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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bloody Friday

For the second consecutive day, Cd. Juarez saw a rise in violence with 16 or more people killed. Among the victims was a state police officer who was enjoying his day off as well as four women.

In just the past 49 days there has been 361 people killed in and around the city of Juárez, for an average of 7.4 assassinated per day.

This is a mini recap of Friday's police blog. The first report came in at 05:34 CST, where a couple Abelardo Ramos Chávez, 40 and Maria Ochoa Trinidad, 36, were killed at their home located in Fernando Montes of Oca # 725 and 2nd St. in the subdivision called el Papalote.

Witnesses described seeing at least four vehicles that surrounded the house and seeing several men carrying firearms. One of the pick-ups rammed the gates and then they were able to gain entrance onto the property. The man's body was in the living room, and the woman's body was found in the kitchen. Ballistics experts recovered 42 bullet casings from 7.62 x 39 mm weapons.

By 9:00 a.m. another report in where the bodies of two more people were found near el Parque Central both appeared to have been tortured and their heads and faces completely covered with duct tape. 

The bodies were left at the intersection of Pedro Meneses Hoyos and Jesus Solero Lozoya. The man's body was found face up with his feet tied and his head wrapped with gray duct tape. His hands had also been tied behind his back with a brown extension cord. He showed signs of having been tortured with lacerations around his neck and multiple bruises to his abdomen. 

The woman was found face down, also with gray duct tape wrapping her entire head and when discovered had a rope around the neck.

At 10:29 a.m. at the intersection of Adolfo Mateos and Rubén Posada Pompa, an off duty federal agent  Francisco Javier García Ibarra, 35 years was found dead. He was found with another dead man who at this time remains unidentified. Both bodies were inside a 2005 Dodge Durango, without plates.

42 spent bullet casings belonging to a 40mm and 7.62 x 39 mm weapons were found at the scene of the crime. The General Accounting Office released a statement that this agent had joined the federal agency on March 9, 2009. He was armed with a 9mm pistol but apparently never got to use it.

Almost one hour later another pair was assassinated in a 1999 Geo Metro, in the parking lot of a Del Rio convenience store. The bodies were in the vehicle backed up to the store at the intersection of Francisco Villarreal Torres and Juan Pablo II.

They found161 bullet casings to 223 and 7.62 x 39 mm weapons. One of the men carried an identification with the name of Mario Concha Martinez.

Later at 3:30 p.m., a man unofficially identified as Omar Escobedo, between the ages of 20 to 25, was laying dead at the intersection of San Francisco and Salina Cruz, in the Industrial suburb.

Shortly after this murder another massacre took place in an alley of Mauricio Corredor  street in the Barrio Alto suburb of Cd. Juárez. Five young men who were sitting in their vehicle drinking beer when a dark colored vehicle drove up and it occupants began firing on them, according to a witness.

The woman had been sitting with the deceased just minutes before but had to go inside for a couple of minutes which saved her life.

A witness stated that the victims “were hunted” by the occupants of the other vehicle. They chased them down and killed all five. One of them, the driver ended up dead hanging onto the vehicle's door, the rest were scattered around the vehicle, their bodies laying on the asphalt.

They were identified as Jesus Rogelio Villegas Ojeda, Jose Luis Zamora Lazalde, Jose Alfredo Chávez Albaran, Francisco Javier Flores and Obed Lopez Molina, all between the ages of 25 and 35 years of age. The police forensic's unit recovered 26 bullet casings belonging to 9mm, 40 and .223 mm weapons.

Around 7:00 p.m. hours the body of a woman was found at Neptuno and Gomez Morín, in the suburb called Satélite. The victim, appeared to be around 25 years old and presented a gunshot wound to her head. With her death there have now been a total of 42 women assassinated in 2011.

Finally at 10:00 p.m.,  and several dozens witnesses within sight, a 33 year old man, who unofficially was identified as René Palacios was assassinated as he walked at Parque Borunda a local park.

Witnesses stated that a group of armed group intercepted their subject and began firing until he dropped dead. He was found with a firearm in his trousers at the time of death; although this version wasn't officially confirmed.

In addition to all these executions from Friday, Andres Barrera Garcia, 50, who had been wounded in an attack in the suburb called Valle del Sol passed away at 8:45 p.m.. The victim had been in critical care and was receiving medical attention at Juárez General Hospital.

Source: Diario de Juarez Staff


  1. This wouldnt be out of control if the innocent citizens were,able to protect themselves with guns...yes calderon, the same kind YOUR bodygaurds use to protect you...just a commonsense thought hypocrites.

  2. Lotta drug affiliated people getting whacked.

  3. no, shootouts in broad daylight between armed citizens and criminals sound under control to me. Good idea, more guns, violence, and death. The must defend themselves.

    What is going on in Juarez? These stories can't just come and go like this, there has to be some loose thread of explanations. It's a helpless feeling for me, I can't imagine how citizens/family members feel.

  4. What is up the army? They never seem to intervene? This is too fishy, I remember talking to a person last year, he said someone was killed infront of the federale's headquarter, 40 meters away. The federales did nothing, they just watched as the person was gunned down. the victim was running toward the headquarter. All this doesn't make sense, it seems the Army and the Federales are there for show...

  5. Military might be allied with CDG behind the scene because it is better to have a known enemy then and unknown enemy. in other words once Zeta types are wiped CDG will have monopoly on power and just maybe be left to control criminals.

    personally i like CDG even though they are ruthless if you cross them.

  6. Better to have a shootout in broad daylight with criminals than to get raped, tortured, and killed at night with no way to protect oneself or family.

  7. CDG/Zet'a have nothing to do with Juarez, what are you guys talking about?

  8. @J February 19, 2011 10:54 PM
    I think its people who don't know the geography of Mexico and don't know where certain cartels operate lol, but they are newbies they will learn soon haha

  9. J said...
    no, shootouts in broad daylight between armed citizens and criminals sound under control to me. Good idea, more guns, violence, and death. The must defend themselves.

    You're somewhat contradicting yourself there, in stating that you're not in agreement about the guns, but yet say they must defend themselves.

    It IS better that the citizens are able to defend themselves. This has been going on for years now, and the Mexican govt. is making no move to stop it, while the drug lords walk absolutley unhindered. They've executed high ranking officials on their front yard, decapitated people and dumped their heads on the floor of a dance club. (Look it up if you think I'm lying). IMO, its a lost cause until someone with enough guts, money and men, goes inthere and takes care of he situation.

    Until then....people are just going to continue dying, and you can do is read about it.

  10. "IT'S A LOST CAUSE UNTIL SOMEONE WITH ENOUGH GUTS, MONEY, AND MEN GO IN THERE".....let me gueds the greediest cartel of them all..The cartel of U.S big corporation crony capitalism...hhmmmmmm

  11. .... seems like another level of situations of happenings in mexico.. As time goes, the bolder and zealous the acts that are taking place. looks like this year will be a repeat of last year, and possibly, surpassing what toke place last year....

  12. I was being sarcastic. The 'need to defend' speech themselves is insulting, and borders on racism/classicism, imo.


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