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Monday, February 14, 2011

Director of Nuevo Leon Central Intelligence killed in Bold Attack

In one of the most brazen attacks yet in Monterrey, Drug hitmen ambushed a senior police chief in one of the most brazen attacks yet in Monterrey, Mexico's richest city, El Norte daily reported.

Homero Salcido Treviño was the head of the state of Nuevo Leon's security and intelligence agency and, according to preliminary investigations, was shot five times on Sunday night in the back seat of his government issued armored SUV.

According to El Norte, witnesses said it appeared Salcido had been kidnapped by drug gang members who drove him to a central area of the city and executed him before throwing a grenade inside the vehicle and driving away.

Salcido, 40, had been in charge of Nuevo Leon's top security agency, C-5, since August. He was the nephew of the former state police chief,Luis Carlos Treviño Berchelmann, who left that post earlier this month, El Norte said.

Violence is spreading fast beyond traditional border flashpoints and Monterrey had a grisly start to 2011. In January there were 118 homicides related to drug trafficking, said the Nuevo Leon State Security spokesman, Jorge Domene Zambrano. In contrast, in the first 31 days of 2010 there were three, according to the federal government, representing an increase of crime by almost 4,000%

Sources: Grupo Reforma, Reuters, Televisa, Milenio


  1. now this is an act of terrorisim

  2. A la Veh!....

    El Okie-Dokie

  3. Great job Ovemex..I have follwoing this all day and did not see all these pics!

    This is terrorism 2:36 you are correct and brazen, clearly demonstrates who really is in control.

    I see also Tamps had 18 killed in padilla


    The gunmen attacked an intercity bus, killing one person and five members of a family traveling in a vehicle. At least seven people were killed in the town’s central plaza. The attackers also shot at the local courthouse and the city hall

  5. Where's the UN when you need them?

  6. Man, they are just asking to have the blue hats come in and take over. Martial law might be coming to a town near you.

  7. It would appear the cartels can pretty much eliminate anyone they want, and they are choosing to eliminate those who either do not want to play ball, or are playing ball with the competition. Either way, the MX government has no control of law and order and needs to seek additional help...either UN or US...and put their pride aside for a bit adn realize this is a real problem that will not go away, but only get worse.

  8. Blackwater is on the way. Stand by Mexico. These are not American troops but contractors who will kill at the drop of a hat.

  9. @February 14, 2011 5:21 PM

    Blue hats?? Lets look at how the UN performance in Africa...what a prestigious record right? The UN is a joke.

  10. The bad guys and 80% of the authorities are one and the same. This hell is not going away. The day the U.S. seals the border with Mexico, that's when there will be no more reason to fight for the drug corridors. It will never happen. The U.S. politicians are just as greedy as the bastard Mexican politicians. The only way out is to move away.
    Buela, your commercial for Stratfor didn't work. WHy pay??????

  11. I bet that these mofo's were high on METH
    !!! None of this was happening back in the day before there was METH. Way to go THAILAND, INDIA, GERMANY, AND AUSTRALIA....These countries are the number 1 makers of the pre cursor chemical to make METH.

  12. I posted a thread about 7 months ago, and posted a link about Executive Outcomes, a military group that went into Sierre Leone and handled business,,,,,, Just wait, it wont be long before someone like them comes in to help. Give me a break, First Acapulco is a ghost town, now Norwegian cruise lines stops cruises from LA, what next, the financial downfall of CANCUN, is that one Mexico's president starts crying for help from the US, is it, Dude!!!! Just ask for F'N help Mr, So Called President, you are a disgrace to your country and being considered any type of political figure!!!!

    There's no shame in getting help from others.... I understand that North America, the US and Canada are the reason for the this Cartel problem, it's our countries addicts and users that are the cause, but that's not going to stop,,,, but someone can sure as hell come in and kick some Cartel Ass, if and only if Mexico government really wanted us, America or some groups help.

    and yes, america has Agendas, just like the guy above implied, but something will happen, and we will all be at fault, Mexico for not asking for help sooner, EXTREME ASSISTANCE, not just money, and it will be America's fault for not trying to help, but instead, we spent hundreds of billions of dollars, 8 thousand miles away, when we could have easily helped our neighbors.

    I'm sorry for ranting and raving, I'm a Mexican American, and I'm proud to be one and I truly pray for all of Mexico day in and day out, I really do.

    Someone please help!!!!!!

    B - Orlando Florida

  13. I also read today something about Blackwater going to Mexico. That will be pretty cool to see them fighting it out with the cartels in the streets. My money is on Blackwater.

  14. Can somebody put up a link on the Blackwater story please? Thanks

  15. Somebody calling himself 'Swanka' started the comments off on this article with this remark... 'now this is an act of terrorism'

    Not really, Swanka. It is simply an assassination of a top Mexican police official in Monterrey by a drug gang. Or so it appears? Here is how the article described the murdered man...

    'Salcido, 40, had been in charge of Nuevo Leon's top security agency, C-5, since August.'

