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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gunmen kill man and 6 year old son in Michoacan

Gunmen refused to spare the life of a six year old little boy, choosing instead to execute him along with his father in Ecuandureo, Michoacán.

The event took place last Sunday when the man, traveling with his young son in a Ford truck, was surprised by gunmen along the way.

The man, who was identified as 28 year old Alberto Arroyo Aviña, was killed in the attack, as did his six year old son, Bryan Arroyo Bravo.

Local authorities found the bodies outside of the vehicle they had been traveling in, each one had suffered various gunshot wounds.

At this time, no arrests have been made.


Photos: Blog del Narco


  1. you guys could at least put the pic of the dead kid on the second page.. come on.

  2. Y do some thing like this, this is none sense its hard 2 imagine this kids last moments.

  3. The sins of the father are visited on the children...very sad.

  4. Seriously, they are taking this too far! Cowards! I cannot understand their lack of balls to shoot someone to death, moreso when they do it to a child!

    How much more is it going to take!





  5. Desgraciados, poco hombres....que asco de asesinos!

  6. And Mr Calderon? I got to say, he is probably one of the worst presidents.. just a week ago I read an article that said Garcia Luna was building a million dollar house in DF.. wtf! How can a govt official build such a house on govt payroll?

  7. Was this even drug related? If it was'nt, I don't know why they would post the cadaver of a lil' boy on a narco blogsite.

    If it was drug related, then i'm not surprised. These fuckin' demons would eat their own kids if they were starving for food.

    Damn shame

  8. Hijos de su puta madre como se atreven hacer eso a los niños You motherfuckers you are gonna die the same way

  9. WTH, U SOBs. La guerra es fea, pero no lo mas feo. El estado podrido y degradante de valores patrios que nos hace pensar que de nada vale la guerra es peor. Aquella persona que no tiene algo por lo que esta dispuesto a pelear, nada que sea mas importante que su propia seguridad, es una criatura miserable que no tiene libertad de no ser por los esfuerzos de mejores hombres que el. Cuando se volvera a ver HOMBRES MEXICANOS que no esten tan enamorados de su propia vida. Recibi un correo electronico de un compadre que reside en Mexico. En el me cuenta, "Aqui estamos aguantandonos como los meros hombres." WTH!!! "Hombres" nunca hubieran permitido lo que ahora temen enfrentar. Mexicanos, tenes aqui el pais que habes construido. Hasta cuando?!?!?!

  10. As an American, I always read the problem is our drug consumption. That wont change, it might by percentages through programs but ultimately it will never cease. Mexico has supplied the USA since prohibtion with alcohol when it was alcohol violence wasnt bad, now its mind altering drugs worth more money . Money causes mayhem.But your Government the brilliant Mexican govt doesnt allow you to own guns. So instead of arming yourselves you say American should stop consuming drugs. You need to arm yourselves. I would rather spent every shell in my gun and go down fighting than to be dumped like this with my son. Mexico should allow guns. Know your history Mexicans. Anytimes weapons were taken away or not allowed genocide happened. This isnt genocide but law abiding Mexicans have no defense. At least go down have gun laws now and look how many criminals have guns. I guess USA should outlaw guns? No way, if we were disarmed history would tell you genocide would follow. Ask the Jews.

  11. was this drug related

  12. @chad:
    I know the law says that they cannot arm themselves but really most everyone has a gun. Infact I have never been to a house that doesn't have a gun or to in it. Remember it's always easier to get something that is iligal

  13. It is the duty of the individual to protect themselves. It is the duty of the parents to protect their children. As long as you Mexicans look to your corrupt socialist government to protect you and not fulfill your basic duties, you will not have rights and you will be slaves.

    Your rights come from GOD not government and you have your rights to enable you to fulfill your duties. Get your heads out of your asses and take back your freedom from these criminals.

  14. Who is this person GOD that gives rights to people? I have heard many people mention this name yet have never seen a photo of him. He has obviously never held public office so he can't be an actual lawmaker or someone empowered to give rights to citizens. If you are speaking of the fictional character create by man to instill fear and obedience into many different societies then have heard of him. Is this the same person whose name has been used as a rally cry for more killing than any other person on this planet?

  15. THIS IS BULLSHIT, the real cowards are the fucking Mexican citizens that don't do shit. They don't revolt, and they don't protect them selves or their children.



  16. Ya basta Mexico!!!! Levantense como Egipto. Van a seguir viviendo con miedo? Donde estan los Mexicanos huevudos?

  17. If almost every house in mexico has a gun or two in it--why don't these men get together in secret meetings and strategize on how to keep their homes, streets, blocks, towns patrolled (keep watch)to prevent some of this...other countries have done this.

