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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two ICE Agents Shot in Mexico.

February 15, 2011 5:53 PM
Jared Taylor
The Monitor
McALLEN — Two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents were shot Tuesday in Mexico, officials said.

At least one of the agents was from the Rio Grande Valley, sources said.

ICE officials in Washington issued the following statement:

"Earlier this afternoon, two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents assigned to the ICE Attaché office in Mexico City were shot in the line of duty while driving between Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico, by unknown assailants. ICE is working with the U.S. State Department, Mexican authorities and other U.S. law enforcement partners to investigate the shooting. Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues."

No further details are available at this time. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available."

The condition of the two agents, who were not identified, was not revealed, according to the Los Angeles Times. However sources close to the matter said both survived the shooting, one was in serious condition and the other suffered less serious wounds.

There were conflicting reports on exactly where in Mexico the agents were shot. But the sources told the Times they were apparently caught in the kind of "narco-blockade" that traffickers and their henchmen routinely set up in cities they are fighting to control, either to block law enforcement or to impede their enemies' movements.

Information from the McClatchy Tribune News Service contributed to this report.

BBC News

US immigration agent shot dead in Mexico attack
A US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent has been shot dead and a second wounded in Mexico.

Officials say the pair, described as "special agents" shot "in the line of duty", were driving between Mexico City and northern city of Monterrey.

An official told AP they had been attacked after stopping at a security checkpoint in San Luis Potosi state.

The attack comes as a US report says a fifth of the Mexico border, some 375 miles (600km), is not properly guarded.

The investigative arm of Congress, the General Accounting Office (GAO), said the area lacked enough border agents to stop illicit activity such as gun running and illegal immigration.

'Line of duty'
The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency described the two victims as "special agents" based in the US capital, AFP reports.

The agency said they were "shot in the line of duty" on Tuesday.

The attack occurred some 200 miles (320 km) north of Mexico City, a spokeswoman for the state's public security office told Reuters.

The agency said it was working with the state department, US law enforcement and Mexican authorities to investigate the shooting.

Though there are high levels of violence among members of competing drug cartels within Mexico, US officials are rarely targeted.

However, in March 2010 a US consulate employee, her husband and a Mexican linked to the American consulate were killed by drug gang members in Ciudad Juarez.

In July, it temporarily closed the consulate in the city after receiving unspecified threats.

The GAO report said the US had spent $3bn last year on controlling its southern border.

It said it had been able to increase the area under control by building more fences and almost doubling the number of agents from 10,000 to 17,500.

Security at the US-Mexico border has long been a hot political issue, with many in the Southern United States calling for more to be done to stop drug smugglers and human traffickers from entering the US.

By the CNN Wire StaffFebruary 16, 2011 -- Updated 0422 GMT (1222 HKT)

(CNN) -- Gunmen opened fire on two U.S. immigration agents in Mexico on Tuesday, killing one and injuring the other, officials said.

The two agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were attacked Tuesday afternoon while driving between Mexico City and Monterrey.

One of the agents was gravely wounded and died later Tuesday. The other was in stable condition after being shot in the arm and leg, according to a statement released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The shooting took place about 23 miles north of downtown Mexico City at approximately 3 p.m. ET, an ICE official said. The official spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity because the case is still under investigation.

The agents, according to the official, were doing "routine work," traveling on a well-traveled highway in an armored car with diplomatic plates. They were forced off the road in Ojo de Aqua and surrounded by a group of more than 10 people.

Prior to the shootings the agents apparently identified themselves as diplomats, the official said.

The shooting provoked a swift condemnation from the U.S. government.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said, "Let me be clear: Any act of violence against our ICE personnel -- or any DHS personnel -- is an attack against all those who serve our nation and put their lives at risk for our safety.

"The full resources of our department are at the disposal of our Mexican partners in this investigation," Napolitano said.

"I am deeply saddened by the news," Napolitano said.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, I-Connecticut, who chairs the chamber's Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, called the shootings "the latest reminder of the grievous violence south of our border that must be stopped."

One official said the victims, whose identities have not been released, were the first ICE agents to be gunned down in Mexico. According to ICE, the agency has about 30 officers assigned to its office in Mexico City. They work a range of issues including drugs, weapons, currency and immigration.

"ICE is working with the U.S. State Department, Mexican authorities and other U.S. law enforcement partners to investigate the shooting," the agency said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues."

ICE Director John Morton said the "tragedy is a stark reminder of the risks cofronted and the sacrifices made by our men and women every day.

Mexican officials also released a statement on the shootings.

