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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guadalajara Bar Attack Death Toll Rises to Seven

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (12/FEB/2011).- Guadalajara police confirmed that the death toll resulting from an early morning attack on a nightclub has risen to seven. Local authorities further report that 27 persons are injured.

The deceased, three women and four men, died as a result of injuries sustained due to fragmentation grenades and gunshots.

The Secretary of Public Safety of Jalisco indicated that the events occurred at approximately 4:10 a.m. at the Butter Bar on Avenida López Mateos and Aurelio Aceves, in the Minerva section of the capital.

According to the police chief, a subject stationed outside of the bar launched a grenade toward a crowd of people then ran off, escaping in a taxi. Other men fired shots at the entrance of the night club before speeding off in a white Cherokee.

Investigators gathered .9 and .45 mm shells from the scene.

Guadalajara police added that they found two women and one man dead on the scene, and that the other four died at nearby hospitals.

The 27 wounded are being treated at hospitals and their injuries are considered minor.



  1. I told you that the Guad was going to get heated up........

  2. the opinion shaping device of cnn is giving coverage of this story to the American public as a developing story
    the alarm is being raised for any Americans in the general area
    Chapala is very near and has a substantial enclave of retired Americans
    this presents an opportunity for an operation designed to inflame and arouse the American public

  3. I own property just on the outskirts of Guadalajara, it had always been a nice city. These narco sh*** is turning this state into a battle zone.

  4. the propaganda machine CNN is running updates of this incident on the crawler along the bottom of the screen
    as evidenced by comments pertaining to the torture video recently posted, there exists rising sentiment among American males of military age supporting intervention
    the stage is set
    all that is necessary is a similar video depicting innocent Americans being abused in a horrific manner being ran repetitively
    the eye is turning towards Mexico
    the fist is beginning to form
    Mexico 's liberation and final subjugation may be soon at hand

  5. RE: "This presents an opportunity for an operation designed to inflame...the American public..."

    Yes, I guess finally the "CNN EYE" is turning toward Mexico. About time. How long should we hold off informing the world of Mexico's dangerous situation? Until the narcos have destroyed the country, I guess? May 50,000 deaths related to narco-violence would be enough. Or maybe until Mexico becomes another Sierra Leone?

    I say let the UN get involved internally with Mexico's mess and the US just stay on the perimeter neutralizing the border. I really don't want to see our men fighting and dying over blood money.

  6. Marines want to take Mexico City again and wipe their asses with the flag. Hopefully there will be more Child Heroes to throw from the walls while CNN films it this time.

  7. cnn just reported eight people killed in Mexico city

    seems like these dumbfuck cartels are oblivious to the attention they are beginning to receive from the rest of the world...

    sooner or later ..they are gonna be fucked for certain

  8. From the Hall's of Montezuma.......

  9. How bad is it when a city of 7 or 8 million is out at risk?

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