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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wave of Violence Grips Nuevo Leon

Monterrey, NL.- On Friday afternoon, five youths were gunned down as they talked in front of a local convenience store named “Mimis” by a group of armed commandos. The bodies were taken and later dropped in front of their homes. One of the victims was a 14 year old student,  people close to him say he had nothing to do with criminal activity and was simply a bystander.

According to witness, a pick-up truck that was accompanied by late model vehicle, stopped at the neighborhoods of each youth and left the body in the street in front of their houses. The other victims in this crime were between 16 - 21 years old.

Neighbors reported seeing the assailants pull up and open fire on the young men. The killers left the scene, but another pick-up truck soon pulled up and the occupants began to load the corpses into the truck. Police and army dispatchers began to get several calls reporting this incident was happening in different places, other than the original scene of the crime. This created so much disorientation among the ground forces that a helicopter was called in to secure the actual scene with birds eye view. It is believed this was part of the tactic used by this hit team to allow enough time to secure the bodies and get away without the police chasing after them.

Brutal Attack on Restaurant in Monterrey

Monterrey, NL.- Last Wednesday, an armed group of 7 men arrived in 3 vehicles and attacked a local restaurant, robbing the male clients, and in addition to that, raped several of the female patrons. The restaurant is named Altata Mariscos Sinaloenses, located in southern Monterrey.

The extent of this crime was not known until Thursday when it was denounced by the Public Ministry.

In a crowded room that was full of over 100 clients, the group separated the men and took the women to another part of the restaurant and sexually abused them. When the police arrived they found signs of struggle and articles of clothing on the floor.

The owner of the restaurant, Jesús Villegas Ibarra, was found murdered yesterday in the city of Culiacán, two days after commandos attacked his place of business in the city of Monterrey. He was killed in the neighborhood of Lomas de Guadalupe.

Villegas Ibarra was 49 years old. He also owned a home in Sindicatura de San Pedro, municipality of Navolato, near Culiacán. The restaurant owner was ambushed by 2 sicarios as he was driving his Chevrolet Cheyenne. One of the sicarios got close enough to burn his clothes with the gunfire, as he put 5 rounds from a .45 into the restaurateur.



  1. Hey, you scooped me, Smurf. I just translated this NL story. Oh well, I will see what else I can drum up here....

  2. Sounds like they were killing look-outs

  3. Why does killing look outs have to entail raping women? This makes me never want to go eat at a restaurant again.

  4. These are Insurgent terrorists. Its part of the new rageing insugency occuring Next door in Mexico.
    These punk assholes are looking for a fight and the Military of one of our goverment should let them have it. It will give them great prespective and show whos really the boss!!


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