"Mexico's government vigorously condemns this serious act of violence, and expresses its solidarity with the United States Government and the families of those attacked," the statement read. "Federal authorities, in coordination with state cooperation, have an ongoing investigation to clarify what happened and bring to justice those responsible."

CNN's Jeanne Meserve and Mike Ahlers contributed to this report


  1. Associated Press reports one of the agents was killed. They don't give exact location but state that San Luis Potosi state police took the report.

  2. What the hell were two ICE agents in Mexico for? Looking for illegal immigrants hahahaha..come now seriously? I could understand DEA being there but ICE WTF?

  3. Reporting from Mexico City —

    A U.S. agent was shot and killed in central Mexico on Tuesday and a second wounded when the pair were apparently caught up in a road blockade staged by drug traffickers, officials said.

    The two special agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who were assigned to the Mexico City office at the U.S. Embassy, were driving from Mexico City toward the northern city of Monterrey when attacked, U.S. authorities said.

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    The agents "were shot in the line of duty while driving between Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico, by unknown assailants," ICE said in a statement.

    "ICE is working with the U.S. State Department, Mexican authorities and other U.S. law enforcement partners to investigate the shooting," the agency added.

    Although both were initially reported to have survived the shooting, one of the agents later died, according to sources familiar with the matter. The second was not suffering life-threatening wounds, the sources said. Officials did not identify either of the agents.

    There were conflicting reports on exactly where in Mexico the agents were shot. But the sources said they were apparently caught in the kind of "narco-blockade" that traffickers and their henchmen routinely set up in cities they are fighting to control, either to block law enforcement or to impede their enemies' movements.

    The Reforma newspaper reported that the agents were intercepted on Highway 57 between the cities of Queretaro and San Luis Potosi, roughly a third of the way from Mexico City to Monterrey, at about 3 p.m. Gunmen ambushed them as they drove in a vehicle with U.S. diplomatic license plates, Reforma reported.

    Another report placed the shooting about 90 miles outside Mexico City.

    The Mexican government issued a statement "energetically condemning this grave act of violence," pledging assistance to the injured agent and offering to help resolve the case.

    U.S. officials have only rarely been victims in Mexico's ruthless drug wars, in which more than 34,000 people have been killed in four years.

    On March 14, an officer at the U.S. Consulate in the border city of Ciudad Juarez was shot to death along with her husband and the husband of another consular officer as they drove in two separate cars from a children's birthday party. They were headed home to El Paso, just across the border. A local drug gang was implicated in the shootings.

    In Mexico, ICE investigates human trafficking, firearms smuggling and intellectual property cases, among other issues. The agency has between 25 and 30 agents in the country. Agents also have worked with the government to train Mexicans in advanced investigative techniques used in customs and smuggling investigations.

  4. think this is gonna be the "rainmaker"?

    hope the Zeta's and them type cartels are ready cause its coming now. theres no way in hell USA not gonna bring this shit to UN.

  5. Its finally gonna happen. Zetas get ready... your ass is about to "STREACH!"

  6. CNN is now reporting one of ICE officers was killed:

  7. Let see if the US respond like when Camarena's !

    !! J U S T I C E !!

    "narco-blockade" yeah right == ambush

  8. Right some ICE agents get popped?
    more like CIA Scum or Black ops,
    were they looking for the Cargo plane
    that mistakenly landed in Argentina?

  9. can i just start shooting across the border tonight, or wait until morning?

  10. If the gloves don't come off after this, what's it gonna take???

    Clearly the cartels have no respect for U.S officials which have also "looked the other way". U.S is cutting back in foreign aid in 2012. They should not give Mexico a dime after this sh!t!!!


  11. Respect for U.S. Oficials, thats so laughable,
    they dont have respect for Mexican official.

    anyways wheres the pics?

  12. Wouldn't it be something if someone smart planned this to make it look like the cartels did it just to give the US all the more reason to come in and take action?

  13. all at once without warning door to door house to house from town to town kick in the doors round up every male who looks big enough to carry a gun photograph tag and id kill all who dont cooperate mexico has lost the right of self determination and needs to be supervised like the criminal enterprise that it is the conquistadors were right these people are savages

  14. another causality of narco highway 57...It was reported they were driving a vehicle with diplomatic plates, were followed, blocked in, and then ran off the road by a group of at least 10.

    Preliminary reports indicate the driver died after being evacuated..The second ICE agent is in stable condition.

  15. Maybe they don't "respect" the U.S. But they do "avoid" confrontation and in the past when they did fuck up and go after American Officials usually it was followed by a shit storm. Ask Osiel Cardenas and Caro Quintero if going after U.S ofificails was a good idea.