    It won't solve everything, but when your not at work, go out on your own patrol, hide in your own corners or rooftops--keep a look-out. Soon, hopefully, you will come to know friendly police groups from those you can't trust and help each other...

  18. This is what you're fighting for, right--Your children and their right to grow up in a sane, not so violent world??

  19. To those of you who think guns will solve this problem, you miss the point. Your gun will do you little good when 15 guys show up at your house and riddle it with bullets for 30 minutes. You won't get a shot off. The same holds for citizens getting together, as they will find out about the meetings and kill the whole group.

    Finally, you don't know who you can trust, your neighbor may be on the payroll and you don't know it. Inviting him or her could get you killed.

  20. Please! a little more respect for those innocents who died and DO NOT SHOW THEIR FACE, Be least more compassion for those children who paid for their parents mistake.

  21. I agree..allowing law abiding Mexican citizens access to guns for defense is a very bad idea because you would be making it easier for the drug cartels to arm themselves. Think about it..the cartels already hijack citizens for their vehicles..the same would happen for their weapons. Furthermore, your not talking about one or two drug cartel gunmen roaming around..these guys roam around in large groups armed with assault rifles, grenades, etc... The average citizen does not have the training or experience to combat this problem.

    As far as the killing of this innocent child, very tragic..but should anyone really be surprised! With all of the torture, dismemberment, beheadings, etc..The message is one can assume they are safe...

  22. RE: The average citizen does not have the training or experience to combat..

    That's true but I'm not suggesting they go it alone. They can be a useful aide to police and military who should do most of the defense work. (And you can't keep coming back with the defeatist suggestion that you can't trust anyone--that's just the way it is--choose your best bet and follow your gut.)

    And if a caravan of sicarios came by shooting up my house and I had two guns, they would quickly be in the hands of myself and another family member who would be blasting away at them. Maybe a few more survive. All that do will feel like maybe they made a difference and the whole family was not slaughtered..

    It's better than being defenseless and feeling hopeless.. What do those of you who uphold the right to keep arms and defend yourself think??

    As far as this particular situation, it looks like they were just driving and in wrong place/wrong time...because monsters like these sicarios are still roaming the streets and roads in droves.

  23. @February 2, 2011 4:52 PM
    All these Americans live comfortably on the other side of the border and yet they have the nerve to talk shit behind a keyboard with worthless solutions...they are more complicated then simply arming citizens or rising up like Egypt..Obviously you don't know anything about Mexico and our problems other then reading what you read on BB....that's why these are MEXICAN problems...not american....

  24. Most people respond right to the image of the dead child but they dont see it in the eyes of the rival cartel they knew if they didnt kill the son he would grow up to replace his dad in the drug cartel he had the potential to be another young cartel member when he would turn 13 or 14 they just wanted to end a future threat to them.

  25. mis oraciones para este inocente creatura que apenas enpiesan a abrir sus ojitos y asta ai los dejan vivir su vida y a este pendejo que lo iso ahora se esconde como un perro asustado tambien para enfrentar lo que iso si tantos pantalones tubo ahora que salga el joto

  26. I'm a big gun supporter and won't leave home without CCW. However, in Mexicos case, i do not believe its a good idea to start arming citizens NOW with the recognizion of the law. Its 20 years to late. Like others said the criminals will take those guns away like a candy from a child and there will be 10 times as much blood. Arming citizens is something you do in peace, so they can prepare for war. Or avoid war. Now its too late. Citizens need to do this silently and organize themselves, and when organized, go full retard like Egypt in Mexico city. Burn down the goverment and capture Calderon and get the army to side with them, wich they will if they see and end to it. And after that you can arm the citizens with laws to prevent this from happening again.

    The government have taken the role of protecting the people, these Socialist corrupt politicians wont give the army more money and free hands to wipeout the cartels, or call USMC.

    It is the government who have let this happen and not the cartels. Its the government who have failed. If people wants to do something, involving guns or not, they need to do like Egypt. NOT go after the cartels but the government.

    If the people arm themselves to fight cartel crime this will go on for another 20 years atleast. If they turn their heads on the biggest criminal, Calderon, they can end it alot faster.

    And if people rely on government like they did so far...well...this webpage is the answer.

    Do you think that all those murders, mostly males AND criminals, are a bad thing for those not involved? No, its not, what could be better than having criminals wipe out themselves. What were seing in many peoples eyes are a wipeout of non-productive people. A cleansing of dirt. When 3 world countries gets overpopulated this is the politicians best option.

