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Monday, January 31, 2011

Valle Hermoso Battle Pictures, Video Released Online

By Sergio Chapa
Valley Central

Outsiders are getting their first glimpses into the damage following an early Sunday morning battle south of the border in Valle Hermoso.

Pictures and videos of the damage started circulating on narco blogs, YouTube and social media networks on Sunday night.

Mexican authorities have not released any information about what happened.

Valle Hermoso residents are reporting that rival drug trafficking organizations battled in the streets for hours early Sunday morning.

Several businesses and homes were burned in the downtown area while several burned out and bullet-riddled cars were left along roadways.

Residents also reported Mexican Navy helicopters and marines were deployed to the area but it’s not clear if arrests or seizures were made.

balazera VALLE HERMOSO 29/01/2011 dia jr13pk06

Balacera valle hermoso 1/29/11 by mrvato44

Balacera los Guerra 30 Ene 2011_parte1.wmv by anonimalooc1

Photo: Blog del Narco


  1. Yeah helicopters were deployed ... 1 hour after the battles even though their base is only 10 minutes away

  2. Well fuck yeah, better off they kill themselves then kill some good soliders. PURE STRATEGY

  3. Letting them kill themselves is fine n dandy but let them burn the city down too? Try explaining that strategy to the business owners

  4. good for the tourist trade...just jump in your mercury and take a little cruise south o the border...

  5. did smurf leave?
    his, or her name is not listed.
    smurf is my favorite reporter
    what's up?

  6. I think as soon as they know for sure there is a gun battle between cartels, call in an air strike and level the area ASAP!
    Yeh, do this a few times and innocent people will leave as soon as they hear the shooting cause they know the area is about to be leveled. Same as carjackings and these so called roadblocks, set up a sting and send in a vehicle loaded with explosives then as soon as the soldier gets out and they take over, blow it up!!

  7. Yesterday they killed a 6 year old boy and his father in Michoacan. Photos on BDN. Instead of getting mad about it the comments blame the US for being behind the gun trade. Seems like if you have a good excuse for no doing anything you can accept any atrocity.

  8. So the photos of the murdered 6 year old offended the readers huh BB? Well we certainly can't have that. I mean after all it's just happening everyday in Mexico but people don't want to hear about it and they sure don't want to actually do anything about it. Most important, no media outlet (like BB) really has the balls to tell the truth. Oh they love to carry on about how they are better, faster, more honest, etc. than the competition. Blogs like BB and BDN and DDN like to see themselves as the underdogs. The ones that will truly give you the straight shit no matter what - but they don't have the stomach for it 'cause it's all about money and BB wants to get paid on Friday like everybody else. So after you swallowed hard, you accepted that murdering children is ok because children don't affect the money. Whoever posted the photos should give themselves a gold star. Whoever took them down should feel -- well, guilty.

    So BB you're not the hard-ass, down-and-dirty, tell-it-like-it-is narco news blog you like to think you are. You like to report a balanced selection of news. Throw in some ladies riding pink Harleys and some academic crapola about how many are predicted to die in 2011. The sponsors like it better that way. You should not worry. The massacre is going to continue for a long time. Your blog is secure and except for a couple of little things it's a very good blog. Thanks for listening.


  10. Note this version of the 'Battle of Valle Hermoso'? Except that it occured almost one year previous to the one last Sunday morning... How much 'progress' do we see here exactly?

    Valle Hermoso shaken by violence amid apparent cartel turf battle
    Comments 7

    Progreso police force girds itself to respond to possible spillover violence

    February 25, 2010
    Valley Morning Star

    VALLE HERMOSO, Tamps., Mexico — A night of intense fighting here between heavily armed men that left an undetermined number of dead and wounded gave way Thursday to a rush of activity by residents, according to witnesses.

    Valle Hermoso, a community of some 60,000 people about 25 miles south of Los Indios Free Trade Bridge, was left shaken by the violence Wednesday night that residents attributed to two warring drug cartels.

    Residents reported gun battles with automatic weapons and explosions.

    Thursday brought reports of shot-up buildings and police cars, burned-out SUVs, and bodies lying in the streets. One person claimed several bodies were strung up from traffic sign poles.

    People took advantage of the relative calm of the daylight hours on Thursday to stock up on essentials as another night of possible violence loomed, according to residents who would not give their names for fear of reprisal.

    “It’s just like before a hurricane. People are out there buying as many groceries as they can,” one resident said. “It’s like the calm before the storm.”

    Mexican military forces that were expected sometime early Thursday had not arrived by late afternoon.

    Authorities — municipal leaders, police, firefighters and ambulance personnel — were nowhere to be found as they joined other residents in hunkering down.

    article continues...

  11. checked out mexico en



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