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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miguel Ángel "El Gato" Gómez Vázquez arrested in Guerrero

Federal police arrested Miguel Angel Gomez Vazques, alias El Gato, allegedly involved with last year's disappearance and death of twenty men traveling from Michoaocan to Acapulco.

In a statement, the Federal Public Security Secretariat said, "El Gato" is also linked to the execution and beheading of fifteen men found dumped on the sidewalk less than a month ago, at the Plaza Sendero shopping center.

Gómez Vázquez has been identified by the agency as being the leader of the Independent Acapulco Cartel hitmen (CIDA).

"Intelligence reports indicate that the Independent Acapulco Cartel began to dispute control of Acapulco after some of it's members separated from Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal's gang,"said the SSP

The suspect, 37 years old and originally from Naucalpan in the state of México, was arrested yesterday in Guerrero and turned over to the Federal Public Prosecutor's office.

At the time of his arrest, federal agents also seized one AK-47, one magazine, several rounds of ammunition, 18 packets of marijuana, 20 packets of cocaine, 20 packets of crack cocaine, and one Chrysler Stratus.

Original Source: Grupo Reforma


  1. What is the Acapulco cartel? Is it Los Negros?

  2. Cartel Independiente de Acapulco aka "CIDA" or Independent Acapulco Cartel in English is one of the splinter groups from the former Beltran Leyva group which is allied to Los Zetas. Los Negros was the cell Edgard Villareal "La Barbies" was in charge of when the Betran Leyva faction was part of the Sinaloa Cartel.

    So basically in Acapulco is a bunch of groups fighting each other that used to be part of the Betran Leyva group, hardly a cartel maybe just a crew.

  3. The main cartel use to be The Barbies cartel,he was the main capo there his group still has its presents there, you also got the Familia Cartel there, and last you got the Allys, the Beltran Leyva and Zetas crew.
    The CIDA are dropouts from Barbies cartel that's why they put the independent in there name, there the ones that killed the 20 michoacano tourist by mistake not barbie.
    Right now you got all these guys going at it: Barbies vs CIDAs vs Familias vs Beltran Leyvas/ Zetas, its a free for all that's why its so fuked up down there,
    Acapulco really intrigues me, how crazy it is down there. I think sir Barbie had everything in order and now you got all these cockroaches running shit asiendo desmadre n shit.

  4. hmmm..used up that ninth life?

  5. Do you guys remeber those two guys they cut up and skind there whole head , then dumped there bodies in front of a night club not to long ago? one of the guys they said was el gafe and the other el gato,, mayb they got the wrong guy and thought that guy was el gato and did all that horrible shit to him.

  6. @ sahid marquez

    you always give out information about the cartels. to me, that is valuable information to have.

  7. See how small and diminutive these guys are operating. 20 packets of cocaine? 20 grams? 20 half grams? Crack cocaine? These guys are running tienditas (dope houses) in Acapulco, and calling themselves a cartel. If they aligned themselves with Sinaloa, they will be the new Teo like alliance in Acapulco, bottomfeeders, addicts, and murderers backed by Sinaloa cartel.

  8. wow! OMG! he should do life in prison with 20 packets of cocaine... this low level wanna be dealers, kill people for a few grams.

    I bet el Ondeado is rich aleady then. with all the killings that he has done.

  9. Acapulco also intrigues me as I've watched it's sharp decline. I'm here now and people are not out at night. Clubs are closed during the weekdays. The highest end night club last weekend was beyond dead. Many workers looking to move to DF. From what I'm told, La Barbie kept everything in order. Nobody would ever mess with a tourist. Many of these little tiny bars scattered through the town are owned and operated by mafia. I don't know who runs stuff and I don't ask too many questions because I don't want to end up disappearing. The main strip of bars are still infested with dirtbag dealers hassling tourists out in the open for coke, weed etc. It's actually a lot more annoying than in the past. Also oddly, on the strip very late after 2am, I don't see any police or military. I would think that's when they should patrol, but I heard 2 things...either scared or up in the hills where shit is really bad.
    I just left my hotel and a 7 truck/convoy of heavily armed masked military, local police and federal police rolled past with out lights on. Looks like they were on their way to an operation or just finishing one....Honestly I'm used to it, but it's a little scary when you alone and all those guns roll by you.
    The mafias have utterly destroyed this city. The town is dead and the Mexicans won't go out at night..very sad.

  10. @ 7:21 pm

    You painted a good picture of Acapulco. I've never been there but it sounds like a city crumbling, like monterrey. I could almost see what you described. Great Comment. These are the comments I like the most. When a person describes the situation of a mexican city that im not familiar with. My respect goes out to the good citizens of Acapulco.

    I was in Juarez recently and I did'nt see as many police or any soldiers either, considering that Juarez is the most dangerous city in the world.

