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Friday, February 11, 2011

American pessimism over Mexico's drug war grows

Hopes for a military victory against drug cartels seem to be dimming within the United States government. Yesterday, for the third consecutive day, a high-ranking American official fretted over the possibility that Mexico's government could be overrun by organized crime.

James Clapper, director of the National Intelligence Agency in the United States, declared before Congress that the capacity of Mexican military and police forces to combat the cartels and contain violent crime continues to be "inadequate."

Clapper also stated that the drug war in Mexico had been elevated to one of the highest National Security priorities in the United States.

We've recently elevated the conflict to category one, which is the highest level possible,” he affirmed.

He went on to say that although Mexico had racked up some “solid results” in the war aganst drugs, it also confronts “enormous challenges.” He also remarked that the process of institutional reform launched by President Felipe Calderón continues to be “slow on account of limited resources, conflicting political priorities, and burecratic resistance.”

This is the third time in less than two weeks that high-ranking officials in the U.S. have expressed deep concerns over the violence in Mexico and its reprcussions for American national security.

On February 7, the Under Secretary of the U.S. Army, Joseph W. Westphal, remarked before an audience of students at the University of Utah that the Mexican government is in danger of being taken over by organized crime, which he referred to as an “insurgency.”

In an effort to sooth ire in Mexico over his words, Westphal claimed he was merely expressing a personal opinion.

Two days later, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said that the U.S. was ready to “vigorously” defend the threat presented by the cartel, and that her government recognized the possibility that the terrorist organiztion Al Qaeda could take advantage of narcotrafficking networks in Mexico in order to more easily attack the U.S.

All I will say in an open setting is that we have, for some time, been thinking about what would happen if say Al Qaeda were to unite with the Zetas – one of the drug cartels – and I’ll just leave it at that,” she warned lawmarkers at a hearing on Wednesday.

Mexican Secretary of the Interior José Francisco Blake Mora rejected American suspicions of a Zeta-Al Qaeda alliance.

There are no signs of such a tie or any indication that they would be connected. On the contrary, they're two very different phenomena,” he added.



  1. Chapo Bin Ladin?
    El Lazca Mohammed Abdul?
    Carrillo Fuentez Bin al Shibh?
    Yellow Cake in Michoacan?
    Mobile weapons labs in Sonora?
    all we need is for someone from the Faux network to go to the U.N. and cook the books a little and we have 3 fronts in the "War against Terorizms"

  2. this is the prelude
    the first stages of psychological preparation have begun
    the American citizenry is being mentally primed for the coming action
    when the time comes the mass media will be given the order to whip up a frenzy of outrage and humanatarian concern
    soon the UN will be considering resolutions concerning the situation in Mexican
    the prize long held by the descendants of the conquistadors is about to be taken away

  3. This is the guy that claimed that the missing WMD in Irak, were secretely moved to Syria.
    he knows this for a fact, but couldnt provide evidence.
    now that is downright "Mavericky"

  4. US high officials are 'fretting' over Egypt and the other Arab countries, too. So what? The excuse of fighting drugs they have used to increasingly get involved militarily throughout Latin America is just like the use of fighting terrorists they have used in the Muslim World. The excuses for militarism have now become quagmires for governmental bureaucrats and richy rich corporate think tanker talking heads to constantly 'fret' over..

    How is the sinking US economy supposed to continue to support all this expensive militarism though? Everyday the elites of the US come up with jabber about how we cannot supposedly afford to have a decent medical system, or a solvent social security retirement in operation. We cannot expect to have jobs for young people or cities that are not falling increasingly into ruins??? All we can have or cops and soldiers, prisons and over seas military bases!

    So instead of solving any of these problems these political hacks now want to run down south and supposedly solve Mexico's problems for Mexico? What total crap. These people have no solutions.

