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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yahir is attributed to committing many grenade attacks and killing policemen in the State of Nuevo Leon

Yahir Perez Lopez is considered the mastermind of more than 21 murders and being in charge of an organized crime group in Monterrey, said the security spokesman, Jorge Domene.

Monterrey, NL .- The state government of Nuevo Leon believes that with the arrest of this suspected leader of organized crime at least 21 murders could be solved, seven grenade attacks and two bombings in the state since October 30, 2010 to this date.

The government security spokesman of the State, Jorge Domene Zambrano said that the arrest of Yahir Pérez López, resulted in him confessing to being the mastermind behind all these crimes described above.

The man who was arrested and 14 suspects who were with him are being questioned by the Federal Public Ministry and the files have been turned over to the SIEDO (
Special Investigations on Organized Crime Unit) for further investigation, but state prosecutors will continue to investigate separately.
State officials believe there could be more crimes that could be resolved and await the results of investigations.

The first of the deaths attributed to Yahir is the coach of the AFAIM, Julio César Guzmán Valdez, which occurred on 30 October.

Similarly, the killing of Ericka Ruiz Ledesma, municipal police officer de Allende, which was riddled with bullets alongside with her brother on 16 December.

They also said he confessed to the attack on a police station on December 29, there were three people who died: Raul Salinas del Bosque, Roberto Carreon Gawain and the doctor of the corporation, Jesus Sanchez Burgos.
That same day, Homer Hernández Martínez died within minutes after the attack on the police station but his body was found in a local neighborhood.
During January: the death of a police officer in Monterrey, Juan Antonio Quiñones Sánchez, and a policeman in Santiago, Valentin Cepeda Castaño, day 7: the crime against six people in Colonia Moderna, the 17th, the double execution of police officers in Guadalupe, 19, the double murder of transits police in Apodaca, 26th, the death of Janet Esmeralda Hinojosa, warden of Topo Chico, who was found mutilated inside a box.
Finally, on February 5, Yahir ordered the execution of the head of the Prison Guard Topo Chico, Francisco Martínez Ramírez.

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