    A cop being murdered by gangsters is not the same as a terrorist attack no matter how one really feels about it. The old name for this is to call it a 'hit'. So the question is why are police officials in Monterrey being murdered and the answers are multiple?

    The US consular official in the city believes that policing agencies throughout the region are overrun by ZETAs who have infiltrated many of the police forces. Then we have to also take into consideration, that whether or not this allegation is actually true, the Monterrey police have tortured their own held prisoners for decades. So these are two big reasons why 'hits' would get carried out like the one that has just occurred.

    Now let's take a look at another item in the news today (2/14/2011) which took place in Argentina but is totally relevant to the recent event in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, too.

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina is accusing the U.S. military of trying to sneak guns and spy equipment into the country under the guise of providing a routine police training course — a charge disputed Monday by U.S. officials.

    Argentine authorities say they seized nearly 1,000 cubic feet of undeclared equipment, describing it as machine guns and ammunition, drugs and spy equipment. It was on a U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo plane that landed Thursday with material for a training course that a U.S. Special Forces team had been invited to provide to Argentina's federal police....

    ... The plane arrived at a sensitive time for Argentine-U.S. relations. Since the White House announced that President Barack Obama would visit Chile and Brazil but skip Argentina in his first trip to South America, Timerman has complained about U.S. military policies — in particular, training that the U.S. provides to Latin American police and military at the International Law Enforcement Academy in El Salvador.

    The academy replaced the U.S. military's School of the Americas, where critics contend many Latin American military figures learned torture techniques that served the region's dictatorships in decades past. Human rights is a main thrust of the academy's curriculum, but Timerman has focused on the darker history...


    The connection with Monterrey is that the US is actively involved in 'training' police and military inside Mexico, too, including in Monterrey. Training police and military torturers can create situations like the assassination of top police officials there in Mexico. It's as simple as that.

  16. Definitions of terrorism on the Web:

    the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear

    seems like that killing cops , public officials, school teachers, lawyers, reporters, doctors, children, taco vendors, and any and every body else who gets in the way in order to scare the general population in a state of cooperative submission fits the definition of TERRORISM


  17. @ tuesday

    " order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature;..."

    These are not ideological murders.

  18. after reviewing the definition of the word ideological, i find you in error as to your original assertion

    Definition of IDEOLOGICAL
    : relating to or concerned with ideas
    : of, relating to, or based on ideology
    — ideo·log·i·cal·ly \-ˈlä-ji-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

    and it's root word ideology

    a set of ideas proposed by the dominant class of a society to all members of this society

    the use of terrorism in order to obtain dominance is obviously an attempt to frame the ideology under which the citizens of Mexico operate

    i suggest that you refrain from making a fool of yourself and forcing me to waste time in assisting you in that same endeavor any further

  19. hmm..looks like there are two to not debate with here...zog and tuesday

    these assholes are clearly using terror to seize power in Mexico...making them terrorists by any definition

    no matter how you slice it or dice it

    frightening people into acceptance of your actions... or into doing your will is terrorizing them


  20. Ok here come the Windbags with the usual lame "Terrorism" label.
    Quit "Terrorising" my intelligence.

  21. This out of control violence is not going to stop until the mexican leaders admit they can't handel it..and I don't think their macho pride will let them admit it.

  22. Nah, it ain't terrorism, the Mexican government said the narcos aren't terrorists so it must be so, right? I wonder what Marisela Escobeda thought about that.

  23. "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." John F. Kennedy

    "Terror is an enemy of civilization. It is a means of attempting to force others to do your will. In the workplace, bosses who are martinets may be able to terrorize subordinates into following orders, but they have not succeeded in convincing people to agree. When people agree out of fear, the long-term results are negative.

    News stories keep bringing us examples of how some people or groups use terror as a tactic in their strategy to get other folks to change their minds. The aim of terror is to break down the underpinnings of civilization by bringing fear to target groups and undercutting civilized means for resolving differences.

    Terror is not negotiation. There is no 'give and take' bargaining between parties. It is a matter of 'you give and I take.'

    When the barbarians who use terror are able to convince private citizens or governments to take a particular action, the terrorist threat destroys public confidence and leaves normal people exposed to chaos."

    This is all I have to say on the subject.

  24. Mr. 'Tuesday' wants us all to use the current US government propaganda word 'terrorism' to describe murders of cop officials in Mexico as terrorism and the murders of people by cops as not. But don't buy it, Gente. These Latino cops and military the US government often trains in foreign countries are not the nicest folks themselves, whether infiltrated by ZETAs or not???

    Be real consistent with this use of the word 'terrorism' or simply don't use it when the media rings a bell for you, the dittohead dogs of Pavlov, to growl. Example.....

    'Definitions of terrorism on the Web: the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear'

    'Tuesday', are you going to then describe as terrorism then, too, when the Pentagon runs their pilotless drones over small villages out in the middle of nowhere in places like Pakistan and kills civilians from up high in a manner that causes fear? I rather doubt that you are.