    Besides, despite what Borderland Beat seems to want to admit, the problems of Mexico are much bigger than just cartel wars, though the showy Latino ground meat is certainly more interesting to publish for the many in the Anglo Redneck class that this site seems to want to cater to. So BB doesn't talk much about the lack of jobs and the overwhelming poverty in Mexico as being the main problems there, and not the drug war stuff that the rednecks like to chit chat about. Rednecks don't like to talk about lack of jobs and the subservience of the Mexican economy to our own messed up US one. Shit, the Mexican people really do have a big big problem! Their economy is tied to ours!

    The elite politicos 'fret' and the Redneck rabble talk guns and getting 'tough' down there. And both are ready to sink themselves into more and more international quicksand. Hard to tell who is more eager to go down, is it not?

  5. yeah fuck getting involved in ANOTHER war where we have no much as i love Mexico...Mexico has to solve it's own problems

    we need to concentrate on our own ..bring our soldiers home... stop allowing china to further ruin our economy... immigration our borders...stupid little stuff like that

    we can not afford to keep interfering all over the world for interests that are not our own...

  6. I can't see al Quaeda as even being in the same league as the Mexican Cartels, who I suspect would quickly make mincemeat of them.

    The Mexican people have a long and honorable tradition of pride in their Country and its hard for me to imagine them giving control to any outsider.

    Al Quaeda depends on donations and apparently runs a shoestring operation. The Cartels are self-financed and are rolling in money and weapons. What does al Quaeda have to offer? Why would the Cartels want to disrupt their largest customer?

    Yeah, I'm trying to think logically, but I suspect that Zog (see above) is right. The American Arms machine wants to increase their gun sales to Mexico and a little terrorism goes a long way.

    The Feds missed a real opportunity when Congresswoman Giffords was shot. Pima County caught and quickly identified the guy as a local kook and the Feds were caught flat-footed. But just imagine the spin if the shooting had happened in DC. The shooter would have been identified as a terrorist with known al Quaeda ties who advocated for Islam for many years. The Federal trial may give them another opportunity and, as Zog said, we can expect the American media to play right along.

  7. I agree that America interferes way too much in foreign affairs. This has been an ongoing problem since WWII and is now draining our economy. BUT, to offer "evidence" of this potential linkage of the drug trade and arms smuggling from Mexico to the Middle East:

    "Doris Gómora for El Universal - Mexican cartels have established business alliances with gangs operating in places like Afganistán and Turkey, in order to obtain and smuggle drugs to supply Europe and North America, according to investigator Edgardo Buscaglia, a fellow at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).

    In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Buscaglia confirmed that Mexican narcotraffickers operate like multinational emissaries "to establish contacts and place operatives that can deal with the Turkish and Indian criminal organizations in order to facilitate the production and sale of drugs," specifically heroin.

    These criminal groups operate on an international level, and their bases of operations are located in México..(specifically the Sinaloa alliance) ...are not only focusing on the movement of Afghan heroin through Mexico; they are also taking positions of power as major players in the international world of the heroin trade,"

    Mexican groups are gaining a presence on the world stage, not only in drug trafficking, but also in the arms smuggling and money laundering schemes... making inroads into the European Union markets”.

    The patriarchal position of the Mexican cartels has expanded and has benefited the groups operating deep in the heart of their home country, very similar to the Italian and Russian mafias benefited when those groups dominated the world stage." [BB, Wed. Jan. 5, 2011, reporter Smurf. Check inernet other sources]

    MONEY LAUNDRYING and selling drugs is the main way terrorist groups like Al Quaeda finance their TERRORIST PLANS. And both groups want the guns/arms. So, what a partnership!

  8. The guy calls a spade a spade and the floodgates of speculation open. The US has absolutley no interest invading Mexico who in their right mind would want the place?? Helping them stabilize the mess would be nice but who wants to spend time and money on the arrigant ungratful Mexicans.

  9. You guys ever get the feeling that white citizen folk could give a flying fuck what's happening in old mexico? Well it's true.

  10. So they're thinking about it now. It would be nice if they were thinking about in terms of the effects on Mexico. One more slap at Mexico and always the condescending attitude.

    "some solid results" Oh thank you.

