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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matamoros Grenade Attack Injures 9, Including 2 Minors

Nine people, including a 16-year-old girl, were wounded when unidentified assailants threw a grenade in a business district in Matamoros, a border city in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, police said.

The attack happened around 7:00 p.m. Monday in Matamoros, located across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, a police spokesman said.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, witnesses testified to seeing an unknown man walk towards the store, located at 11th and Abasolo, and throw the grenade into the crowd of innocent bystanders.

The injured were identified as Monica Cobos, 18, Alonso Maldonado, 19, Leopoldo Ascona, 23, Guadalupe Garcia, 37, Cristina Mar, 17, Abigail Castillo, 16, Noemi Esmeralda Fogar, 37, Juan Ignacio Salas, 36, and his wife Delia Gonzalez, aged 35.

All nine victims were taken to a nearby hospital and received medical attention for shrapnel injuries, at this time, Abigail Castillo remains hospitalized in grave condition.

Sources: Grupo Reforma, EFE, LAHT


  1. It really feels odd when you see this happen in places you know. I've walked Abosolo a number of times, been in that shop.

  2. terrorism in its most cowardly form

  3. And let me guess..The Cartels bought the grenades from the U.S? Come on people wake up! Don't you think if the cartels are buy grenades and rocket launchers they are also buying the "cuerno de chivos" from THE SAME PLACE! The cartel rifles are automatics unlike the ones sold to civilians on the U.S. The truth is they want you to believe that is the problem so you dont get smart and demand gun rights to defend and and protect yourselves!

  4. i am glad you don't have a gun enrst1

  5. no one said guns were the complete answer, but my whole point is some of you think thats the whole problem but I do sleep alot better at night knowing that I can at least "try" to protect myself than to let every cartel criminal rape my family and way of life..

  6. The criminals are glad he dont have a gun even more!

  7. Hey genius, gun rights do give you freedom, the freedom to live without fear, the freedom to love without extortion and paying cartel fees, and most of all the freedom to own guns in the first place.

  8. Yeah, right, Anonymous 7:28.

    Now did you read that news item yesterday about the 2 year old kid that shot himself with grandpa's gun? No big deal since this stuff happens all the time in the US, right? Plus, without all 'our' guns we wouldn't be able to send satellite driven drones to bomb other people with, not to mention to fly over the US/ Mexico Border doing just what exactly??? is not very clear...

  9. If guns are bad, then why do the police and the military have them? To protect themselves and others right?

    Unfortunantly, the police and military always arrive on the scene of the crime AFTER it happens. After the person is kidnapped, shot, robbed, raped, after the cartel fees have been paid. Now what if the protected person had a gun of his own and defended him/her self?

    I will tell you what Ernest1 plant a sign on your front lawn that says "THIS IS A GUN FREE HOME" and see how that works out for you.

    And the 2 year old that shot himself; grandpa is the blame not the gun. To say it another way pencils dont make mistakes, and spoons did not make Ophra fat.

  10. 'If guns are bad, then why do the police and the military have them? To protect themselves and others right?'

    Right. And most especially to protect the super rich that actually run our society, and not so very much for you and me.

    That's the reason the elites always are surrounded by packs of gun toting and uniformed thugs, up to the soldier fingers on the huge nuclear arsenals we have planted all around us here in Colorado where I am currently living.

    'And the 2 year old that shot himself; grandpa is the blame not the gun.'

    No. It would be the grandpa, the gun loving society run by the US super rich elites, and the common prairie turkeys like yourself who make up the massive supportive cast behind this idiot grandpa. The blame goes to all of you. Unfortunately all of you are too doped up on your own propaganda swallowing to see that though.

  11. I am not super elite and I own a few weapons. they are secure and well oiled. My children know how to handle them and have been taught under my own watch. They also understand the purpose of a leather belt and the pain inflicted by one for disrespecting or ignoring the rules of the family. Most people do not understand rules and values in my opinion.

  12. Ernest1: I completly agree with you abouy tje supet rich being protected (from cartel thugs etc) but you should learn history of the U.S, the founding fathers wanted you to be able to defend yourself from criminals and tyranny! While you sleep comfy tonight in colorado thank your safety on gun owners and gun carrying police....


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