  16. So whats the Status of the Balacera in "El Toro"
    oh HWY 57?

  17. ICE job description is much more than immigration, which is why they are spread so thin and greatly understaffed. and IMO is why they appear woefully inept at times.

    In Mexico, ICE investigates human trafficking, firearms smuggling and intellectual property cases, among other issues. The agency has between 25 and 30 agents in the country. Agents also have worked with the government to train Mexicans in advanced investigative techniques used in customs and smuggling investigations.,0,1174009.story

  18. It's a shame George W is not in office, this weak administration will do nothing. Nothing!

  19. Almost 20 FBI and CIA agents were killed in Mexico last year. This is just the first death of 2011. Get over it.

  20. What's sad is that I've been watching all the major networks tonight and hardly a word, My F'd up American Administration just doesn't care and that's that. I'm Speechless & Sad.

    Sad to say, but until some American Official and I do mean an actual official, not some mayor of texas, but big time official is hurt or killed, is when we may actually take some time to help.

    B- Orlando

  21. ....and Jesus wept.....

  22. Anonymous said...

    Almost 20 FBI and CIA agents were killed in Mexico last year.
    February 15, 2011 9:42 PM


  23. I know that HWY very well and have driven there dozens of times.
    The police are hanging around doing nothing while the narco's who blocked the Hwy get away!!

    I am sure someone else was there and saw the narco's vehicles...
    If they were stopping people somebody had to of seen the cars they were driving...
    Justice sucks in Mexico.
    Some of the Federales probably know exactly who did it!!
    Or the Federales were in on it!
    Radioed ahead to tell the Narcos 2 Gringo agents were on their way.
    Anybody who has anything to do with Law Enforcement in Mexico is either corrupt or insane!

  24. The Agents are driving a Narco Car.
    Black with blacked out windows IN MEXICO!!!!
    How Stupid can they be!!!
    INCOGNITO!! is the way to go!
    They were were like BAIT!
    NO surprise as to what happened that was a really stupid move by trained agents.
    Can't they drive just an ordinary car that nobody wants??
    If this is the best the USA has to offer to help they may as well give it up!
    The Zetas are trained Military!!By the Americans!!

  25. Did you get that 20 FBI n CIA killed info from BorderReporter? I thought that story was about the people that diedt were informants for them not actually them...

  26. The dhs admin will do nothing. And we wonder why countries don't respect us.
    That's what happens when soft people run the country.

  27. i notice everyone writes things they copy or just short comments... but this shit fukin pisses me the fuck off! are you fukin kidding...not one of those fuking guys they capture and show on these videos would do shit to me if i saw that mierda in the streets without guns like real fukin guys...who are concerned more about fuking chicks and making money and living a good fun life than killing!!! fukin mierdas!

    i hope the U.S. doesnt wait to long to put an end to not only the zetas but all the fukin mexicans cartels and poiticians... anyone, ANYONE in charge of running the country, i dont give a fuck if you are straightedge now,.. fuk you too! take the fukin country over, fuck all this shit - You cant hire new people... with a new "regim"... there is no way to do background checks... nothing fukin works... does no one fuking get that... the shit works here because its been in place for so long... it needs to be a U.S. property... fuck it, most mexicans come here anyway... just take the land, run it... its over, dude... all the fukers are here...we dont need to fire people we can keep our agencys and have them by a part of the new set up...we can make moneys of that shit... Mexico is sick son! if the U.S. took it over it would be phat!

    Im mexican, luckly i was brought over to the U.S. before all this shit go to this point but, thank fukin god! but reading this is not only sad, and i dont give a fuck about too much... but its sad, and embarassing to hear that my country really is full of a bunch of dumb fukin mexicans... here i am in the U.S. trying to make shit happen and give our people a good name since so many of them call us dumb mexicans but trust me, no one has ever thought to even whisper that shit around me, i doubt people even think that when they see me, and as many other mexicnas here in the states are doing and have been doing, just to have a bunch of fukin tapados... fuk, not even... fukin peones... destroy our country... and have the so-called... officials which are supposed to be the smart ones getting brain fucked by a guy who is probably not smarter than my dog! fuk...!

    see how fucked up this shit is?