    I wouldn't give them so much credit zog. The UN hasn't been able to stop genocides in Africa, Bosnia and Asia so I don't worry about them. But the US politicians will find a way to make it worse. You think Bush was bad. Obama and the do-gooders could be a real disaster.

  11. "the possibility that Mexico's government could be overrun by organized crime."

    Seriously? How about "the probability that Mexico's government has been overrun by organized crime."

  12. are u fucken guys retarded , or what , the mexican cartels are the same shit as alqueada or worst , look at that la familia michoaca , los zeta one of the same , look at all the good people the have killed , please people wake up and smell the caffe , the sooner the us joints the fight , the sooner the war will be won , believe im a mexican american and i cant wait for the they for that to happen , they need to take out 1. los zetas 2. la familia michoacana 3 4 5 you guys know the rest of the bastards , its just a matter of time before this iriets really do something stuped and then it will be to late , this putos have millions of dollars , imagine that , please , im all for it for troops to jump in , like i said i cant wait

  13. @Lutticres

    que vato!!! go back to 3rd grade bro....i understand what you are getting at, but man you have horrible grammar usage and your spelling is so dreadful! i have been in this country for five years and i can say that i speak this language a lot better than americanos.....americanos ignorantes seem to be the most under-educated in the world! sorry i am too lazy to capitalize in english! PURO SINALOA!!!!

  14. Mr. Clapper's conclusions are about three years late.

  15. Of course the gov. is in on it. How else do cartels literally overrun a country. Come on. Once your in, its not so easy getting out. You need to start from scratch, clear out everyone in charge and put in new ppl.

  16. @ZOG, I really think you got the bull by the horns. That is exactly what they want and are doing, (psycologicaly) preparing american citizenry for a full scale launch of protection of american interests (economy)and oh how could I forget "national security" campaign.

    Furthermore, I also agree with some other bloggers, that by using this type of propaganda, they will sooner or later initiate the overthrough of the mexican government and send troops.

    All fine and dandy but...the planners (people, senators, representatives and other heads of US councils and agencies)are forgeting the fact that Mexico is not just another developing country the US can invade and just get away with it.
    Fighting Mexicans will be for numerous US servicemen not an easy task to handle. I think of it as a north fighting the south type of history lesson, but on a larger scale.
    It is not a pretty picture.
    To be honest, knowing what I know, I could consider fighting for the south, eventhough we all know how the story ends.
    The US can and should no longer spend more money on another war. The American people are also suffering from the catastrophic financial state of the country. The US wars are not being fought with money from the rich businessmen and women in upscale America, no way. The US wars are financed through the hardworking American people with no health insurance, that have 2-3 jobs and can barely make ends meet.
    Wake up America! A war aginst the Mexicans who are used to suffering ,on a larger scale, will be bloody one for everyone. Don't let it go that far.
    We all know that high ranking US citizens will not send their children to fight this or any war. It will be your children getting ripped apart by chainsaws like the pictures in this blog show!

    Do not underestimate "los Hijos de Sanchez!"

    This war like many other US wars is a war America can't win!!!

  17. the blood of our lower socioeconomic class will be spilled to conquer Mexico
    the people of Mexico will resist bravely but the only outcome will the death of the most valiant
    those of the upper classes who resist will be eliminated ,those who cooperate will be placed in positions of authority
    the money borrowed to reconstruct Mexico will be owed to a subsidiary of the same banking network that the money borrowed to wage the war is owed
    the standard of living in Mexico will rise but not equal to the level of personal debt
    the standard of living in the USA will be relatively unaffected and the level of debt will increase to a degree that will be scarcely noticable
    multinational corporations will invest due to generous free trade policys, business will thrive due to the lanes of commerce being made more secure this will bring some small benefit to the common citizens
    profits will rise sharply but wages will not rise at a comensurate level
    because there will be an obvious equalization of the economies, citizens of both nations will feel that they have benefited
    the end result will be an indebted citizenry of both nations working to operate governments that exist in a perpetual state of deficit spending

  18. Well right now, Egyptians have only traded one thug for the next generation of thugs, Buela. Can they do more than that in the days ahead?