  27. dam thatz hella fucked up..wat did that lil kid do to deserve that??? those coward ass bitchez are gonna get watz comin to them

  28. I can remember when I was six the only worries I had were what was on T.V. after supper and
    if the girl in my 1st grade class liked me. These poor kids have to worry if their going to
    get killed when they go for a ride with their parents. Your supposed to be safe with your father, I mean c'mon; he was six years old!!
    Absolute Animals!!

  29. So to the person that commented February 2, 2011 6:10 PM, at February 2, 2011 4:52 PM. saying "All these Americans live comfortably on the other side of the border and yet they have the nerve to talk shit behind a keyboard with worthless solutions"

    ... Yeah you wanna know why (for the most part)we live comfortable... BECAUSE WE FOUGHT FOR IT and continue to do so. And not only do we fight for ourselves but we fight all over the world and play peace maker and fight everyone elses battles... Why?!?!?!? because it's the right thing to do. I speak for myself and say I would go out of this world fighting... making a stand. No one lives forever, tomorrow isn't promised. What is everyone scared of? Yes you can have fear... but don't let it hold you back from fighting what is yours and what is right! What kind of life can you have anyway living in fear? Maria Santos Gorrostieta, the mayor of Tiquicheo should be everyones hero... and it's a shame because it's all for nothing if everyone keeps living in fear. I can't wait for the day that the U.S. saves Mexico from it's self.

  30. @ deez

    you are correct, the religion has been used to reduce once brave noble races to groveling servants,this fraud put upon most of the western world by the original liars, what kind of god chooses one people over another , a false god , invented by liars , any people who resist these liars are subdued by one or another of the ZOG, this is what is happening in mexico, the takeover, these aliens/gods from the sky always prey on humanity, people look to them while they should be fighting the fear and ignorance imposed by them instead, god wont help these people, good guns and strong hearts will serve them better

  31. Mexicans can get guns if they want them..most Mexicans don't have the desire to "rise up"..or band together...

    we as Americans think differen't ...and it is wrong headed to try to apply our mindset to Mexico

    we need to keep our noses out of it and secure our own borders so their mess doesen't spread here any more than it already has

    secure our contraband contraband out

  32. How the f--k are you going to stay out of whats
    happening in Mexico,it's a war and it's a stones
    throw from Texas.and to the guy who said it's a
    Mexican Problem ! Then do someting Asshole! Their now killing six year olds and you loudmouths that tell the Gringo "Its a Mexican"
    problem? Well so wasn't Iraq and you wee what we
    did there; Mexico is on borrowed time sooner than later an updated Blackwater Corp. is coming.

  33. @February 4, 2011 4:03 PM

    Yes I saw what you did there, did you hear about the bombing that just happen yesterday and continue to happen, here is a link:, How most of the country is still in state of civil war, how the government is on the verge of collapse but the only thing that is keeping it together is the puppet regime that the U.S supports...WOW GOOD JOB USA!! on fucking up a wonder the majority of the people would rather have Saddam Hussein back in power.

    Second I can't I'm still in la secundaria and after that I will join la armada dumbass!! And blackwater coming? Coming so they can kill more innocent people like they did in Iraq??

    @February 4, 2011 8:22 AM
    "I can't wait for the day that the U.S. saves Mexico from it's self."

    The only thing that the US could do to help "Mexico save it from it self" is STOP USING DRUGS!! But I don't see you guys stop doing drugs anytime soon. Supply and demand!!!And like I told your other compadre "I can't, I'm still in la secundaria and after that I will join la armada" So how about you ask before you judge dipshit!!

    @Lito Brito
    Couldn't agree more "yeah you are is a Mexican problem..and the USA needs to stay out of it."

    So all you Gringos just Butt out...Mexico is much more then what you read and see on BB. Learn something.

  34. @February 4, 2011 8:22 AM
    "And not only do we fight for ourselves but we fight all over the world and play peace maker and fight everyone elses battles... Why?!?!?!? because it's the right thing to do."

    I'm sorry Sir, but you are just an idiot. I'm a former Marine, a grunt at that, two tours in Iraq. I just recently retired and every time I went out on a tour and I speak for my fellow devil dogs we fought for one another, for the guy left and right of me. We didn't fight for the American people or the Red, White and Blue or for freedom. We fought out there for each other because each other is all we had. We did it for survival. Speak for yourself when you make yourself sound like your this gung ho bad ass and we just go out there and fight everyone's battles because we don't and shouldn't. Like someone said "we already spill enough of our blood over lost causes."

  35. glad you survived do you feel about potential US intervention in Mexico?


  36. @February 4, 2011 6:28 PM
    Thank you. I don't support it nor want any part in it. We have enough problems here at home already. Semper Fi!