    Take the fuking country over Barak...honestly, how many other things will be added to list of things that would not have happend if we elected a republican president...before you do something substantial and prove your not a flop... McCain would have already ended this shit...
    are we going to now wait until there is a fukin full blown shoot out in one of our inner city malls... streets, clubs...where inocent people or fuk it, even if it is people that are involved... you dont just shoot in broad fukin day light.. wtf! if you do, you need to be jailed and fucked! dude... put one of the fukin mierdas fukin indios in a jail here and see if that faggot is hard... these fools and fukin shit whitout those guns and some real fukin cops with some real fukin training and guns!

    or are we, yes, im an american citizen now... and no, im not fukin ashamed that im ashamed of the way my country is right now... im proud to be mexican cause i get bitches! but im also proud to be an american citizen and the country im proud to be a citizen of would go and blow the fukin roof of this mudafuka! Kill all the fukin drug dealers... fire all the fukin officials... take the fukin place over, have a hiring of people in our current U.S. to be officers in our new U.S. territory... fuk it!

    i will fukin sok! wtf! i cant fukin believe this shit!

  28. @ 9:42
    "Almost 20 FBI and CIA agents were killed in Mexico last year. This is just the first death of 2011. Get over it."

    this is shocking if true. I cannot verify this, can you provide your source or link?

  29. Here is the Border Reporter article;
    I can see where the confusion is...they are speaking of informants and "liason" which would include mexicans also

  30. Informants die all the time. Names of CIA killed in action are RARELY reported, if at all. The last "official" CIA death i remember in the news was the station that got blown up in Afghanistan. Most of the time we never hear about it, and if we do, they are never ID'ed as CIA.

    CIA DEATHS: 1965-2009
    2009: Seven killed in suicide attack on their base in Afghanistan
    2003: Two CIA contractors die in Shkin, Afghanistan; CIA officer killed during training exercise in Afghanistan
    2001: Officer shot during prison uprising in Afghanistan
    1993: Two CIA employees killed at the agency's Virginia headquarters
    1989: Six CIA employees die when a plane carrying military equipment from DR Congo to Angola crashes
    1985: CIA Beirut station chief killed after having been kidnapped and tortured
    1983: Eight CIA employees killed in the US embassy bombing in Beirut
    1965: Seven CIA employees die, most of them in Vietnam

  31. Someone is making tons of bucks off of this war.
    look at all the vehicles and weapons,
    these 2 CIA guys getting popped is just going to open up the Taxpayer wallet to more
    (Both in the U.S. and in Mexico)
    BTW before you go ranting about U.S. Taxpayer money, the Merida Innitiative is a joke.
    Mexico spends Billions of its taxpayer money a year on this Conservative inspired war
    Both the GOP and the PAN Conservatives unleashed a monster and dont know where to put it.

  32. 4:50 are you serious? 'don't be out there, we are not at war with Mexico and these were not agents the 61 killed in Mx, these were informants, snitches, the types you would expect to get hacked.

    taking your stats: in AFGHAN war where us is one of the two involved 9 WERE KILLED IN ALL THE YEARS. 7 TOGETHER SUICIDE ATTACK.

    Even your silly stats says only 15 in all the years of vietnam war.

    don't be so dumb

  33. Well we'll see I hope USA comes into Mexico and kills all the drug dealers and take Mexico as another state for the USA,,Im Mexican but I dont want my people live in hell, I preper being part of the USA than bieng force to pay extortions


  35. all i got to sugest is that is time 4 the united states 2 confiscate mexico and manage the situacion cause obviousli punk ass caldelon can t

  36. And Napo warns cartels...

  37. I don't know if the 20 dead happened or not. The guy did not give a source. I also don't believe any of you are much the wiser. I personally know of one spook who is not on that list and got his head loped off in Iraq. Took three swings of a sword to take off his head. Since I know this to be FACT, I do not believe any of you. If anything I would believe the 20 number more than the zero number you idiots are saying. Sounds like these are the same people praising God and Jesus on the BB. If you believe in that fairy tale I can see how you could believe there are not agents getting killed.

  38. No, you are not Mexican, Anonymous 8:24...

    'Anonymous said... Well we'll see I hope USA comes into Mexico and kills all the drug dealers and take Mexico as another state for the USA,,Im Mexican but I dont want my people live in hell, I preper being part of the USA than bieng force to pay extortions'

    You are a totally dittoheaded USA! USA! USA! hamburger now sort of guy, who may be from a FORMERLY Mexican background or not??? Quite frankly, many second and third generation immigrants (from any place!) just become nothing more than American Cheese heads who are more fitted to stroll Zombie like in Walmart than to supposedly represent the countries they once knew.