    Or too is it not also terrorism when the US government brings in these police to their 'academy' in El Salvador and 'trains' them to go back and more discretely torture people than before?

    All that is being asked of you is to use the word 'terrorism' consistently and not simply when you are parroting government propaganda against some unliked group of civilians or the other. In a dirty war like the US so called drug war is being fought all over the Americas, the US government uses terrorism, provokes a terrorist response by others, and breeds it by its support for more jails, more military, and bigger and more militarized police forces.

    The ZETAs are not the only group of people using murders against others here. That's all that we are saying really. Too bad you can't be more honest about what is 'terrorism' and what is perhaps just more like 'cops' shooting it out with crooks, and vice versa. I don't remember Al Capone ever labeled as a terrorist.... So ponder why not for a bit???? ...before you jump on that USA bandwagon to label everything 'terrorist' and then give us all no human rights. That's what you would want, 'Tuesday'?

  25. ernest 1

    the definition of the word dosen't change irregardless of the circumstances

    this blog is for comments pertaining to the situation in Mexico

    when there is evidence of the US
    committing acts such as these inside Mexico i will make no distinction

    until that time i fail to see the need to include any reference to terrorist acts committed in any other context

    your argument is a "red herring" whereby you attempt to obfuscate the facts or importance of the current situation by shifting the focus of the conversation onto another topic

    i find this ploy tiresome and counterproductive

    i cannot fail to notice that you attempt this particular fallacy in most of your comments

    i refer you to the link below in hopes that it will serve to enrich your understanding and relieve the readership of this blog of any further misbehavior such as this

  26. attenccion webmasters de borderlandbeat. les estoy mandando fotos, videos propios y con letra y no las publican a su sitio. una de dos no sirve la dirreccion gmail o tienen miedo?
    porfavor dean me otra direccion a donde enviar. mientras seguire mandandolas a otros blogs.


    "This was the position of the late Eqbal Ahmad, who argued that motivations “make no difference.” [12] Jessica Stern agrees, seeing any definition of terrorism as being unlimited by either “perpetrator or purpose.” This approach, while not excluding political goals as a terrorist aim, also allows for other motivations, such as the purely criminal, or even religious. To Stern it is the “deliberate evocation of dread is what sets terrorism apart from simple murder or assault.” [13] Such a reading underlay the recent judicial ruling that the chief suspect in the rash of ‘sniper’ murders that occurred in the Washington, D.C., area last year could be charged under Virginia’s new post-Sept. 11, 2001 anti-terrorism law.

  28. whats the matter ernet1

    cat got your tongue?

  29. "attenccion webmasters de borderlandbeat. les estoy mandando fotos, videos propios y con letra y no las publican a su sitio. una de dos no sirve la dirreccion gmail o tienen miedo?
    porfavor dean me otra direccion a donde enviar. mientras seguire mandandolas a otros blogs."

    No nos a llegado nada amigo mandelos otra vez porfavor a

  30. An example of what services the UN can provide a country in chaos. This was mission in Sierra Leone, Africa put an end to 11 years of civil war:

    "United Nations Observer Mission in Sierra Leone (UNOMSIL) monitored and advised efforts to disarm combatants and restructure security forces. Unarmed UNOMSIL teams, under the protection of ECOMOG, documented reports of on-going atrocities and human rights abuses committed against civilians.

    UNAMSIL may serve as a model for successful peacekeeping, as well as a prototype for the UN's new emphasis on peacebuilding. Over the course of its mandate, the Mission disarmed tens of thousands of ex-fighters, assisted in holding national elections, helped to rebuild the country's police force, and contributed towards rehabilitating the infrastructure and bringing government services to local communities."

    The United Nations also helped the Government stop illicit trading in diamonds which the rebels had used to buy weapons to fuel the conflict.

  31. 'Tuesday' and Anonymous 4:36, you just go ahead and stick your 2 heads in the sand all you want, little Guys.

    'when there is evidence of the US committing acts such as these inside Mexico i will make no distinction until that time i fail to see the need to include any reference to terrorist acts committed in any other context'

    Don't let the fact that the US practices torture in its own jails, trains other nations' police and military in the use of torture, 'renders' Pentagon taken POWs to other countries for being tortured abroad, and that it is the major ally with a bunch of torturing dictatorships around the planet phase you little USA porrista pom pom people in the least.

    'Tuesday' says it don't matter to him at all and it's on to Mardi Gras, I guess??? Party hardy, 'Tuesday'... And don't fall on your head on Bourbon Street, Dudes.

  32. "Terrorism" in simple mans term, is nothing more than "CONTROLLING PEOPLE" with fear. What ever, shape, form, or threat that may be.!!! Why get so sophisticated and elegent with words and cause CONFUSSSION??!!

  33. The beautiful country of Mexico and the proud peace loving citizens are being destroyed by the drug wars. When the goverment can not protect it's citizens, it is not a country anymore. There should still be honest cops and soldiers out there but their hands are tied. I pray for you MEXICO.


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