    Personally, I remember the euphoria in Mexico when the PRI pulled their fast one on the Mexican people, and PRI jefe Zedillo and the US government opened the back door for Fox and the PAN to enter Los Pinos. Nothing ended up really changing for anything better in Mexico, did it? Things got worst even.

  19. Pessimism Hell CONTEMPT.

  20. yes
    even though mubarek has been an obedient syncophant he had outlived his usefulness, and his son chafed at the collar placed around his neck
    Egypt has a gullible younger generation that has been enticed by the baubles dangled before them by the mass media they are eager to put on the yoke of lifetime indebtedness in order to obtain them
    they eagerly seek the identity offered for sale
    the illusion of freedom through glorified mob rule has been successfully marketed to them and they have chosen to embrace it
    the stage was set to turn the Egyptians upon themselves
    but the old fox abdicated and handed the reins over to the military
    this has temporarily interfered with the plan
    now the agents provocateur of cnn and others of the the mass media are engaged in establishing a forum for dissent against the army
    forces are at work to create an incident that will force the army to assume a repressive stance creating sufficient internal dissent to pave the way for outside mediators to become involved
    once the siege is started it is never abandoned until victory is achieved
    the siege of Egypt began thirty years ago

  21. Sorry, but the US would rather go back to the old days of Columbians running the drug game. And to say if the US came into Mexico to clean up the cartels, "it's a fight the US couldn't win" is just crazy. The US knows the locations, routes, and hideouts of all the cartels, trust me. We wouldn't be fighting the Mexican people, we'd be getting rid of a problem that your country is clearly incapable of doing.

  22. Zog is an idiot but every now and then he makes a good argument.

  23. Yes, this has all been mapped out decades ago. I bet the US gov is behind the sudden war on cartels by pressuring the Mexican pres to fight them. The outcome was obvious to the US and anyone who has been familiar with how Los Angeles street gangs were handled. Initially, street gangs were more controlled and had a hierachy for all memebers. Just like the cartels. The shot callers ran the gangs but also ensured that guidelines were followed so that cowardly crimes were forbidden and no new gangs would sprout up in their territory. They kept the gang and their territory in line as much as possible,(for those unfamiliar, read about La eMe, its history and operations). Well, once the shot callers were targeted by LE and arrested, the youngsters no longer had someone to report to and the guidelines of the gang were not enforced. Everyone did what they wanted and new gangs were sprouting up everywhere. That's when gangs exploded in LA and now they have spread all over the US and Latin America.
    With that in mind, and taking into consideration all the world conflicts that have the stench of USA/CIA tampering, I find it hard to believe that:
    1. The US is not behind this war.
    2. The US actually believes that the Mexican war on cartels can be won.

    The US knows that this war is not winnable because it is not people they are fighting, it is a culture. A narco-culture. Just like the gang-culture they have obviously failed at controlling. Also, you must take into account that the US knows the SOLE root cause for this war is US drug addiction. I have yet to see a hardnose attitude and stiff punishments towards users or dealers here.
    The US has a knack of stirring a hornet's nest in someone else's backyard and then waiting for hornets to sting them so they can use that as an excuse to go and invade.
    What does Mexico have? Oil. Who will the US be competing for oil with in the future? China. So it is in the US best interest to go and setup a puppet government that will align themselves with the US. It will also allow the US to start morphing Mexico to a point where some form of takeover under the veil of "alliance" to be formed.
    Just like with Iraq, the US will go in with the excuse that innocent people are being terrorized and come in with guns blazing and controversies so that can overshadow the puppet gov that is being setup and will help secure the oil for the US.
    Think of the US as a tire shop that drops nails half a mile down the road so you will need their services to help you. Instead of simply fixing a flat, they sell you all new tires and even a spare tire at a price you cannot afford. Now you are indebted to them, so they put a lien on your car. This happened in Nicaragua, Vietnam, Panama, Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan.. you can go on. It's called "Manifest Destiny" and the US is the expert on it.


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