  39. read this at toward the end...

    no dead agents its ok to be wrong, when someone calls me out I check and if wrong I say so. I can see where the Border Report could be taken wrongly at first delcaring dead agents but that is a term used loosely for informants...later a clarification

  40. Here is the rest of the ernest cliches that seem to have a point - can you tell what the point is?? other than to bash the US. Let's review -

    "dittoheads" "USA USA USA" (repeated from 2 to 4x), "nothing more than American cheese head", Zombie(s), Walmart.

    The point of this post seems to be (1) bash the USA (2) challenge and belittle another poster's race/beliefs/sex/intelligence i.e. you're not a real mexican/woman/man/christian. And what does that have to do with an article about US agents being shot in mexico? Nothing.

  41. Anonymous 11:06. Damn right I bash the US government. You Right Wingers think you are defending Americans and the US but you're not. You're defending the rotten US government and that sucks!

    And as to your last point about many working to ...'challenge and belittle another poster's race/beliefs/sex/intelligence i.e. you're not a real mexican/woman/man/christian.'... you are off the mark, too.

    My comment was simply about how US citizens of Mexican background shouldn't be telling us all that they're 'Mexicans' when they most certainly are not.

    Half the folk of Mexican descent in South Texas can hardly even find Mexico today on a map, so when they go and respond to even more ignorant Anglos in that area calling them 'Mexicans' as if they were, and even worse begin to think of themselves as real Mexicans then they have some real problems with reality.

    I'm not even sure that these little richy rich Regio brats that daddy sent to private school to learn English and have all their Americanized hearts aflame at possibly vacationing to San Antonio , Cancun, and Colorado should be considered all that Mexican either? Half of them would go running off to Miami or LA if the real Mexico ever rose up and took the power away from their daddy dad PRI/PAN elites.

    AnonyMoe, I have the feeling that you don't have the slightest clue to what I'm even talking about, so go and get some education before you come back running off your mouth about 'ernest cliches' and how you want to go cry when you hear me 'bash' your home team, Mr. Cheerleader.

  42. ernst1

    pull you stupid head out of your old nasty ass long enough to smell the coffee asshole,you never say one godamned thing about any thing the narcos do, you must be one of their little bitches on here just to stick up for them
    if you hate the USA so much why do you hide here sucking up the safety so you can spout your stupid shit all the time, eat shit and die you stupid mutherfucker
    without the ICE agents and others like them the fucken narcos would be all over the place and i wish they would chop you up into fishfood

  43. The Zetas need to do more of killing foreign agents and leave the Mexican people alone.

  44. Those gun men don't have rocks. Now is a big deal,but do you all remember when the ICE officer shoot and kill a Mexican citizen in the Mexican side? Whats was the ICE agent doing in Mexico?

  45. that was a Border patrol Agent you jackass, stupid people like are the ones that mix things up. Get your facts straight before you make any comments. ICE has offices and Agents in 43 countries in the world and investistigates more than just illegal immigration.

  46. The only coffee I smell when I wake up is this coffee smelling bud (with slight chocolate undertones) that the Mexicans can't grow. US is about to overtake Holland for great bud production. If legalized most of the drug money leaves tacoland. I could give a shit less about toothless meth-heads and people like Paris Hilton who use powder. The thugs would then be forced to nothing but kidnapping and extortion and it would be a Mexico problem. Since Mexico is do proud, then let her defend herself from the thugs. We have enough guns here to protect ourselves. To be honest, let them invade the southeast of the US. Those rednecks will be more than willing to drive around in trucks all night drinking beer and shooting at people instead of deer. Bad thing about them is they can't use a camera to post a youtube video. The whole idea of a zeta being dragged behind a truck of rednecks till his head pops off is interesting though....Maybe trailer trash will find their calling.

  47. I see.....

    A burst that begins at starboard side C pillar and traces down and to the left. 3 rounds perhaps.

    A 3-5 round burst that starts,hits, and ends 120 cm behind starboard C pillar and tightly grouped.

    3 rounds in starboard side door, possibly 4. Two of which are from behind the target.

    2 rounds in starboard side rear door at close range. Path undetermined.

    4 holes in starboard side quarter-panel one of which vehicle is moving away from. 3 are grouped.

    Several shots to the rear and low of the vehicle to compromise the fuel tank.

    Right rear tire has been comromised.

    In my opinion 5 shooters
    1 round in starboard side rear door from a back angle

  48. Well at least there is some justice done for the thousands of innocent immigrants who die or get shot by these agents at the border.

  49. Fuck these ice rats & all the rest of the divisions.. I hope they all get killed, their part of the corruption & they do the goverments dirty work. Jajajajaja


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