes.


  19. Its called disinformation. US State dept want to create friction. Think about, not till they start hanging narcomantas against each other or one is killed by the other can you confirm this. Now that L40 is a backstabber, that is probably correct. But then you cant trust anyone in this business. Keep doin what you do smurf!

  20. Kunta,

    I appreciate your comments and your position, and I thank you for putting in it a respectable way that doesn't make it personal.

    I got this from Blog del Narco and Puro Narco... I hate giving them credit because they NEVER give sources... But I didn't hold back that info for some insidious reason.

    On the subject of Maka.. The abuse he took from the BB community was pretty disgraceful, I don't think he ever got over the thrashing from the posts (which I found interesting and informative, despite the fact that a lot of it was speculation from the streets) and yet, people thought it was necessary to run him off the board.

    I am not a reporter. I never went to school or got a degree for it, never made it to college, I'm just a guy with a full time job and a lot of passion for writing and translations... That is the only reason I do this... And if I fail at it once in a while; so be it. I'm not here to be on the front lines and file investigative reports, I just translate shit i read off the interweb.

    Credibility online means very little to me - I'm just gonna post what I find interesting, put up a disclaimer if I can't verify the facts, and let the chips fall where they may.

  21. Kunta..I agree yours is a respectable way to issue a complaint. But really I got it without Smurf saying it that it was from BDN and they steal from everyone then watermark BDN. Secondly Smurf gave a disclaimer at go, so that a reader may want to do some research on their own. That is what I think a lot of us do.

    Having said that, I never miss a Smurf post because I know it will hold my interest and generate a huge amt of comments. AND that he does not play it safe and hold back but will post something now and again that he is not completely convinced of that is true but by preponderance of evidence just may be...and always he will couple that with a disclaimer. Bottom line, one needs to put some sweat into finding the facts themselves and never take solely a blog post as fact.

    Kudos to Smurf...a busy guy that does a fantastic job...and never paid a penny.

    check out his blog it is developing nicely.. just narco gore but geo-political stories and news around the world


  22. Kudos to the whole crew here. I appreciate your works and dedication.

    and I didn't realize Maka took such a thrashing. He is one cool cat, I hope you are well wherever you are bro! Thank you for your insights and points of view.

  23. So now there is 2 branches to the zetas,to say the loyal to z3 and one loyal to z40. Guess that's what happens when ur both shooting for the sky.great report,that would be a sick movie scene ,z3 hanging at some cartel ranch n then escapes,kinda like that one story a few months ago when they " almost " caught chapo,just missed him by a few hours. Man if that's the case,thereafter gonna be no more ranch parties lol.people stop complaining and pa attention to detail.give surf his props,they are caring for one of the only peoples.source of media,very rare.......

  24. I read about the "narco meeting" in Cuernavaca on "todosobrenarcotrafico" months before Barbie was captured and thought it was B.S. I thought how can Golfos and Chapos even be within miles of each other without gunshots. Then Barbie confirmed it was true! So don't trip if months from now some of this becomes a known FACT.


  25. I think el Lazca It's so hot!!

  26. I think it mostly myth and urban legend but the one thing I have to agree is Z-40 is an informant for the Mexican government. In exchange for the rewards the Mexican government offers over the top brass of the Zetas he will get the rewards as long as it leads to their captures. He was caught a while back with his brother and the SIEDO thought he could be useful to tracking down los zetas. So they let him go and he started working for la SIEDO all along. Something like black op shit stuff

  27. The critique of the reporters here is completley disgraceful. If you don't like the reporters and there stories, go somewhere else. There is a lot out there. These dudes all seem like good guys who dedicate free time to this, and people come here and critique and take shots? Yeah, the criticism was respectful, but so what, sources and professionalism, is fine, but in a topic like the narco world, I LOVE reading the rumors, the gossip, the street stuff, it's not all true, but what is, is how we know so much more then the rest. I miss Rise, dude was great with the information from Matamorros. And because of a bunch of clowns, we lost that source, and apparently hurt a guys feelings who was just posting on a damn blog.

    Thanks to all the reporters, esp. Rise and Smurf who seem to take the brunt of most of the idiots.


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