    "Some people work an entire lifetime and wonder if they ever made a difference to the world. But the Marines don't have that problem"
    -Ronald Reagan

  37. @ marine..

    yeap..we need to work on our own our porous southern border, unemployment..on and on..

    when did we get put into the position of changing diapers for dysfunctional nations all over the world anyway?

    ignore any mouse, cheese nut flys...they jus doin what flys do..this particular one is "undereducated" that is so funny


  38. Seriously??? Kids???? Tan chingon que eres, you freakn coward. Killing inocent children is unforgivaeble. The punka** that pulled the trigger, your day is coming. This guy must have the short man syndrome like chapo, to be doin sumthing like this.

  39. Legalize -I'm an American citizen. I've lived in Mexico for the past 10 years. While there's all this violence nationwide, and then spills over some. people are more preoccupied by what is immediately around them. These images did not make the news where I live(chopped up bodies in Rubermaid containers made the news).Just like in America, where they don't show every murder or every child that goes missing, on a nation wide scale. you have to look for it. after a while you get tired of looking at the dead. You become numb to peoples pain. at times you become numb to your own situation. dead bodies left to rot on public streets. As many as 60 trucks kidnapping and shooting at anyone they saw on the streets in broad daylight. Only to leave their bodies chopped up into pieces, in front of the school, the next day. grenades and shots fired during the night only to come out, the next morning and find burned vehicles and dead gunmen on the streets. If The U.S. where to make its presence known it would be a target on all fronts, you would give average civilians that had no beef in this stew, the perfect reason to join... a foreign invader. America wouldn't like it if the Chinese came into the U.S. to help control their drug problem. American Police have shot a few children during drug raids. Americans should first get angry at that.Before they can tell us what should anger us...The U.S. help Mexico? Like they did when they trained these zetas(former GAFEs) to become ruthless, at your School of Asassins: counterinsurgency,torture tactics,guerrilla warfare,surveillance training, and whatever else you may keep supplying these thugs with. the U.S says it sent a DEA agent to participate with Mexican marines. remember when the U.S. said it wasn't conducting operations in cambodia and Laos in Chiang Mai. meanwhile they where transporting heroine well, Its kinda the same thing. peace: pray and think peace.

  40. Sorry dude, but when you see a child any were in the world just murdered, that suks just to see or even hear about. I lived in mexico for a few, and now in LA, that duznt mean you have to get use to seeing shit like that. Were still human and were all built the same, we laugh, cry, get angry, etc. Don't let PTSD get you down ther homie. Good luck with that


  42. "and My people who are called by My name humble themselves, pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land."

    2 Chronicles 7:14

  43. Everyone has a soft spot for the kids. This shows Life for what it is. Don't hide your head in the sand or this kid died for nothing!

  44. I will tell you this i will revenge this childs death somewhere along the border beware five heads fore one smugglers,mules,coyotes any cartel members now your ass belongs to me

  45. Mexico's problem is that its citizens have allowed a corrupt government, a useless policing system, coupled with a completely useless judicial system to flourish. Hell, back in the 80s, the cops in Laredo used to shake down us college kids from Texas. Because Mexico's citizens cannot legally have guns, they will remain under the boot heel of the country's corrupt leadership. For God's sake, the Zetas started with the Mexican military and we trained them at your request. One of your president's left your country with millions, if not billions stolen from his own people and also garnered from the drug trade. What is it that your famed El Profesor said? A poor politician, is a poor politician indeed. I can tell you one thing, Texas, Arizona and a bunch of other states are fed up. And our politicians intend to close that damned border. You can keep la droga and your people. We will keep the money that fuels your economy and give the jobs to our own people.

  46. omg you guys are crzy wut did thay do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Esto paso en Michoacan en ese pueblo vivia mi esposa y mi hija k cuando paso eso tenia ella 3 años y comocian al niño k mataron. Y ahi la policia corupta no ase nada valen Verga ahi....

  48. uhhhhhhhh jente mierda really takes a coward to kill a child more when they cover the victims face porque eh les da miedo verle la cara te tu victima or what uhhhhh if you gonna kill someone do it but an innocent child......smh really all i can say is algun dia les toka igual no ahora ni manana ni pasado pero ai un dia bets motherfuking belive it

  49. No critiquen sin saber!👿 Esas dos personas eran mi familia💔 y nada de lo que ustedes dicen tiene que ver🙄... Esto surgió de un problema con dos personas tan más estúpidas que al igual eran padre e hijo
    Así que si no saben NO OPINEN!!👿👿 Ellos no tuvieron la culpa de su muerte, ellos sólo estaban disfrutando de un día con la familia cuando esas personas comenzaron con el problema!


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