  11. @ anon..

    yeap good the feel of the situation

  12. Thx, not seeing as many police as expected is very odd and same as I experience here. I'm retarded in the sense that once I drink my tequila, I'm out all night regardless of my safety. I was just at the most happening bar on the strip and the drug harrassment is non stop and for the first time carried it's way into the bathroom including showing me a sample of their produce even though I'm so clean cut conservative in shape etc and said no a gazillion times. I have a friend who says, good, they all deserve everything happening here...that'l teach them, but I find that these locals never learn. Also the business sense in the hotels and restaurants down here is beyond ass backwards. So sad!! I just had late night tacos in a shady neighborhood not in the tourist area. I find my libido or my appetite clearly interfere with my better judgement. Even with the 5 men there, I managed to be cordial, making them laugh with my broke ass Spanish and my ridiculing of my fat hungry gringo friend. I know I'm vulneralbe, but I can't seem to help myself. Ask anyone that frequents Aca and nothing stops them from coming here. People are so cool, but the party has definitely ended. This weekend is Puente so I'm hoping for some activity and I have some lawyer friends coming from Cuernavaca. You really can't trust anyone here. The fact that drugs are sold so openly agressively on the main tourist strip clearl indicates that it's all BS down here. I hope for a return of glory here, but I'm not optimistic in the short term. My local friends give me a lot of info but I keep shut. No sense in risking my life and the narcos in the rich clubs get paranoid that Gringos could be CIA or FBI......I don't get involved except for a gf who's family works with the governor and local government..nice girl, honest, but shit, if I EFF up, I know I could have a sorry situation on my hands.

  13. @ anon

    man you need to sober up...

    you are a major kidnap risk...and don't expect much help from the US embassy..they are gonna look at you like you are crazy to be messin around where you are..

    how much do you think you are worth to a little crew? much do you think THEY think you are worth?

    you sound pretty experienced..and you already know you are on thin ice,you are keeping to a bueno the bad guys time to make a plan..those girls and the tequila will be there later...after it hopefully settles down...

    you are a grown man ..but if i was you i would keep moving and keep a low pro..bueno suerte cabron

  14. @ brito

    you're right, that comment pretty much says it. this guy is funny. he is a problem waiting to happen. he sounds like he sticks out like a sore thumb in acapulco. and naive too. he even called himself retarded. mexico is'nt the place to be retarded, especially if you look like an outsider with money. good guy but definitely playing with fire.

    to me, i am not going anywhere, where there is zetas. they are dirty people who are always looking for prey. and what 7:21 said, acapulco sounds dangerous right now. more scarier becuase it's farther from the northern border.

    @ 2:54 am

    if you're serious, you should be more careful. i understand how mexico has a kinda dangerous allure. it's a fun place to be a bad boy. and hella fun plus the women are friendly and caliente, but be careful man. mexico, right now, is too unpredictable to be acting naive.

    i can be the same way too. when i use to party in juarez, i would get drunk a lot and would'nt care either but i was also very lucky. now i'm kinda staying away from mexico(except for one night, i cheated). it's too crazy for outsiders to be partying in mexico right now. brito is right...wait till things cool down. the parties will be their later.

  15. You guys are right, but honestly anyone just walking down the street is vulerable. You see lots of old gringos floating around, but very few new ones. I wouldn't say I stick out at most places, but the taco joint in the Progresso was definitely not wise. I've done worse, but I do stay away from strip clubs, drugs etc and now I've given up on NEXT, KAOS, and VIP all after hours places that are very unpredictible. I have a couple taxi friends that I trust for now and they say no problem when I ask if certain places are safe for us, but who really knows. Last night, we went to a newer club with the view, but left after one drink. It was packed with very young locals, all wearing their bad ass Affliction type shirts. We know the owner and odd they don't have metal detection...this place is a ticking time bomb. We then headed to the highest end night club in Aca and probably Mex as a whole and they had already closed. This is a Chilango place where you frequently see the likes of TeleNovelas stars. I feel safe in there, but things are getting desperate where even our friends are complaining they are making nearly nothing. My buddy with me thinks it's not that bad. He's grossly mistaken. I know too many people down here with too many personal problems. You guys are right and thanks for reinforcing the concern. I'm not some typical sloppy drunk gringo, but I'm put togetherr well enough that I will stick out in shitholes and like you said, all it takes is a couple jerks with guns. The police are so heavily armed these days down here. We had some late night grub at a famous (on the main avenue) 24hr joint and a group of police armed to the teeth came in for Jamaicas (sp)....It's sort of like we are trying desperately to make something happen that no longer exists for now. This weekend we are sticking with the high profile night clubs. No more shit holes. I guess on one hand I'm paranoid for good reason, but then you say to yourself, how many Americans have been taken here, but then again, not many around.....Tell yo one thing, you won't catch me wandering around up in the neighborhoods. If any of you have any questions of stuff down here, feel free to ask. I'm not some narco expert, but people talk here. BTW, there's still a good amount of people that think the 20 Michacanos where innocent...and sent to assisnate politicians. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some could be.

  16. @Ajulio...I don't know much about Juarez and I know these days Aca is a top 5 danger zone, but Aca is enormous and the overwhelming majority of shit is in the hills. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in denial as it's also in the tourist zone more than the media tells.

    My parents are begging me to give up on Aca

  17. @ 7:29 pm

    I got you. Just be careful bro.

  18. bro are in a school of fish... stay in the middle... cause when the sharks come the ones on the outside, not paying attention, or lagging behind will be eaten...stay alert..and cuidate.

    you should up and go without warning to PV or somewhere else for a week or two


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