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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hero of Juarez Executed

From El Economista 2/9/2010

By Ruben Torres

Álvaro Sandoval, who killed a group of three gunmen last month when they broke into his house, was executed yesterday along with his wife when an armed group broke into the same house last night.

The deceased Sandoval was under investigation [for the above mentioned three deaths] but it was determined that he defended his family and his property; accordingly, criminal charges were not brought against him.

He was considered a “hero” in Ciudad Juárez even though he lived in Puerto Paloma, in the municipality of Ascensión, 80 km from Ciudad Juárez.

The State Attorney General stated yesterday that the killers broke into the Sandoval family residence, locked the daughter of the now deceased in the bathroom, and executed Alvaro Sandoval as well as his wife Griselda Alvarado. The investigation to find those responsible for the criminal acts has begun.

Unofficialy it is believed that those responsible for the execution of the couple pertain to a cell of gunmen within the Juarez Cartel known as “La Linea,” nonetheless it will be the investigation that will ultimately shed light on how the events unfolded and who were the responsible parties.

According to the Chihuahua Attorney General, Alvaro Sandoval had refused the assignment of bodyguards after he was cleared of any criminal activity, but patrol cars were assigned to patrol the area, a gesture that the now deceased also refused because he preferred to live without protection. Patrol cars made the rounds six times a day to make sure everything was in order. The murders occurred an hour after the last patrol, according to the Attorney General.


  1. What a surprise, any smart person would have seen that coming!,It was payback and for sure a message to the public. Geeze, what was this guy thinking? Its not about your pride or not being scared, its about protecting your family! Should have disappeared and never looked back. Or at least bought an assault rifle. Nobody is going to do a dam thing about it, investigation or whatever! Police in mexico is a joke, i have more confidence in boyscouts!

  2. Yeh gotta agree with Anonymous I mean seriously did that guy just think they were going to forget about it? yeh rite. He did well defending himself against the first wave of scum bags but to sit back afterwards in the same place knowing you have fucked majorly with a drugs cartel is dumb. He should had gotten his ass outta there.

  3. Agreed... the guy should have disappeared while he had the chance.

  4. yeap, another Mexican hero gunned down and soon to be forgotten..too bad..he should have been a man to rally around to start a resistance force

    it does seem like he would have forseen the risk...but that is not in the nature i guess


  5. He's lucky they took him out like that instead of 3 days of torture making him watch while they raped his daughter. I guess the type of personality that's going to stand up the cartels single handedly is also the type that won't run when it's the smart thing to do. RIP Mr. Sandoval, you are a hero still but I wish you'd gotten your family out.

  6. I wonder why he was unable to defend against the second break-in? Could it be he was relieved of his weapons by the police investigators?

  7. Important note to add "Después del incidente, los Sandoval siguieron con su vida cotidiana, no dejaron el poblado, tampoco cerraron el negocio y rechazaron la protección ofrecida por la Fiscalía del Distrito Judicial Galeana, porque “espantaba” a la clientela. Sólo aseguraron que comprarían una escopeta."

    So he refuse protection and he went about his daily activities. The only thing he was going to do is buy a shotgun.

  8. Remember the story of the people of Ascension...and it becomes understandable why he did not want protection...he wanted to be the protector (buy a shotgun).

    If he was killed because he defended his family and property, the cartel message must be: we will prevent you from being able to defend yourselves. We will kill you for showing your strength and honor. We will prove once again that men must cower before us.

    Don't think of him as a coward, running away from everything he had built.

    Those who stand up to men like this are lighting the fuse of resistance. What's the alternative?

  9. On the subject of Juarez, where is the best write up on the Juarez/Sinaloa conflict, when Sinaloa invaded Juarez, why, the infamous 'kill list', the narco banners, etc? I can't find much, besides the basics.

  10. Did This man have a chance to defend his life??? F any government belief dream or philosaphy that would deny a person the basic right of self defence and at the same time allow criminals to be armed to the teeth.

  11. @J what are you trying to find specifically?

  12. Like a detailed analysis of Juarez/Sinaloa, from around January 2008-present but mostly that first year, when they were hanging banners against Chapo, and released a youtube video, some of it is documented in 'Murder City', but Bowden doesn't get into too much of a timeline. How Sinaloa infiltrated, who they killed, etc etc.



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