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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cd. Juárez, five days and 56 bodies later

Funeral homes in Cd. Juárez are now having to wait an extra 24 hours to pick up the deceased from the city's Medical Forensic's Service facility (Semefo) in order to realize the proper funeral arrangements. 

On a recent day an employee from a local funeral home went to pick up a corpse, and even with all the proper documents in hand, he had to wait an additional 24 hours to receive the body.

"It may be due to the recent increase and accumulation of corpses,” one funeral home employee who wished to remain anonymous stated.

He added, “We've had to ask people of influence to intercede on our behalf so that they will shorten the delay in releasing a body to us”, adding, "We have also been asked for bribes “mochadas,” to complete an autopsy in less time."

The main reason may be that there has been a rash of executions in the last five days. This has once again caused a system overload and further crowded the already limited space at the city's Medical Forensic's Service facility or "Semefo."

Personnel from the state capital have been tasked to travel to Cd. Juarez in support of the medical personnel at the Semefo facility.

A spokesman from the General Accounting Office (FGE) Arthur Sandoval Figón, said that since last Wednesday afternoon through Sunday evening, 56 bodies had been picked up. All bodies picked up at the various crime scenes are brought to the city's forensic office for a post-mortem examination.

One civil servant mentioned that this past Wednesday alone eight people were assassinated. Although Thursday registered the most violence in one day this year with a total of 19 murders among them eight women. Six of these women were assassinated at Las Torres “the Towers bar”, that is located on Las Torres avenue at the intersection of José Reyes Estrada.

On Friday, nine more people were assassinated.

Then the following day on Saturday 10 more people were killed, two of them women, including one who had been kidnapped and whose ransom had been paid but whose body was found inside a pick-up truck at "Las Quintas" subdivision and the other was a 50 year old woman who was gunned down while driving near the Valle de Juárez canal.

On Sunday there were 10 more assassinations making it a total of 56 people assassinated within a five day period.

This is the second time this year that additional personnel from the state capital have been asked to travel to Cd. Juárez to assist at the personnel at the city's Medical Forensic's Service facility or "Semefo". 

Due to the increased number of unclaimed or unidentified bodies that are currently at SEMEFO's facility, another mass pauper's burial is being scheduled at the San Rafael cemetery.

Source - El Diario de Juarez and Daniel Dominguez


  1. When funeral directors are hit up for mordida by the government officials conducting autopsies... the war is over, the criminals have won.

  2. Its only a matter of time before the cocaine and marijuana wars start all over again in the US the way this is going smh

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. 56/5 = 11.2

    Well on the way to hit 13.5 or 5,000 murders in 2011, as predicted.

    Doesn't sound so unrealistic.

  5. that is a lot of dead mf'ers

  6. Mexico's president should just declare marshal law boot all the goverment then invite UN to help

    i know USA is just itching to get any kind of forgien force into Mexico dont matter if its our own troops or UN's. if it is the UN i bet 1000 to 1 they gonna be the best armed UN anyone in the world ever seen.

    USA just waiting for that green light....

    whats up Mexico? we are all friends dont be scared of it.

  7. The sad part is that these sicarios, bunch of kids carrying assault rifles, could be easily stopped if the government were to the right thing. How many shootouts have we seen between sicarios and armed forces in juarez, but we've seen people get killed and kidnapped infront of them. Cops, federales, army, govt officials are there to drain the city, they don't go there to help. This is a sad situation Mexico is living, the worst part is that it is spreading like cancer.. acapulco, monterrey, jalisco, torreon, nuevo laredo, chihuahua are seeing high numbers of killings.. the politicians are a complete joke, instead of looking for solutions they are looking for someone to blame. I am a Mexican American that has lived in both Mexico and the US, and this situation just enrages me.

  8. I have noted that many of the reported assasinations in Juarez remain very hush hush....I really cannot get a sense of who is killing who. We all know that it's Juarez vs Sinaloa but what happened to the whole "Sinaloa is winning scenerio". It seems to me while Sinaloa is a well equipped fighting force and have there tenticles in all parts of Mexico, the Juarez Cartel is well entrenched is never going to disappear. Reminds me of US and the Afghans.


  9. The drug cartels are into another business these days. Funeral Parlors. The more people they kill, the more profits they make. tombstones, caskets etc. they all cost money.


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