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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Five Killed in Torreón Bars

Attack leaves nine injured, amongst them a two year old little girl whose mother was shot to death.

Februrary 19, 2011 - Torreón.- Unknown assailants shot up two bars near the Sector Alianza in Torreón, leaving a toll of five dead and at least nine injured, amongst them a two year old girl.

Authorites report that gunmen, dressed in dark clothing with their faces covered, arrived in three vehicles and used long arms in the attack on the Delicias and Montemorelos bars.

The gunmen entered the bars shooting, causing the death of four people and injuring nine, two of them eldery individuals.

Just before 8 p.m., the death toll rose to five with the death of Perla Selene Chaires, 34, a waitress who passed away at the University Hospital. She is survived by her daughter, Melani Selene, who was with her when the attack occurred.
The other four deceased have not been identified.

The injured are Martha Alicia Romero, a 61 year old waitress; Jesús Reyes Guerrero, 57; Melani Selene González, 2 years of age, and Domingo Leyva Espinoza, 50.

Also injured were Jaime Olguín González, 54; Luz María Leal Palacios, 48, and Gerardo Salas Puentes, a 46 year old musician.

Two unidentified men were taken to the Clínica 16, and are reported to be in serious condition.

According to witnesses, one of the men inside the bar returned the gunmen's fire, and was later taken into custody by state agents.

The municipal, federal, and state police, as well as the army were mobilized, but they failed to locate the gunmen.

According to witnesses, some hospitals refused to receive the injured, an allegation that is currently under investigation.



  1. "According to witnesses, one of the men inside the bar returned the gunmen's fire, and was later taken into custody by state agents"

    Maybe dude was 1 of the smart folks that are already packin for safety...if he had sum to hide he would've fled..cause as we all know the cops didn't get there til the shooters got away right??..I'm just sayin MAYBE he's just an innocent person..but since he tried to defend himself now he's fucked..

  2. Seems like the government of mexico is purposely '"leading the sheep to the slaughter." It's obvious that they have no reguard for the people. "They put on a SHOW", BUT, the evidence is quite clear. Getting the victims of these WAR to given up their weapons. Then someones who innocent, 'GETS DETAINED'. For what?? Someone said on BB.They don't want any people with 'COURAGE RUNNING AROUND'. It stirs the pot, and any good example can cause a monkey see, monkey do mentality.!!!! Just ONE VOICE WITH COURAGE can sometimes be enough to point to who the REAL criminials are.!!.

  3. 2:22 i thought the exact same thing, the one guy who tried to defend the place will now be treated like a criminal. Since we all know they can't ever catch the people actually responsible. There always ends up being a scapegoat pulled out of nowhere.

  4. Pinches policias mamariatas hijos de su puta dientuda perra madre.

  5. @February 19, 2011 2:22 PM
    @February 19, 2011 3:33 PM

    Dont you know anything if they attack the bar they were targetting a person more then likely the person who shoot back....what do you think the narcos are going to bored lets go attack a bar? No they were most likely going after the person who had the gun because he is part of organized crime himself. How about you think for a second?? Idiots

  6. If all the innonents had guns and shot back, we would have more innocent people alive and more dead criminals..wake up mexico, let your citizens protect themselves..because you can't..

  7. @ 4:49...You dumb fuck...Read my post all over...I said MAYBE he was just an innocent person..Do you know for a fact he was the "target" or that he is involved with the "Organized Crime"..??..., Maybe he was...maybe he wasn't...What if it was the Owner of the Bar defending HIS property (since it was not stated in the story)..So now since all this shit is goin down..Havin a Gun and shoting back automaticaly makes u part of Organized Crime right??..Estupido...

    ".what do you think the narcos are going to bored lets go attack a bar?"...Have u heard of "Calentar La Plaza"...These niggas will shoot anything and anybody just to attract attention...Read the story Estupido...they walked in and started shootin at EVERBODY...We don't know if they were targeting the person that shot back, cause more than likely he would be dead....Eres un Idiota..

    Saludos desde Oakland Califaz

  8. He had a gun in a bar. In the US you go to jail for that. This fucker got killed. Either way he is Mexican and will not try to jump the fence. Fuck him and call me in the afterlife....


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