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Friday, February 11, 2011

"Nayarit is burning"

Four deaths linked to organized crime were reported in Nayarit this Friday.

This Friday three men were killed in a midday clash between rival organized crime gangs in the municipality of Tuxpan.

The fighting began at about 11:00 AM on federal Highway 15 when two convoys with five vehicles each came into contact with each other in the area of Peñitas, a popular stop with travelers on this road.

The dead men were found in and around a Black Cherokee. One of the men had a black hood on and a bulletproof vest was found inside the vehicle.

According to information from witnesses, the fighting lasted for several minutes before both groups of gunmen fled, with one group abducting two members of the rival gang from the scene of the clash.

In the panic and confusion during the fighting, one female bystander was hit in the legs by gunfire. Dozens of other pedestrians and motorists were caught in the crossfire but no other injuries to innocent civilians were reported.

Witnesses at the scene also reported that the gunmen escaped with no pursuit by authorities as police officials and the military were slow in arriving.

A rash of vehicle burnings that have plagued Tepic, the capitol of Nayarit state, for the last several weeks have continued unabated as two more automobiles destroyed by fire were reported early Friday morning.

The burned remains of a bound and gagged male were found in the trunk of one of the vehicles, a Nissan Altima with Jalisco plates located in the Colonia Insurgentes area of the city.

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  1. More than likely CDJNG vs la resistencia. That ballistic side window did not hold up too well to 223 or 7.62x39 or whatever was shot into it.

  2. and the police were slow in responding..

    but after they did i bet they put on a grand show ...complete with CSI in white coveralls collecting evidence...

    we just need to send Mexico MORE millions to aid in combating crime ...

    just a few more million and it will be fixed

  3. I spent a month in tepic last year. Got to see my first narco shootout. The police are clowns. They were driving around yelling and whatnot but only 20 minutes after everything was finished. Put on a good display though. My advice. Stay out of Los Gauchos on Insurgentes. It is a haven for narcos after dark.

  4. Lots of corruption there, just like with Egypt's Mubarek stealing the billions of aid (OUR tax $) our gov't has sent over the years and the Mexican officials are also getting rich. I dare these narcos come north of the river and try that same shite and see what becomes of them.


    thats one way to start making them hard to come by. sucks for them cause prolly hard to tell the bad ones no. maybe the ones killing corrupt should leave a banner saying they know all the crooked ones but if they be a double agent and help take down the bad ones then they will spare thier life

  6. i think the organized gang from Tuxpan are Chapo men "Gente Nueva" still battling dispute bc of Hector beltran leyva n Z were in that part of town and Gente nueva is cleaning the town of HBL N Z insurgents


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