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Friday, February 11, 2011

Interrogation claims La Resistencia is responsible for murder of Colima Governor

The Next Generation Cartel of Jalisco (CJNG) has announced in a new video that they have begun "clean-up" operations in the state of Colima.

At the beginning of the video a text appears that says: "This is the confession of one of the people who participated in the murder of the former governor of Colima, Silverio Cavazos. He gives the names of the people who directly ordered the execution of the governor."

Moments later, a blindfolded man appears who is identified as Gilberto Arturo López Rangel, a taxi driver from Villa de Álvarez, Colima.

In his interrogation, Gilberto mentioned that he was innitially drawn into working for the a group of criminals when one of his clients named Jorge, offered hi a large sum of cash in exchange for giving him a ride to a house.

According to the taxi driver, he also overheard that various men had arrived to the state on a mission to kill Silverio Cavazos, including a man nicknamed La Vaca, originally from Michoacán, who was the one who ultimatley killed the governor.

During the interrogation, the man also revealed the names of more people, adding that he didn't know the real motive behind the killing of the governor, he says that the only other detail he overheard was that it was ordered by a man called  El Flaco. At the end of the interrogation there is a final message from the CJNG:

"As you can see, this is how the people from La Resistencia conduct themselves, trying to frame their enemies instead of confronting them directly, because they lack courage. They commit these types of killings to bring the attention of the authorities on us, trying to trap those of  who in reality, are trying to protect the citizens of Colima and Jalisco. These enemies bring kidnapping, extortion and charge cuotas of all types to every level of commercial activity; they do this with impunity because they know they have the backing of certain corrupt elements within the marines. And even with all of this support, they haven't been able to finish off the CJNG, and that is because we have the backing of the people of Jalisco and Colima. Because it is a well-known fact here (as in other states) that narcotrafficking has always existed. The difference is that here, we do not harm the citizens, we do not commit acts of terrorism, we do not kill innocent people so we can blame it on our enemies. And for one last time: Jalisco and Colima is the land of work and liberty


"Where there are men, there are no ghosts."

Silverio Cavazos Ceballos, who left office a year ago, was killed  outside his home in the capital city also called Colima, the suspects fled in a truck after firing on Cavazos, who was taken to a clinic where he died.


  1. So let me make sure that I am clear on all of this. La Resistencia are El Chapo supporter's and CJNG is El Chapo's people who were loyal to El Nacho, all from Jalisco, before El Chapo betrayed him?

  2. 3:48,

    U got it.

    LR is mainly people from Sinaloa and Durango. CJNG is mainly Jalisco natives.

  3. u got it wrong smurf, lr are the remnants of milenio cartel the other half (los torcidos) integrated with cjng

  4. What I wanna know is how does the cartel go after the person who killed the mayor?where do they get there intelligence from? These people are highly sophisticated.

  5. Yesterday a taxi tdriver was murdered in broad day light in Villa de Alvarez Colima. "Coincidentally"(hahahahaha) he often drove the same taxi as the guy in the video. The video seems to be fake because the guy says that he only ran errands for the guys like delivering food to the the house, yet he mentions detsils like how many people were in the house and that one of them had one or two tatoos with he was able to identify. The PGR in Colima is investigating and its experts(hahahaha) are analyzing the video. This story is all over the local "media'(hahahahahaha). It seems to be a smokescreen to divert attention from the numerous other murders that took place in Colima this week, the supposed big fish they got in a military raid at the "Hotel Maria Isabel" on Sunday, the narcofosa they found last week, and all the money they have stolen and are stealing in public works (hahahha) projects like road expansion and the numerous bridges they are building. Most in Colima believe that the ex-gov was killed because he was going to roll over on the current gov and another ex gov who is the big fish. Meanwhile the chemicals to make meth, coke and arms continue to flow in through the Port of Manzanillo, the body count increases and people are living in fear.

  6. did u guys notice how he has some cloth under the tape around his eyes. It seems like they didn't plan on hurting this fella. Hope he bails out of dodge.

  7. Narco PR we are your friend, just give us your guns " Badges we don't need no stinking badges" This Bullshit is surreal ??

  8. 5:00 thanks 4 the clarification... I based that on a La Jornada article, but judging by your comment, u are prob closer to the area and would know. Appreciate it!

  9. CJNG are on an island all by themselves. They were Nachos people who were settled in Jalisco and Los Torcidos. Chapo is letting the Resistencia into what were Nacho controlled areas. The are backed by MFG Milenio(Valencia),Familia and Golfo. And guess who all these clowns are joined to the hip with till shit hits the the fan, Sinaloa! To say the least its a cluster!

  10. word is that El Chapo sent El Peinado to Jalisco with El Flaco to re-affirm El Chapo's old hold on El Nacho's old territory. El Peinado is got his start with Nacho and is from Dgo like El Flaco. Who knows though they are fighting in too many areas if you ask me. El Fantasma and some of Los Antrax are supposed to be sending more reinforcements to support la Gente Nueva/La Resistencia. What ever happened to Peinado's crew Los Chachos?


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