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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sicarios had weapons of murdered Marines

Two dead gunmen at Tepic, Nayarit
Navy reports at the scene had weapons that belonged to two elements of this corporation that served as the naval escorts for Vice Admiral Carlos Martínez and were killed this week.

Marines, soldiers and elements of the federal forces clashed with gunmen who were in the Tepic, Nayarit as part of the actions carried out to trace the murderers of two elements of the Navy of Mexico, who served as escorts to Vice Admiral Carlos Armando Martínez de Anda.

As results of shooting two gunmen were killed and 13 rifles and five handguns were secured. Among the weapons that were found was a Colt M4 rifle, .556 caliber and a 9 mm pistol, owned by the Navy Department and had belonged to the two elements of the Marines who were killed.

At the scene of the shootout, they also found some personal items of the two marines killed, including the wallet and official identifications. The authorities seized two armored vehicles, including a black Jeep that according to investigations was one of the vehicles used to kill the Marines.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) is performing the autopsies to determine the identity of the alleged gunmen and verification of weapons that would be owned by the Navy Department, as well as the wallet and identification of victims that were found inside the vehicles. Inquiries are ongoing to locate the other participants in the death of naval escorts.



  1. You Mean these guns werent smuggeled into Mexico illegally by Mexicans from that Evil Empire, USA??

  2. @February 10, 2011 7:35 PM

    Did you not read the story?? they took the weapons after they murdered them and took their weapons and personal items...I swear some people.


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